Is Something The Lord Made Based On A True Story?

If we have someone close to God, they are definitely the doctors. They always look out for us and save our lives. Something The Lord Made focuses on two such doctors. In this article, we will find out – is Something The Lord Made based on a true story?

The film revolves around the story of two men who were probably the best doctor duos. They helped to save the lives of a lot of babies with their knowledge. Apart from telling you if Something The Lord Made is based on a true story or not, we will also talk in detail about the movie and the characters.

Is Something The Lord Made Based On A True Story? Let’s Find Out

Trust me, biographical films are really hard to watch. I do not intend to belittle any efforts, but these type of movies generally lack pace after the first act. Secondly, when you are having a boring day, you will definitely choose to watch an interesting sci-fi or a soothing romance story. But some of these biographies are worth watching. Something The Lord Made is one of those films which everyone needs to watch at least once in their lives. The film tells a beautiful tale of saving lives of infants through hard work. 

Something The Lord Made revolves around two healthcare professionals who are dedicated towards their duties. This 2004 movie shows us how a doctor and a laboratory technician joins hands to save infants from dying in 1940s Baltimore. Although this movie came out two decades ago, it still holds relevance for all moviemaniacs. This classic television drama film has won multiple rewards including the Primetime Emmy Awards. Critics hold nothing but good reviews for Something The Lord Made.

So, many of you might want to ask questions about this film. Is Something The Lord Made based on a true story? Were all the incidents shown in this movie real? If you think Something The Lord Made is based on a true story, it is. The film shows us works of Dr. Blalock and Vivien Thomas – the two angels who saved countless lives during the 1940s. Something The Lord Made accurately handles how they handled Blue Baby Syndrome with their unique techniques. It shows the relationship dynamics between a white and a black man who revolutionized heart surgery.

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Something The Lord Made: Two People Who Did God’s Work

Just in case you are not a big fan of historical or biological drama films, you do not have to worry. In this section, you will find everything you need to know about this movie. Something The Lord Made takes us back during the Second World War when everything was devastated. People were dying and humanity was in absolute shock. But Baltimore had a huge problem to deal with. In those times of peril, the Blue Baby Syndrome was killing babies. 

Infants were losing their life due to this disease and everyone lost their hopes. That is when two people from different backgrounds came forward to help. Doctor Alfred Blalock was a wealthy white surgeon who did impressive surgeries. On the other hand, there was Vivien Thomas, a black laboratory technician. Initially, the authorities hired Vivien as their janitor. When the two of them met, they were dedicated towards saving infants from dying like this. 

Instantly, they paired up and started to work together as a team. After a lot of efforts, the duo managed to develop unique techniques of heart surgery. Their surgery methods on infants with Blue Baby Syndrome quickly bore fruit. People started to celebrate their success but the film shows a painful part. Due to the society’s norms and division of racism, the partners had to break their bond. Something The Lord Made shows us the end of a historical friendship in a dramatized manner.

Alfred Blalock And Vivien Thomas: Best Partners In History Of Healthcare?

Now that you know the answer to is Something The Lord Made based on a true story, let us proceed. Alfred Blalock was a wealthy cardiac surgeon who was extremely accurate when it came to tactics. In his daily life, he had saved numerous patients. But when it came to infants, Dr. Blalock was still behind in the race. But soon, during his posting in Baltimore, he came in contact with Vivien Thomas, a black laboratory compounder. 

When Thomas first met Dr. Blalock, he got a bit nervous at first. His friend informed him about his methods, so he was actually scared. But as days passed, the duo jointly formed a medical team. Vivien was perfect as a research assistant and a fellow technician. Although he had a background in philosophy, Thomas quickly learned everything. In time, Dr. Alfred Blalock and Vivien Thomas developed the best method for heart surgery in infants who had Blue Baby Syndromes.

The Team Behind Something The Lord Made And Official Streaming Platform Of The Movie 

Alan Rickman, the legendary actor, plays the role of Dr. Alfred Blalock. Mos Def shines as the laboratory technician, Vivien Thomas. Other notable cast members include Gabrielle Union, Charles S Dutton, Robert F Chew, Kyra Sedgwick, Doug Olear, Merritt Wever, Carolyn Nelson Sergent, Mary Stuart Masterson, Luray Cooper, Marty Lodge, Carlyncia S Peck and many more. If you want to watch Something The Lord Made, please head on to Apple TV+.

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