America’s Backyard Gold Season 2 Release Date: Dave Turin’s Coning Back?

Centuries have gone but people remain curious about any news about gold mines and the gold rush. America’s Backyard Gold uses this to present their show about gold mining. Today, we will talk about America’s Backyard Gold Season 2 release date.

The show takes us deep into a fun ride with a veteran gold miner into the heart of gold mines. We get to know more about the industry as well as the difficulties in mining. Apart from talking about America’s Backyard Gold Season 2 release date, we will also tell you everything you need to know about this show and its background.

America’s Backyard Gold Season 2 Release Date: Renewal Status Of This Show 

If you are familiar with Discovery Channel’s shows regarding gold mines, then this will work like a magnet for people like you. The world has its fascination and interest towards gold, so for a couple of times, we have seen a lot of shows regarding this. Discovery started its show, Gold Rush, with a popular gold miner who is back again. He is back with a new show after the producers cancelled his previous series. America’s Backyard Gold Season 1 is a spin-off series that originates from its original concept. The show takes us deep into the heart of the United States in search of pure gold.

In America’s Backyard Gold Season 1, the host takes us for a wild but fun ride in areas that the world has not seen yet. They are regions that we are yet to explore and America’s Backyard Gold aims to cover them all in due time. Right now, the ratings of this show is pretty lower than we expected them to be. But let us not conclude our reviews right now, because America’s Backyard Gold is a pretty new show. Secondly, this is a fresh and fun concept that brings out a different side of mining. Thirdly, the man is a veteran when it comes to mining, so he supplies with a lot of knowledge about gold.

You might be one of those people who are eager to know about the future of this new series. So, what is America’s Backyard Gold Season 2 release date? Did the studio announce anything new about any upcoming sequel to the first season? We don’t have any confirmed news about America’s Backyard Gold Season 2 release date. Right now, the first season will roll out its second episode on 24th March 2024 – unless we are getting all the episodes out, ratings will not be in. Unless it happens, the makers cannot risk it and officially announce America’s Backyard Gold Season 2 release date.

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America’s Backyard Gold: A New Take On Gold Mining Expedition

People who have seen Gold Rush or any shows previously will already know about our host. For those of you who have no idea about anything, please sit back and relax. In this part of our article, we have included a short synopsis where we have briefed you about everything you need to know. America’s Backyard Gold is a journey full of fun and knowledge; Dave Turin is the host of this show. For more than a decade, Dave Turin has been a popular face in the field of gold rush and gold mining. 

Now, he is back with his brand new show America’s Backyard Gold, where he will take us with him on his journey. For centuries now, there have been a lot of unexplored areas that might be full of potential. Dave aims to discover those places and help the workers of the gold mining industry to get their payments properly. Unless the supply of gold increases in the home ground, the gold mining industry will not be able to meet the increasing demands. That’s why Dave Turin is here – he is reshaping the ways of gold mining with decades of knowledge. 

You must be well aware of California’s pathetic situation due to the terrible floods. The waters made it impossible for workers to dig and search for cavities where gold might have been there. It has also reshaped riverbanks, so the popular spots of gold are no longer there. Dave Turin, in the first episode, takes us to California where he will attempt to find gold nuggets and use metal detectors to find hidden gold. According to popular research, at least three trillion US Dollars worth of gold is there. Will Dave Turin be able to find it in his journey from Dakota to Georgia?

The Team Behind This Show And Official Watching Platform Of This Show 

Dave Turin, the veteran gold miner and explorer, takes us with him in those unexplored paths. He is doing these for years now, and we trust his knowledge of the game. Other notable members who have participated in this series are Dave McCracken, Betsy Anderson, Albert Fausel, Eric Spitler, Dicky Melton, Jim Eakin, Chris Page and Garrett Russell. Since there is no mid-season announcement on America’s Backyard Gold Season 2 release date, we will have to wait. In the meantime, if you want to watch America’s Backyard Gold, please head on to Discovery Go.

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