Apples Never Fall Season 2 Release Date. When Will It Fall Off Again?

An honest series, with a very complicated family, entangled in their own bitter emotions. Adapted from the top-ranks and bestselling Australian author novel of the same name, Apples Never Falls is ruling on the web. From the nail-biting twists and turns in the plot to the intricate situations among the characters. The series dropped off on March 14, 2024, and has already broken many records, just like its novel. Liane Moriarty who wrote and published the novel back in the year 2021 is hyping the fans worldwide, for its amazing plotline.

This week was special for the fans, as several series dropped off to their screens. Out of them, one is this box-office successful series and a novel too. Times adaptations of novels into featured tales are boring, but sometimes they can be spellbinding too, and this one’s the best example of it. To Move ahead and delve deep into the series, we are here. Join us as we embark on this roller-coster ride to know the dark events turning into a bright one. Besides being a winding series, it is also a mysterious drama that will unfold many secrets of the family, by the end.

Apples Never Fall Season 2 Release Date

The Peacock Networks made a comeback this month, with this amazing series. The series was presented to the audience on March 14, 2024, on Thursday with all seven episodes each lasting an hour being dropped off on the same day. Yes, we know that the series is loved by you all tremendously and that you expect its second one to come off soon. But, there’s no good news yet from the makers or the showrunners about its renewal. The reasons might be anything from the story being adapted from a standalone novel or the writers trying to work on some other events.

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Apples Never Fall Storyline

 A dark, humorous, and mysterious drama “Apples Never Fall”, revolves around the happy yet not-happy Delaney family. The couple blessed with four kids, were a happy living family until one day, the mother-wife was lost. The mother, Joy played by Annette Bening, and the wife of Stan played by Sam Neil, go missing one morning, with a strange guest. The story begins as Joy and Stan celebrate their retirement as the Tennis player. They decided to sell for their academy and get settled spending time, with adult kids.

Spending time at the Delaney apartment, the bell rings. Stand out a woman who introduces herself as Savannah, a victim of her boyfriend’s abuse. Joy gives the old woman shelter and cares for her like a child. Meantime, out of curiosity their 4 children, Logan, Brokke, Amy, and Troy set on a mission to find out who is she. To everyone’s surprise, Savannah was Stan’s former student, Harry Haddad’s sister, and came up here to reveal a mind-boggling secret. Savannah discloses to Stan, that Joy was the one who instigated, Harry to leave his coaching and join another one, defeating Stan in a row. The confession broke off the couple’s romantic retirement and on Valentine’s Day, Joy went missing. 

Was Joy Found Alive?

Three weeks passed and there was no progress on Joy’s missing case. Police expect Stan to be the murderer, as he was caught driving off a rolled carpet. The children, however, were fighting with the mental stress of bitter grudges from their parents forcing them to play tennis. They even struggle with their professional streams and their personal lives. On the other hand, police search for Joy, and Stan is overwhelmed about losing his soulmate. 

The time, police have come to handcuff Stan, Joy arrives. She explained her departure to the entire family. Joy says she was mentally broken and needed a break to gather herself. She thus flew off with Savannah in a 21-day retreat. And now she promises to root up all the broken emotions, and realtions among them. On the other side, Savannah returns to her mother, who made her starve during her childhood, just to see her become a professional belly dancer. In revenge, Savannah locked her mother in a dark room, with some food starving her to death. 

As the series closes its seventh and final episode for the season, the family is seen reuniting. All of them pledge to overcome their messed up emotions and intricated relations. All the secrets are unveiled to the fans and the family. Savannah on the other hand now enjoys her revenge against her mother, by saving her in her declining years, the way she did to Savannah in her infancy.

Where Can You Watch The Series?

Apples Never Fall is out on Peacock Networks for the fans to binge on it.

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