Is Lonely Crime Fanatic Based On A True Story?

One of the most interesting things that we have noticed in the last few month’s releases is that most of the releases that are coming from the lifetime platform are actually projects that are adopted or inspired by real-life events and that has also been a reason behind the recent hype about lifetime web series and other projects brought to us by their studio. No one thing that is quite evident is the fact that people or some group of people take a rather keen interest in certain movies and web series if they are actually based on real-life events and moreover, if they belong to the crime or thriller genre, then there is nothing which can stop the movie from being a superhit. Now for all those who have not watched this particular movie as of now, it is basically based on a story where a woman who has taken up a lot of interest regarding crime podcasts, which are actually based on true stories and she has also gone through a divorce recently which just puts in front of us the emotional aspect of the character. However, everything takes a turn when she finally gets to, meet her favourite podcaster.

When it comes to the reviews and the ratings of this particular movie, it has received quite a lot of love from fans all over the world and it can be regarded as a success for the makers out there. Following this it has received a 5.1 IMDb rating which is quite moderate for lifetime productions, and along with that, the critics have also commented moderately about this particular series. Moving towards the main topic of the article which is regarding whether lonely crime fanatic is based on a true story. As has already been stated in the trailer as well as the start of the movie it is inspired by true events. To know more read this article till the end.

Lonely Crime Fanatic True Story

Is Lonely Crime Fanatic Based On A True Story?

As we have already mentioned it has been stated by the makers of the movie that the storyline that we get to see in Lonely Crime Fanatic is based on a true story and it has been thoroughly stated in the trailer as well as the start of the movie. However, the main reason that fans have been so curious about whether this particular movie is based on a true story or not is because in cases of most crime or thriller series that come on the Lifetime platform, they are inspired by real-life events and fans take up more interest in the movie if they come to know that the incident that they get to see in this particular movie is based on a true crime event. 

now for all those who have not watched this movie as of now, it is based on two characters, one is  Ashley who is a recently divorced individual and has a lot of emotional baggage to deal with but at the same time, has also developed a keen interest in real crime podcast which keeps on affecting her mentality. now everything changes when she meets her favorite podcaster David in real life and the story continues, where David and Ashley end up bonding very well, but David being a real crime podcaster ends up having a different kind of obsession regarding Ashley and making her the key character in the next episode of his podcast, which ends up being the entire story of this thriller. 

Now the actual events from which this particular movie has been adopted have not been revealed as of now but somewhere as has been the case of most other movies on this platform, the entire story will not be absolutely true but somewhere drawn inspirations from past crime events.

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Lonely Crime Fanatic Season 2

Now many people have been very curious regarding whether we are going to receive a second season for this particular movie. However unfortunately as of now, there has been no particular update regarding season 2, and based on the response from the fans, the chances for season 2 are also very low. Along with that, the story that we were getting in the first season has come to an end and therefore no further updates have been received.

Where Can We Watch Lonely Crime Fanatic?

This particular movie is currently available for streaming on the lifetime platform only and that is because it is a lifetime original series. The trailer for this particular movie is also available for streaming on the YouTube platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Lonely Crime Fanatic based on true events?

Yes, it is inspired by real-life incidents that have happened in the past.

2. How many seasons of Lonely Crime Fanatic are there?

As of now, there is only a single season for this movie.

3. Will there be a second season of Lonely Crime Fanatic

As of now, there are very low chances regarding a second season.

4. Is Lonely Crime Fanatic good?

Based on the ratings and reviews, it is worth a shot but not very good.

5. Where can we watch Lonely Crime Fanatic?

This movie is available for watching on the Lifetime platform.

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