Is “Murder Is Easy” Based On A True Story? Learn Further About The Riveting Drama Series! 

Released just a few months ago, last year around 27th December 2023, we watched the two-part TV series titled, “Murder Is Easy”. Directed by Meenu Gaur and written by Siân Ejiwunmi-Le Berre, the BBC One mystery thriller is surely worth bingeing once. Recently, fans have become quite curious to learn further about the creation of “Murder Is Easy”. The audience wonders whether this eye-catching drama is based on a true story or not. 

Dealing with a bunch of issues like race, feminism, and class differentiation, this popular TV series yet again takes us back to a classic mystery novel. Yes, the reviews and ratings of this thriller might be a bummer for many. But if you have read the original book, then we are pretty sure that you will also like the two-part adaptation of this story. Thus, on popular demand, here is all we know about the 2023 TV series, “Murder Is Easy”.

Is “Murder Is Easy” Based On A True Story? Learn Further About The Riveting Drama Series! 

Is “Murder Is Easy” Based On A True Story? Learn Further About The Riveting Drama Series! 

The 2-episode mystery drama presents to us a playful take on the vintage novel of the mid-90s. Thus, the all-time classic thriller penned by Agatha Christie has yet again come on our radar. We have already seen a ton of serial killer stories out there and thus, it is not uncommon for shows nowadays to revolve around real-life crime cases. “Murder Is Easy” is quite a complex drama series to follow. It is undoubtedly filled with intriguing elements, but somehow the story has failed to capture everyone’s attention. 

We do think that the creator has unnecessarily stretched the original storyline. Speaking of the highly gossiped rumors, we can say for sure that the mystery thriller is not based on a true story. As of now, we haven’t found any crime scenarios which remind us of this drama series. Not only the TV adaptation but even the original storybook was not inspired by any type of real event. As observed by many, the blockbuster drama was layered well. Even till the very end of this 2-part TV series, we were trying to figure out the name of the real culprit.

The epic ending of “Murder Is Easy” truly impressed us a lot. Sadly, Luke wasn’t lucky enough to share a future with Bridget, but he was highly satisfied with his overall experience in the village. On the other hand, even Bridget decided to move on! We do think that the creator could have added a bit more dynamics to the whole story. To conclude, we can say with certainty that the newly launched TV series, “Murder Is Easy” is a pure work of fiction. 

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Get A Quick Synopsis Of “Murder Is Easy”! 

Is “Murder Is Easy” Based On A True Story? Learn Further About The Riveting Drama Series! 

This complicated mystery tale begins with a Nigerian attaché named Luke Fitzwilliam. Initially, he was looking forward to his work in Whitehall, but little did he know that his life would soon be turned upside down. As the train journey begins, he happens to come across a strange woman called Miss Pinkerton! The story gears up when this anonymous lady informs Luke about the murders happening in Wychwood. On one hand, Miss Pinkerton is quite confident that the murders reported in her village are not mere cases of accident. 

Going by her words, it might be the job of a sound-minded serial killer! On the other hand, for Luke, it was nothing more than an old woman speaking out gibberish. But guess what, as Pinkerton steps out and is declared dead within a few hours, something starts bothering Luke. The car accident was very much questionable and it was time for Luke to take a step back. This is where his investigation begins. As he tries to take a deep and closer look at Wychwood, a trail of suspicious events takes place in the village. 

Meanwhile, as he tries to connect the dots, he gets a chance to pair up with Bridget, another local from the village, who is also curious to find out the real culprit. With more murders about to happen soon and thrilling mysteries building up, will the duo be able to spot the serial killer? Well, to know what lies ahead in their future, you surely need to binge all episodes of “Murder Is Easy”. 

Is “Murder Is Easy” Based On A True Story? Learn Further About The Riveting Drama Series! – FAQs

1. Was the 2-part drama, “Murder Is Easy” based on a real-life crime event? 

No, the 2-part drama series, “Murder Is Easy” is not based on a real-life crime event. 

2. How many total episodes are there in the mystery thriller, “Murder Is Easy”?

The mystery thriller, “Murder Is Easy” holds a total of 2 episodes. 

3. Who helped Luke to solve the mystery case? 

Bridget helped Luke in solving the mystery case. 

4. Was Bridget the original serial killer?

Bridget was not the original serial killer. 

5. Was Luke able to find out the serial killer?

Yes, Luke was able to find out the serial killer. 

6. Was Luke able to save Bridget?

Yes, Luke was able to save Bridget. 

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