Is The Signal (2024) A True Story? Finding More About This Sci-fi Thriller! 

After witnessing such an intriguing and thrilling German mystery, we are pretty sure you all are highly curious to learn further about the newly launched Netflix series, The Signal. Directed by Sebastian Hilger and Philipp Leinemann, the way the creators have worked with the concept of Voyager and the Golden Record was truly commendable. The viewers are indeed impressed by such an insightful sci-fi thriller. 

But guess what, recently, we have gathered a few more interesting updates on The Signal. Since the eye-catching Netflix drama heavily revolves around the Golden Record aboard Voyager, many have started to presume that The Signal is more of a true sci-fi thriller. Well, continue reading, to know whether this enthralling Netflix drama is based on a true story or not.

Is The Signal (2024) A True Story? Finding More About This Sci-fi Thriller! 

Is The Signal (2024) A True Story? Finding More About This Sci-fi Thriller! 

To begin with, let us answer all the rumours out there, The Signal (2024) is not exactly based on a true story. Yes, many things included in the Netflix series were very much inspired by real-life facts and data from NASA, but again, we cannot say with certainty that the plot is not fictionalised. The rumours initially sparked when we noticed in the drama series how Paula kept hearing a message saying “hello” in the golden record. At first, she thought that the aliens were trying to contact humans. 

But as one digs deep into the last episode of The Signal, it is revealed to us that the aliens use the Voyager’s golden record to send the “hello” message to not mimic the English language, but to investigate the temperament of the human race! Thus, they can decide whether they will be coming to the Earth or not. Well, this is where we find a hint of reality. Taking us back to the year 1977, you must remember all about Voyager 1 and 2. 

Launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, it was confirmed by the scientists that a golden record was affixed to the outside of each probe. Thus, if any extraterrestrial creature comes in contact with Voyager 1 or 2, the scientists can easily learn more about their existence! The whole story depicted in The Signal is an original sci-fi work penned by Nadine Gottmann and Sebastian Hilger. To conclude we can say that the 2024 Netflix drama, The Signal is partially inspired by true stories. 

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Here Is A Short History Of The Original Golden Record! 

Is The Signal (2024) A True Story? Finding More About This Sci-fi Thriller! 

The phonographic records for the Voyager probes were originally formed by a committee led by famous planetary astronomer Dr. Carl Sagan. He was the main man who encouraged the scientific community to dig deep into the discovery of extraterrestrial creatures. His original idea behind the attachment of those records was to introduce aliens to the human world. Sources confirmed that the committee included a total of 115 images in analogue form so that aliens could learn more about the Earth. Interestingly enough, just like the intriguing mystery thriller, the original Golden Record also had a fascinating combination of greetings, sounds, and music. 

Hopefully, you all can recall from the thriller how the Golden Record included salutations in different languages. Due to time constraints, only a few of these were played in the newly-launched Netflix miniseries. But in reality, a total of 55 different languages have been included in the original Golden Record. Apart from the greetings shown in the drama series, the real vinyl also had a curated playlist that can go on till 90 minutes. Songs from all over the world have been included in the vinyl! Thus, the extraterrestrials can know further about the cultural environment that exists on planet Earth. 

Did The “Hello” Voice Appear On The Original Golden Record? 

We are pretty sure that you all will be highly surprised to know that the voice heard in the popular Netflix drama, The Signal, saying hello, truly appears on the original Golden Record. Interestingly enough, Nick Sagan, Carl Sagan’s son was very small when his father made him 

record that voice. This explains how  “Hello from the children of the planet Earth,” became quite popular out there. Unfortunately, his voice never reached the extraterrestrial creatures out there, but Nick Sagan still feels that one day, we will surely learn more about the lives existing in outer space. 

Is The Signal (2024) A True Story? Finding More About This Sci-fi Thriller! – FAQs

1. Does the Golden Record fitted in the Voyager exist in real life?

Yes, The Golden Record fitted in the Voyager does exist in real life. 

2. Is The Signal (2024) a limited Netflix series?

Yes, The Signal (2024) is a limited Netflix series. 

3. Is The Signal (2024) based on a true story?

The Signal (2024) is partially inspired by real-life facts and data. 

4. Is The Signal (2024) a popular Netflix thriller mystery? 

Within a very short time, The Signal (2024) has become an extremely popular Netflix thriller mystery. 

5. Can you binge all the intriguing episodes of The Signal (2024) online?

All the intriguing episodes of The Signal (2024) can be viewed online, exclusively on Netflix. 

6. How many total episodes are there in the blockbuster sci-fi drama, The Signal (2024)?

The blockbuster sci-fi drama, The Signal (2024) holds a total of 4 episodes. 

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