Kingdom Chapter 789 Release Date: Recap, Spoilers And Much More

Very few manga talk about wars and kingdoms now it is since most of them are focused on reincarnation or regression. Kingdom is one such Manga. In this article, we will talk about the Kingdom Chapter 789 release date.

The plot revolves around a great war that has been going on for centuries. Therefore this whole war situation has given rise to numerous stories and royal Kingdom. Besides talking about Kingdom chapter 789 release date we will also talk about the storyline of this Manga. We will let you know everything you need to know about the Kingdom.

Kingdom Chapter 789 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

Have you imagined what can happen if a 500-year-long War goes on? It will damage lives, it will damage families, empires will fall and new rulers will rise. These types of words or these battles reform society. They chisel out age-old ideas and create a new world where everyone gains a new place. This Manga Kingdom also talks about so many things that all start from a war. People who have read this Manga most of them have light on how they have progressed the storyline. This seinen Manga series from Japan has gained enough fans through all these years.

By looking at the number of chapters it has released, you must have already guessed how popular this Manga is. According to Otakus, the Kingdom has been around so long that it has become a part of the lives of readers. Artist have taken this Kingdom Manga as a form of reference in their art adaptations. Kingdom received an anime adaptation back in 2012. Besides that people have taken Kingdom Manga and adopted it into movies or stage performances. Before talking about the plot of the Manga or anything else we will primarily focus on the upcoming chapter here.

Otakus who loves reading Kingdom wants to know if there is any new chapter that the creators might release. So, what is the Kingdom Chapter 789 release date? Will there be an upcoming chapter with us soon? Kingdom Chapter 789 release date is 29th February 2024, Thursday. This schedule will remain the same for areas like Central Europe, India, and New York. However, for Japan, Singapore, Korea, the Philippines, and Australia, the schedule is different. There, Kingdom Chapter 789 release date is on 1st March 2024, Friday.

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Kingdom: Effect Of A 500 Year Long War

If you have not read a chapter of the kingdom till now it is alright. In this part of the article, we will mainly discuss about the basic storyline of this Manga. Kingdom takes us back into the age of the Warring States. It shows the aftermath of the famous 500-year war. Kingdom revolves around the life of two young people Hyou And Shin. According to the story, both of them are unfortunately war orphans. Society and their extreme conditions like poverty have forced the two of them to become slaves. But the two have dreams; Hyou and Shin work hard to earn a living and their bread. 

In their life, they want to become the greatest generals of the heavens. But right now Shin is working as a household helper. When Hyou left with a minister he had no other option to search for such a work. After a long time one day, Hyou returned with grave wounds all over his body. Somehow he was one step away from dying And Shin had to go to another village. In the Kokuhi village Shin met someone called Ei Sei. who looked exactly like his friend Hyou. After talking to him Shin understood that you served as a body dummy. Hyou was dead, so Shin wanted to complete his legacy. He helped Ei Sei to gain the throne and started as a Qin soldier.

Everything That Has Happened Till Chapter 788: A Small Recap

You already know that Shin is on his way to becoming the greatest general of heaven. In Chapter 788 we have seen a very chaotic situation. The situation is slowly escalating on the battlefield and the battle heat is consuming everyone. Kan Saro defeated Shiryou, but he did not finish her off completely. Instead, Kan Saro let her die on the battlefield leaving behind the glorious path of a true warrior. But Ousen is in serious trouble but he has kept his calm from the very beginning. He has lost the Hi Shin soldiers as well as Gyoko Hou from his side. But Ousen has not compromised with his failures yet 

What Can We Get From Chapter 789 And Official Reading Platform Of This Manga 

Right now, we don’t have any potential spoilers for the upcoming chapter of this manga. Unless Kingdom Chapter 789 Release Date is here, we cannot get anything. If you want to read Kingdom manga, please head on to Young Jump Comics.

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