10 Best Anime On Disney+ Hotstar: Have You Watched Them All? 

This article is for everyone out there who wants to have a good time by watching anime. Today, we have got a list of 10 best anime on Disney+ Hotstar.

By this time now we have many adaptations of almost all popular mangas or men who were out there. That’s why we have tried our best to form a list containing the 10 best anime on Disney+ Hotstar. As someone who loves watching anime, I think you will find this article extremely helpful when you are trying to find a list of recommendations.

10 Best Anime On Disney+ Hotstar: Let’s Take A Look

It’s not easy to make your mind up when you are only one thing to have a fun time being an otaku. There are so many anime out there which belong to reincarnation, regression, action-adventure or romance, that you might get confused. That’s why, here, you will find the list we have curated. Be sure to check out the 10 best anime on Disney+ Hotstar:

10. Overlord (2015)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a game became your new reality? The anime Overlord takes us on a dangerous ride where the game you are playing suddenly transforms into your world. In the story, Momonga is an experienced gamer – he along with his fellow gamers stays busy all day playing a popular online game. 

Sadly, one day, it all comes to an end as the developers announce a shutdown. The MMORPG was so popular and so near to his heart that Momonga refused to log out. As a result, Momonga becomes trapped inside the fearsome realm. As other NPCs start to develop into real characters, Momonga transforms into the scary lich he used to play as. He decides to use his skills, strength and abilities to rule and live as the game’s new overlord.

9. Dr. Stone (2021)

Apocalypses are always scary, aren’t they? Dr. Stone takes us away into a post-apocalyptic world where destruction has white of humanity from the face of the earth. This is not your normal destruction event where everyone gets burned down to the ground. But this strange incident turned everyone on earth into a stone all of a sudden. 

3 millenniums after this happens, we get to see Senku, a genius scientist investigating this event. Along with him comes his hot-headed friend Taiju. These two best friends are trying to find out the reason behind is terrible apocalypse. With Senku’s experienced mind and Taiju’s strong techniques, the are trying their best to reverse everything. To rebuild humanity they have to face off a surviving group of manipulating people. Will Senku and Taiju succeed in rebuilding and inter-civilization out of stones?

8. The Faraway Paladin (2022)

How long does it take to adapt to the outside world when you are raised by an army of undead? The Faraway Paladin expose this idea with its innovative and dark storyline. This fantasy dark anime revolves around Will, who gains consciousness when the world is in extreme dismay. A skeleton, a ghost and a mummy start to raise him as their family.

All though they teach Will to fight to survive and magic, they teach him beautiful things too. Will learn how to love people endlessly and take responsibility on his shoulders. He always saw the end of a city, the remains of a fallen civilization. But one day he must start his journey somewhere. This is the main reason why his undead guardians are preparing him throughout his entire life. All those sound fear from their extremely caring and love will the most. As he closes up will must set on his journey to rediscover his past.

7. Synduality: Noir (2023)

The moment one apocalypse arrives, life will start to fall apart everywhere. Synduality: Noir shows us how an apocalypse has caused a threat to humanity all over the world. People are living inside bubbles to avoid the toxic rain. A monstrous mystery force called the Enders is killing everyone who comes in their path.

That’s why people must search for AO crystals. Drifters use an advanced robot called the Magus to search for them. Once they find AO crystals, they can kill the Enders. Kanata and Tokio found an old but intact magus named Noir – since she appeared useless, they were ready to leave. But when the Enders attacked suddenly, Noir fought and saved both of them. She gained her position as a loyal magus – will her relationship go beyond the barrier of a human and a robot?

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6. Summer Time Rendering (2022)

Sometimes, death carries its mysteries with it, no matter how normal it looks. Summer Time Rendering starts its story with a depressing tone – Shinpei is one of the leading characters of this anime. One day, Shinpei comes to know that one of his best childhood friends has somehow died. Ushio was an extremely close friend of Shinpei during all these years.

He even dreamt of her telling him to protect her sister Mio – when Shinpei reached Hitohashima, Mio informed her that her sister had died. Her bent neck suggests that someone has strangled her. But Mio strongly claimed that she drowned while she was saving a girl named Shiori. Mio revealed that a week before this happened, Shiori spotted a mirror image of herself. This strange Shadow Sickness must have something to do with it. All Shinpei understood is that Ushio did not die a normal death at all.

5. Black Clover (2021)

When you face a crisis, you tend to be with someone who is facing the same. In Black Clover, the same happens with Yuno and Asta – since they were abundant while they were children, they became friends. As more time passes, Yuno and Asta become best friends with each other. In their world, everyone is born with different magical powers.

When they were young, they planned to compete and become the next Wizard King. But as time passed, Yuno became an aspiring wizard – he possessed high magical skills. Just like others, Yuno can use his gift of mythical abilities, but Asta still cannot do anything. God has not blessed him with magical powers like everyone else. Yuno’s grimoire was looking like a green five-leafed clover. In the end, we see Asta finally receiving the black-coloured clover as his grimoir. Together, the two friends are now heading towards one goal.

4. Ishura (2024)

Have you ever thought what would happen if the gods fought alongside others just like a team? Ishura places its best in this type of storyline – the anime revolves around a world where evil has subsided. After the notorious Demon King died, demigods of that realm decided to form a team together.

In their group, there are people with godly skills -two of them can reduce you to ashes with a glance or take your life away with one move. Another demi-god is so powerful that when he runs, he breaks the sound barrier with a loud sonic boom. The most powerful one among them is the wizard who can manipulate minds of his free will. Or, is the demi-god who fights his enemies with three mythical weapons together? This new team of demigods are putting up a great fight against different enemies and sometimes, between themselves.

3.  Tomodachi Game (2022)

Friendship is one of the strongest bonds in the world; but will it be there when it comes to surviving at all costs? Tomodachi Game starts its story with Yuuichi Katagiri – he is a sincere friend who believes strongly in friendships. According to him, money and social stature definitely come after friendship.

But Yuuichi knows the value of having funds in life, too. He has gone through the hardships of not having enough amount of money in his pockets. That’s why Yuuichi works in the late hours to save up for a high school trip with his friends. Somehow, someone steals the entire saved-up money – everyone starts to doubt Shiho and Makoto. All of a sudden, someone kidnaps all of them and places them in a weird room. A creepy anime character comes and orders them to play the friendship game. One must take up the responsibility of this huge debt, but who will take it?

2. Aoashi (2022)

If you have seen Blue Lock, then you will find this anime quite entertaining as well. Aoashi revolves around a rural town where people are very enthusiastic about football. The local team is led by the star player, the only hope for the entire village, Ashito Aoi. He is the sole saviour when it comes to winning the toughest matches.

People admire Ashito Aoifor for his electrifying moves and unique playing style. He is surely a valuable trump card, but one day, Ashito made a blunder which affected his whole team. After they ended up losing the match because of Ashito’s mid-match rage, he lost all hope. He thought he was not fit to play football anymore. But soon, a young coach named Tatsuya Fukuda recognised Ashito’s abilities. He wants to give him a chance to rediscover his skills around a group of skilled footballers. Will Ashito be able to rise to the top with his athletic skills again?

1. Tokyo Revengers (2023)

If the universe gives you a chance to bring back your loved one from the claws of death, won’t you do it? Tokyo Revengers tells us the perfect regression story where the MC goes back in time. Takemichi Hanagaki already had a troubled life regarding his family and especially, his career choices.

But when he found out that his beloved girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana had died, Hanagaki could not take it anymore. It was the peak moment of sadness and despair for him – he started roaming around in random places. Hanagaki found out that the brutal Tokyo Manji gang carried out this violent act. Before he could do anything, some people pushed him while the train was arriving. Although Hanagaki thought he was dying, when he opened his eyes, he saw himself back, 12 years behind the modern time. At any cost, he must take his shot at the Tokyo Manji gang – will Hanagaki be able to gather all the courage and take revenge this time?

I think you have watched some of the titles you have found here. We have tried our best to put out a curated list of the 10 best anime on Disney+ Hotstar. Be sure to check all of them out and create your own list of recommended anime.

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