Manhunt Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Possibilities! 

You must have already seen how thrilling the trailer was and as anticipated by many, the beginning of this miniseries did not disappoint us at all. Based on James L. Swanson’s popular book, Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer, the most-awaited American drama series is finally here. The first two blockbuster episodes of Manhunt Season 1 are streaming hot on Apple TV+ and trust us, the show looks quite promising and intriguing. 

The dramatic combination of historical fiction and a conspiracy thriller has indeed impressed many out there. Fans all around the world are extremely curious to see how Edwin ultimately tracks down the main man who murdered Abraham Lincoln! But with the epic launch of this miniseries, we also want to know whether this eye-catching thriller stands a chance to be renewed in the future or not! This brings us down to Manhunt Season 2 and here is a quick catch-up on its renewal status. 

Manhunt Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Possibilities! 

Manhunt Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Possibilities! 

Taking us back to the presidential run of the 18th century, yet again, we are reminded of the horrific assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The murder mystery has been layered up extremely well by creator Monica Beletsky. And now that the fans are waiting for Episode 3, let us quickly analyse the possibilities of Season 2. A brilliant lawyer and a mind-blowing politician was shot dead and obviously, this news was a major shock for the whole of the United States! Brimming with riveting twists and turns, centred around sound politics, Manhunt Season 1 is surely in high talk. 

But even then, let’s not forget the fact that at the end of the day, this happens to be a miniseries! At this point, Apple TV+ has not commented much on the second instalment of the show. The final episode of Season 1 is set to premiere this April, so we still need to wait a bit more for the official renewal announcement. Moreover, Episode 7 has been titled “The Final Act”, which might mean that the miniseries will be concluding with Season 1 only! Thus, we still don’t have any solid updates on the release date of Manhunt Season 2. 

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Get A Quick Review Of Manhunt Season 1!

It was 15th April 1985 when we first heard about the assassination of a president in the United States. As shocking as it may seem, the murder was equally horrible and terrifying. Who would ever guess that a Confederate spy from Maryland was planning to attack President Abraham Lincoln? The newly released conspiracy thriller digs deep into the brave investigation of Edwin Stanton! As the Secretary of War was preparing himself for the funeral of his very dear friend, Lincoln, this enthralling mystery drama gears up! 

Judging the show only with the first two episodes, we must say that the drama plays out quite well with a generous touch of fiction and original reality. Not to forget, the directors have tried their best to follow the book precisely! But again, the audience surely didn’t mind the complicated serialisation of the whole story. Well, the storyline of Manhunt Season 1 is not much of a disaster and hopefully, in the upcoming weeks, the drama will become even more thrilling and interesting for the viewers out there. 

What Will Happen Next In Manhunt Season 2? 

Manhunt Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Possibilities! 

We will surely not raise your expectations by spilling out incorrect rumours, thus we do doubt the renewal status of Manhunt Season 2! In real life, John Wilkes Booth happens to be the original killer of Lincoln and it is quite nice that the drama series has been grounded in some of the facts and data. It is now a matter of time to see if Edwin can trace down the accurate locations of John or not. Not only does he need to collect accurate evidence to hold Booth liable, but he must find out where the man has been hiding all this while! Currently, the plot of Manhunt Season 2 heavily depends on the conclusion of Season 1! If the show wraps up with a major cliffhanger, then we will surely have more hints on the storyline of Manhunt Season 2. 

Manhunt Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Possibilities! – FAQs

1. Is the miniseries, Manhunt coming back with Season 2?

The miniseries, Manhunt is yet to be renewed for Season 2.

2. How many total episodes are present in the newly released thriller, Manhunt Season 1?

The newly released thriller, Manhunt Season 1 holds a total of 7 episodes. 

3. Who is the creator of the miniseries, Manhunt?

The miniseries, Manhunt, is created by Monica Beletsky. 

4. Is the newly released Apple TV+ drama, Manhunt a miniseries? 

Yes, the newly released Apple TV+ drama, Manhunt is a miniseries. 

5. Can you watch all the thrilling episodes of Manhunt Season 1 online?

The thrilling episodes of Manhunt Season 1 are available online, exclusively on Apple TV+. 

6. When can Manhunt Season 2 possibly premiere?

If renewed by chance, then Manhunt Season 2 might premiere around late 2025 or 2026. 

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