Is 27 Dresses Based On A True Story? Reality Of The 2008 Rom-com

Have you ever been in a situation where someone else, who happens to be close to you asked your crush out? Well, 27 Dresses might start with this, but the movie is so much more. Today, we will see – is 27 Dresses based on a true story?

The movie is about a bridesmaid who spends her time managing and planning weddings. But sadly, she does not seem to have found the perfect groom for her yet. Apart from finding out if 27 Dresses is based on a true story or not, we will tell you everything you need to know about this movie.

Is 27 Dresses Based On A True Story? Everything We Know

Not all romance comedies turn out to be just a manual for the perfect love in your life. Some of them are hilarious too – 27 Dresses falls in those categories of rom-coms that can make you rewatch the film. It is not one of those cringy teenage romance dramas that are full of cheeky lines and unnecessary toxicity. Instead, this film slips away from falling under those predictable love stories. It is genuinely charming and heartwarming too, if you consider the ending. 27 Dresses revolve around the life of a very popular bridesmaid.

She spends all her time planning successful wedding ceremonies for her clients. And when it comes to people who are close to her, she does not pay heed to her profession. Even after being a faithful and sincere person, she lacks happiness and peace in her life the most. Being a totally good person never brings you anything but pain and sorrow. But at the end of the film, everything will take a positive turn. Most people who have watched it, have rated the movie well. I did not find any critically negative reviews about 27 Dresses anywhere yet.

Most of the audience members have found this movie worth watching a second time. They are also curious – they want to know if the film is fictional or not. Is 27 Dresses based on a true story? Does the film draw inspiration from a book? If you think 27 Dresses is based on a true story, you are partially correct. The writer’s bridesmaid friend Kate has slightly inspired this movie. According to McKenna, Kate is a selfless and cheerful woman who has never found her love despite being a repeated bridesmaid. So yeah, 27 Dresses is based on a true story, if you consider Kate’s life.

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27 Dresses: The Unluckiest Bridesmaid Ever?

This charming and delightful romance comedy starts by showing us the life of Jane Nichols, who is the central character of the movie. Jane does not have many people in her life to be close, to except her friends. They matter to her so much that Jane cannot say no if they want something from her. Now, if you have seen 27 Dresses before, you already know how this movie is going to end. But for those people who might not have seen this yet, you don’t need to think much. In this section of our article, we have added a short recap of the whole plot of the film.

Now, the figure in the title, 27, has significance – it represents the number of times Jane has appeared as a bridesmaid. In her life, Jane has fallen in love with her boss, but she never told George about this. She kept her distance but never forgot to keep him in her lovely dreams. But one week changed Jane’s life forever. One day, she met Kevin Doyle, who happened to be a writer – their first meeting did not go well at all. Jane was moved in a bad way after she heard Kevin’s ideas about marriage and settling down. But Kevin finds her interesting and attractive as well.

On the other hand, Jane’s sister Tess arrives in town; although she loves her younger sister so much, Tess is behind Jane’s heartbreak. Since she was quite flirtatious, Tess quickly united with George. The two started dating – Jane could not withstand such a pretender at all. The two were probably going to ask Jane to plan their wedding, too. Her whole life was slowly falling apart after she found that her planner was missing. But soon, Kevin returned with it and talked everything out with Jane. Will Jane fall for the man she once started to hate? Will she be able to find the love of her life?

The Team Behind 27 Dresses And Official Watching Platform Of This 2008 Movie

Katherine Heigl performs as Jane Nichols, the selfless perpetual bridesmaid. We have James Marsden as Kevin Doyle, the writer who later on fell for Jane. Other than them, the film has actors like Malin Åkerman, Peyton List, Krysten Bitter, Judy Greer, Melora Hardin, Edward Burns, Erin Fogel, Maulik Pancholy, Charli Barsena, Jennifer Bassey, Jane Pfitsch, Yetta Gottesman, Ronald Guttman, Jennifer Lim, Michelle Glick, Josh Casauhan and many more. Since you know that 27 Dresses is based on a true story, slightly, you might be curious. If you want to watch 27 Dresses, please head on to Amazon Prime Video.

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