20 Best Boxing Anime: A Curated List For You!

There are a lot of anime based on boxing. These anime series provide a very interesting picture of boxing. Also, due to their interesting and engaging plot, they create a huge fan base. Today in this article we will be talking about the 20 best boxing anime of all time. These are the series which you must watch if you are a fan of anime series and boxing. So read this article to find out more about these anime series.

1. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubō No Shichinin

This anime series was released in April 2010 and it consisted of 26 episodes in total. It is a story about seven teenage boys and how they live inside a prison. They all become friends and with support and help from each other, they face all the challenges in their prison. These boys meet for the first time in the cell. Anchan, Suppon, Heitai, Jô, Kyabetsu, Mario, and Baremoto are the seven friends. In the story ahead we see that an incident happened in the prison which was witnessed by Anchan.

So now Dr Sasaki and Ishihara try to kill Anchan to hide that drama from the world. Then Anchan is freed from the prison by his six other friends. This was the first part of the series and in the second part, we see how these boys go to Japan and settle there. In the second part, we see different stories of each of the seven boys.

2. One-pound Gospel

This is a series with a single episode and was released in December 1988. It is another worth-watching boxing anime series. This anime shows the story of Kosaku Hatanaka who is a featherweight boxer. For being able to fight he goes on a diet before any match and this makes him lose most of the time. Also, there is a nun named Sister Angela to whom Kosaku goes for any confession.

Later on, we come to know that he has fallen in love with her. But when he admitted it, he got rejected by Sister. After rejecting Sister Angela kept worrying about him and later she became his motivation to win a very difficult match. So this is a story of a boxer who falls in love with a nun. Also, Kosaku had to face the anger of his coach due to his diet issues.

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3. Ayane’s High Kick

Started streaming from January 1997 till April 1997 this is an anime series having 2 episodes. Another best boxing anime series to watch. This series shows the story of Ayane Mistui who wants to be a female wrestler. Ayane is a high school student who is currently 17 years old. We can see in the anime that she loves sports and also she is a pretty girl. In her journey of becoming a professional female wrestler, she had to face many challenges.

During her first selection, she did her best but the jury decided not to choose her. This made her lose all her hope of becoming a female wrestler but she got an offer from a mysterious man. Ayane has to take this offer as now she doesn’t know whether she will become a wrestler. It was an offer of kickboxing which Ayane didn’t like at all.

4. Ganbare Genki

This series has 35 episodes in total and was released in July 1980. We see in the series our lead character Genki Horiguchi whose father was a boxer. Although Hideki “Shark” Horiguchi was a boxer but wasn’t on the list of great boxers. He took his retirement after the birth of his son Genki Horiguchi.

They are not living with a lot of wealth but what they have is love and affection. After some time Genki’s father decides to return to the world of boxing. Due to lack of money and proper living conditions, he has lost weight. This made him fight as a featherweight but still, he won two matches the first. So this is also a must-watch boxing anime series.

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5. Rokudenashi Blues

This series was released in 1992 and it had a runtime of 1 year. There are 2 episodes of the series. Each episode is of long duration. This is the story of Taison Maeda who wishes to win the world boxing championship. He is a student at Teiken High Institute and is not so famous. So this story is set in high school. Over three years, Maeda completed his journey to become one of the toughest boxers in all of Tokyo.

6. Shoot Fighter Tekken

It was released in January 2002 and the last episode was in March 2002. Consists of 3 long-duration episodes. It is about Kiichi Miyazawa alias Kibô who is a high school student. He is from the city of Kobe and is the heir of Nadashinkageryu. It is an old fighting style and Kiichi is the 15th generation of it. His hobby is to fight the toughest fighters as this makes him try very hard to win over them.

Also, he is a fighter who learns from his old fights and from practice. As time passes he gets more strong opponents who are very talented and want to become the heir of Nadashinkageryu. So this is the story of Kiichi and his journey to become the master of the ancient fighting style. This is also a series which you should watch if you are thinking of watching a boxing anime series.

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7. Baki The Grappler

Released in January 2001, this series ran till September 2021. It has 99 short episodes and two long-duration episodes. It is the story of Baki who is being trained to become a fighter. His mother wants him to be a great boxer as his father was one. So his well-off mom takes care of him and sends him to boxing training.

Baki learns various martial arts and also faces many strong rivals. He learns from his father how to become a great father. Whenever he fights with his father he loses. So he gets training from every corner of the world. After being out for almost two years he gets to know about an underground fighting league. Here he fights against many strong fighters with different styles of martial arts. After being a part of this league, he learned martial arts fully.

8. B.B

This anime series was released in April 1990 and had three long-duration episodes. It is also one of the boxing anime series to watch. This is the story of Ryō Takagi who plays trumpet in a club. Suddenly one night when he was playing his trumpet he got attacked. These were the biker gang where they took him to the street and beat him. This incident caused an accident as they were fighting on the street. After this incident, Ryo leaves playing the trumpet and starts training as a boxer in order to avenge what happened to him.

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9. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

This is another boxing anime that was released in October 2012 and is still running. It has 164 short episodes with 17 long episodes and also one movie. This anime features Joestar bloodline which is a family that fights evil forces. This British family has supernatural powers with which they fight the demons. Their fighting is divided into generations and each generation has a head. Likewise in 1880 the head and the lead character was Jonathan. It is also a must-watch series due to its unique storyline and the fighting touch.

10. Megalobox

Released in April 2018 this anime series consists of 26 episodes. The last episode of this series was released in June 2021. This anime series takes viewers to the future where the citizens are divided into two categories. Registered citizens are those who live in the city while unregistered citizens are those living in slums. Megalobox is a famous sport in this world. This is actually traditional boxing with included gears for fighters.

Boxers wear these gears which help them beat stronger. It shows the journey of Junk Dog who is a fighter in the slums but soon goes for the mega championship. This championship is conducted by the Shirato Group which is the elite group so this makes Junk’s journey more challenging. Before going to this championship Junk was fighting in the slums where matches were fixed. So he wishes to have a real fight without any fixtures and hence he lands up into his challenging journey.

11. Nozomi Witches

This series was released in August 1992 and it almost ran for a year. There are a total of 3 episodes which were long duration episodes. It is worth watching an anime series. Boxing fans will love the plot so it is a must-watch for them. This series covers the story of Nozomi who is from Japan. She is professionally an actress and has worked in New Zealand.

After her work gets over in New Zealand she has returned to Japan. As an actress, she is very charming and beautiful. After she returned to Japan she met Ryōtarō Shiba who was a student residing in her neighbourhood. Now she makes him join the boxing club and become a boxer. This series will show both of their journeys. It got a very nice plotline and also the animated scenes are brilliant. Characters shown in the series are also very good with each of them engaging the viewers.

12. Honō No Tenkōsei

Again this is a series that should be watched if you are a fan of anime series based on boxing. This series was released and premiered for the first time in May 1991. It has two long-duration episodes which can be viewed. This series is about Noboru Takizawa and his story. Now he has been transferred to a new school where there is a very different way of settling any quarrel. In this school, if there is any conflict then it is settled by either any sports or boxing. Now on the first day itself, he is late by an hour and Koichi Jenouchi who is the new student attendant decides to punish him for being late. But somehow he is saved from any punishment by his fellow classmate Yukari.

On the first day itself, he engages in a fight for sitting in the back of the classroom. He challenges Saburo Ibuki who was occupying the back seat. Now before that fight a fight begins between Ibuki and Koichi for being the boyfriend of Yukari. Now Noboru also started liking Yukari so he too engages in the fight but Ibuki wins. Finally, one day Noboru wins the fight against Ibuki.

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13. Slow Step

This is another must-watch anime series based on boxing. It was released in April 1991 and has a total of 5 long-duration episodes. This series is about three students Minatsu Nakazato, Naoto Kadomatsu, and Shu Akiba. Minatsu is a softball player, and the other two are boxing students. This story revolves around a love triangle where Shu is in love with Minatsu but Minatsu has a crush on Naoto. And Naoto has feelings for Maria.

Now Minatsu is Maria which has happened as Minatsu wanted to hide herself from some criminals. This secret isn’t revealed to Naoto. Minatsu is also loved by a professor named Kango Yamazakura who is also her softball coach. And he also trains Shu in boxing as he is a university-level boxer. So this is the story where various love lines are connected and which one gets successful. Let’s watch and know.

14. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

It was released in October 2006 and ran till September 2007. This series is a must-watch and has in total 50 short-duration episodes and 11 long-duration episodes. The story of this series is about Kenichi Shirahama who is known as funuken meaning weak legs. He is also often called ken-chan having the same meaning. His schoolmates call him by these names. He is a high school student who gets mocked by his classmates.

His lack of knowledge about fighting and also he doesn’t have any experience in fighting makes him run away from any violence. This is the reason that his classmates laugh at him. But one day he witnessed his friend Fuurinji Miu save an old man from bad people with his skills in martial arts. This made Kenichi amazed about the martial arts and now he wishes to learn it.

Miu helped him with this and took him to the master of martial arts who trained him. After his training is over Kenichi starts fighting and becomes famous from his very first match. Every fighter knows about him and wants to fight him.

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15. Levius

This anime series was released in November 2019 and has 12 episodes in total. It is a story which is shown in the early 20th and 21st century. Now, in this time and universe, there is no technology. But on the contrary, our world has steam through which we generate electricity. Mechanical boxing is the sport that is played in this universe and is a famous sport.

It involves the replacement of certain organs and parts of the body of fighters. This makes them strong and powerful. Levius is introduced into the series as a man without an arm. He lost his arm during the second world war but is now involved in mechanical boxing. Levius fights in the category of second-best. Another character shown in the series is A.J. who has defeated Levius’s idol fighter.

16. Sakigake Otokojuku

This series was released in February 1988 and it consisted of 34 episodes and also one film. It features Heihachi Edajima who is a hero of World War 2 but now is the principal of a school. He trains the students of his school in the fields of economy, industry and politics. His training is so that the students make Japan more powerful and his students become like him. As a World War 2 fighter, he knows how the world and Japan run so it’s easy for him to teach them. So this is the story of the series and it is an interesting plot. It tells us about World War 2 and many other things. This series is also a must-watch series for boxing anime fans.

17. Ashita No Joe

This series was released in April 1970 and it has a total of 126 episodes. It is the story of an orphan man named Joe Yabuki. His life was very challenging from his childhood itself as he lived in orphanages in his childhood. Then after he somehow manages to escape the orphanage he is left alone in Tokyo. There he doesn’t get any shelter and food and roams around like Street dogs. His life changes after he meets an old boxer named Danpei Tange. Danpei has also been a boxing coach but as of now, he is a drunk and old man. But their first meeting was not good as they both had a fight in their first meeting.

While fighting Joe, Danpei saw his skill in boxing and after getting some punches from Joe he came back to his senses. After this incident, Danpei continuously asked Joe to take his training and become a boxer. On hearing this, Joe’s first reaction was not to take training from an old drunken man. Also, he didn’t want to be a boxer in his life. So what happened next? To find out whether Joe became a boxer or not you have to watch the series.

18. Ring Ni Kakero

This is another series based on boxing and it was released in October 2004. It has a total of 36 episodes during its runtime. This is the story of Kiku and Ryuji Takane and their journey to Tokyo. They get frustrated from their Stepfather’s torture and so they decide to go to Tokyo. Their father was a boxer who died at a young age. So they decide to become like their father. Kiku manages to find shelter at a billionaire’s house. This series shows the rivalry between Ryuji and Jun. Jun is a boxer and good at this but Ryu doesn’t have much skill in boxing.

In the first chapter they are seen as rivals but in the second chapter, they become friends. And now all of them become five athletes who have the responsibility of supporting the colour of Japan’s Junior World Championship. They have to win this tournament as they have previously lost the championship twice. This series has a unique storyline and wonderful characters so this is also a must-watch for fans of boxing anime series.

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19. Hajime No Ippo

This series was released in October 2000 and it also has a film titled the same. There are a total of 127 episodes, one film, and one long-duration episode. It has a great run time of 14 years. This is the story of a shy and introverted student Ippo Makunouchi who doesn’t have any friends. Most of the time he is with his mother helping her in her fishing business. We see a bad guy named Umezawa who mocks Ippo as he is shy and doesn’t have any friends. One day while bullying the bad boys started beating Ippo.

Fortunately, Mamoru Takamura was passing by and saved him. Mamoru is a professional boxer who stops the bad boys and takes care of Ippo by healing his wounds. Ippo was made asleep in the gym but soon he woke up by the noises of boxers. After he wakes up Takamura tells Ippo to release his frustration on the sandbag.

It became a life-changing experience for Ippo and now he wants to become a boxer himself. He approaches Takamura regarding his wish but Takamura makes him understand that becoming a professional boxer is not so easy. Then he gets training from Takamura to become a professional boxer.

20. Kengan Ashura

This series was released in July 2019. There are 24 episodes in total of this series. It talks about the Edo era where fighting was common. Wealthy merchants and businessmen hired fighters to gain their dominance over the market. Ōma Tokita is the lead character who is a fighter and meets Yamashita, an employee of Nogi. They both find themselves in a dangerous fight tournament. Now Oma has to show his talent with his fighting skills and earn the dominance. Also, Yamashita has to pose like an entrepreneur to complete the strategy of Nogi.

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