Top 10 Anime Horror Movies On Amazon Prime: Check Them Out

This one’s entirely dedicated to people who love to experience pure horror, and to the ones who love anime. Today, in this article, we have brought you the top 10 anime horror movies on Amazon Prime.

All of these anime movies fall in the horror genre – apart from an intrinsic storyline, all of them feature horrifying sequences that you are going to love. Even if you are not an otaku, we suggest you take a good look at all of them. And in case you are looking for a collection of top 10 anime horror movies on Amazon Prime, here you go.

Top 10 Anime Horror Movies On Amazon Prime: Have You Seen It All?

Often movies directed by real-life people restrict us from exceeding the levels of horror. But in the world of anime, you can break through any wall or any boundary with the strength of your concept. That’s why over all these years we have got a lot of anime horror movies. Not only these are terrifying, but also they provide an in-depth horror experience. 

This includes animes that depict violent, horrific scenes and ideas, as well as intriguing sequences. In this article, we have tried to cover as many names or titles as possible to give you a good experience. Otakus often recommends a lot of these to people who are starting to delve into the world of anime. That’s why today, we have curated a list dedicated to the hardcore anime-watching community. Here are the top 10 anime horror movies on Amazon Prime:

10. Perfect Blue (1997)

Japanese filmmakers have redefined and enriched the field of horror movies for decades. Perfect Blue is a 1997 Japanese horror-thriller that dwells around a terrifying psychologically intriguing plot. The movie tells us about the story of Mima, who happens to be a renowned pop idol. She was a popular singer, but times started to change. People started to melt over idols who displayed fashion sense – the soap opera era was coming up. To save her career, Mima decided to start acting. 

As long as she was a pop idol, mass worshipped her. People were obsessed with Mima and her whole existence. After she changed her career, they started to show hatred. Mima probably imagined her carbon copy still gaining fame by remaining a singer. Someone from the past keeps observing and stalking her every dark corner she goes through. More shockingly, someone started to murder people whom Mima knew dearly. But Mima must be careful to live. She must be able to know the thin line between reality and paranoia.

9. Akira (1988)

Once again, we have another Japanese anime film for you. Akira, the 1988 science fiction thriller horror takes us into a dystopian future of Neo Tokyo. The year is 2019 – three decades after the last life-threatening apocalypse in Tokyo. A mysterious force named Akira destroyed the city during World War III, but now, everything has improved a lot. Neo Tokyo is now an advanced cyberpunk-themed metropolis, living in its glory.

The anime tells us about a biker gang who loves to roam around and engage in cheap tricks. Shotaro Kaneda, along with his friend Tetsuo leads the gang members. Everything was fine until one day a dangerous accident happened. Tetsuo was severely wounded and they had to admit him to a governmental hospital. But secretly, it was a confidential institution – under horrific experiments, Tetsuo started to transform. He developed into an evil psychic face whose powers were no less than Akira’s. Will Shotaru be able to save Neo Tokyo from its nemesis?

8. Paprika

If you were searching for a hint of science fiction amidst all these horror recommendations, here you go. Paprika is a 2006 film that shows how dangerous scientific inventions can get. The film tells us about a scientific drive where doctors and psychologists were trying to decipher mental issues. For that purpose, they managed to develop a machine that could successfully open the doors of thought. 

If successful, a therapist can look into the minds of their patient’s dreams without disturbing them. Doctor Atsuko Chiba was a scientist too – but at night, she worked as a dream detective. Her codename was Paprika, from where the film gets its title. One night, someone manages to steal the prototype of the dream machine. It is a dangerous invention for the world to see; if the machine falls into the wrong hands, the world will break into parts. Will Paprika be able to save the day?

7. Wicked City 

They say opposites always attract; but can that ever turn into something life-threatening? Wicked City, the 1987 anime film tells us about a horror story that continues to thrill us even after all these years. Theoretically, there are a lot of worlds out there, and a lot of different versions of realities. Wicked City (1987) tells us the story of Earth and the Black World, a dangerous realm full of demonic beings. 

When they first discovered it, authorities from both worlds signed a peace treaty together. Hundreds of years have passed and finally, humans and demons have peacefully coexisted. Now, they are going to renew the peace treaty once again. But there are some evil minds out there who want this to fail. In the meantime, a man from Earth and a female demon from the Black World started to fall for one another. Will their romantic bond be able to conserve peace? Or will they succumb to the horrific demonic minds?

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6. Beauty Water (2020)

To get something out of the way, you just sacrifice something for it. But sometimes, the weight of sacrifice can be terrifying. The 2020 anime film Beauty Water tells us such a scary story filled with gore and pure horror. Beauty Water revolves around the story of Ye-ji, a young makeup artist. Since Ye-ji was fat, she wanted to slim down and make herself according to the existing beauty standards of her actor clients. 

In this way, Ye-ji came across a strange, yet magical product. It was an enchanted serum called Beauty Water – as she started to use it, Ye-ji lost a tremendous amount of weight. Her whole body was undergoing reshaping, but, everything came with a cost. The beauty Water started to peel down her skin and flesh every time she used it. Yaeji became abusive, murderous, and paranoid and became obsessed with changing how her body looked. The film taps into the horrors of plastic surgery patients that continue throughout their lives. 

5. Seoul Station

If you saw the movie Train To Busan, you should take your time to check this anime movie out. Seoul Station tells us the horrific aftermath that starts and ends with a worldwide zombie apocalypse. The movie starts with a slow pace – everything seems to be normal at a train station in Seoul. A crowd of passengers are waiting for their train to arrive and there comes a homeless man. 

Homeless people are common everywhere, but something is seriously wrong with this man. His neck is bleeding, and with cloudy eyes, he collapses in Seoul Station. But unexpectedly, he comes back, only to be a rabid zombie. Soon, his fierce demonic screams and teeth transformed everyone around him into a part of the undead. Hye Sun is escaping with her boyfriend Ki Woong. Will they be able to reunite with her father Suk Gyu amidst this spine-chilling zombie apocalypse?

4. Vampire Hunter D

As we have brought the undead on board, why don’t we tell you about some age-old vampires, too? Vampire Hunter D, the 1985 classic anime horror takes us back to the age of vampires. The story starts with the ill fate of a girl named Doris Lang. She was leading a peaceful life until an incident swept her off her feet. A vampire bit Doris, only to include her in his lineage.

Count Magnus Lee was a notorious vampire – he arranged everything and decided to marry Doris Lang. Just like in Van Helsing, here are vampire hunters too. They will track down the bloodsuckers and attain victory over them by killing them. D is a renowned Vampire hunter – Doris decides to hire this enigmatic man. If D manages to finish off the vampire soon, Doris will not be affected. Will D be able to gain victory this time?

3. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Just in case you think that this movie is a sequel to the 1985 one, let me tell you. It’s not a direct second part – Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust tells us the story of D, but, from an entirely new angle. The film takes us into a world where there are new opponents, new horror sequences, and unexpected demons. This is a dystopian world – ashes of apocalypse still fly in the air. 

Vampires have risen along with a force of undead souls. These weary monsters are tearing everything and everyone in search of warm blood. When the night arrives, only vampires roam around and fly around the dark corners of cities. But hunters are here – an entire generation of fighters like D is here to save humanity. Will D be able to succeed in his missions again? Or will he face defeat in the face of terrifying and monstrous encounters?

2. Kakurenbo 

You don’t need to be a braveheart to survive through this plot. Kakurenbo: Hide And Seek is a classic horror film that tells us about spirits living around us. The movie starts with a group of boys playing around in their free time. Hikora is one of them – years ago, Hikora strangely lost his sister. She was busy playing Otokoyo, which was a prohibited game.

In this hide-and-seek huntdown, children had to wear fox masks first. Just like a game, they had to hide and seek for one another. According to rumors, spirits used to kidnap the children who played Otokoyo. Since her sister is gone, Hikora is searching for her amidst the remains of Kowloon. As the lights around him start to fade away, Hikora starts to feel that he is not alone in the dark.

1. Lily C.A.T.

You might have read a bunch of articles where this film got accused of copying from classic science fiction. But in reality, it pays homage to Aliens in a pretty unique and innovative manner. Lily C.A.T. is a 1997 cult classic movie – this horror film takes us to the future world of 2264. Suncam Corporation has sent Saldes and his crew on an interplanetary mission. Due to the space-time difference, the crew will age slowly.

Everything goes well until the crew discovers something horrifying inside their shuttle. They are high up in the sky, away from society and everything – yet, something is lingering in the darkness of the spaceship. This is an alien, a brutal monster waiting to spill blood. On the other hand, the crew are falling one by one due to a virus outbreak. The mission for exploration soon became an intriguing death race for survival.

Since you have scrolled this far, I think you have noted down the names of all the titles we have written here. You might be an otaku, or, you might be someone who wants some good recommendations. Be sure to watch everything we have mentioned in our list of top 10 anime horror movies on Amazon Prime.

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