Kingdom Chapter 791 Release Date: Is It Coming Sooner?

This manga is for people who love to read about historic battles and crazy action sequences. Kingdom tells you about such a story. In today’s article, we will mainly talk about Kingdom Chapter 791 release date.

The manga tells us about a historical war and heavy battle that went on for centuries. However, the stories that rise due to the aftermath of the war, are really interesting. Besides talking about Kingdom Chapter 791 release date, we will tell you everything you need to know about this manga.

Kingdom Chapter 791 Release Date: Will There Be Any Delay?

Remember all those battles that you read in the history books or saw in the museum illustrations? What if there was a manga that gave you the same thrills and chills through its storyline? We have one right here, that will take you back to the ages of kingdoms and emperors. Kingdom is an old and successful Japanese manga that successfully gives you historical feelings. The story tells us about how much the century-long war affected people and their lives. It started new friendships and gave birth to new enemies – the manga aims to cover all those.

Plus, the Kingdom gives us hope about the arrival of new social constructs even after the war has broken down lives. Due to such old fashioned, yet exciting and mature plot, the manga has gained an immense amount of fans. People who have read this manga instantly became fans of the amazing storyline. Truly, if Kingdom did not have a solid plot, then the manga would not have reached almost 800 chapters till now. Otaku subreddits and fan communities love Kingdom a lot. Even after releasing so many chapters, the manga has maintained the flow of its storyline well.

As a result, people want to know about the future of this manga. So, what is the Kingdom Chapter 791 release date? When is the new chapter coming out? As of now, we have no official update on the Kingdom Chapter 791 release date. Chapter 790 is coming up on 7th March 2024 – unless some days pass, we will not get another new chapter. The release schedule will be the same in Japan, Korea, America, or Canada. Since the manga is not ending any time soon, we will get new chapters. But right now, there is no confirmed update on the Kingdom Chapter 791 release date.

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Kingdom: The Most Critically Acclaimed Manga Ever

The manga tells the story from the point where the war has finally ended after five hundred long years. Now, we can see the aftermath of how it has affected numerous lives while it went on. Kingdom revolves around the lives of two people – Shin and Hyou. Both of them are unfortunately orphans after the war took away their parents’ lives mercilessly. But Hyou and Shin are not ready to compromise with their miserable past. They are working towards a goal and they will not stop until their mission is fulfilled. Although they are slaves, Shin and Hyou dream of leading an army in the Heavens.

You used to work under a minister – so he left Shin alone to go for some emergency work one day. After some consideration period, Shin got his friend back. But this was not the same Hyou – he came back staggering, deep scars all over his bleeding body. Shin lost his best friend that night and he was naturally devastated. Hyou’s death forced him to go to another village, where he met Hyou’s doppelganger. The man was Ei Sei, and Hyou worked as his body double – he is the reason why Hyou died. Shin decided to join forces with Ei Sei and lead him up to the throne, as the new king of the Kingdom.

Everything That Has Happened In The Plot: A Short Recap Of Chapter 789

In Chapter 789, Yotonwa is leading his army towards Hango’s castle. Although this might start to be a threat, Riboku decided to focus on his battle for now. He started to concentrate his attacks on Ousen – a fierce altercation started to happen, but the battle got intensified due to someone’s arrival. Riboku came to know that General Kensaro had decided to join Ousen’s forces. He is a popular warhead from Seika – with Kensaro in his side, Ousen is a real threat now. On the other hand, Akou’s forces are trying to break through walls and reach Ousen. Will they be able to defeat Shibashou and his forces?

What We Can Get In Chapter 791 And Official Reading Platform Of This Manga

Right now, we have no idea about the official Kingdom Chapter 791 release date. As long as it does not arrive, we cannot confirm any potential spoiler of the new upcoming chapter. If you want to read the manga Kingdom, please head on to the Young Jump Comics website.

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