Risque Business: Netherlands & Germany Season 2 Release Date. When Will The Show Appear Next?

South Korean Comedians have been curiously trying to know the business and romance status of a few countries in Europe. They have already covered two of the most popular countries, Japan and Taiwan. From exploring the streets of the places to know about the business conditions, financial status, and sex cultures of the states.

These two comedians are some of the most heard comedians in South Korea but have now decided to know the business and sex culture of the European countries through their show, Risque Business: Netherlands & Germany.

Well, this show came up very recently on February 20, 2024. The show, gained popularity by the release of its trailer a week ago only. People have been loving the two previously by their previous works, and their punch lines. And now this amazing show explores the sex cultures and business cultures of the Netherlands and Germany and their show has automatically gained many fans the audiences collecting not just from South Korea but also from two different countries, Germany & Netherlands, and even their fans who reside away from these states.

Now, the question here comes, who are the hosts of the show? What is the show about? Where will it stream? To know every point of the series you must read the following article as we have covered everything here for you. Then let’s just not, waste much time and move into the next panel of the article. 

Risque Business: Netherlands & Germany Season 2 Release Date

Even the makers of South Korea’s famous comedians, Sung Si-Kyung and Shin Dong-yup are all set on their journey to come up with something truly unique and amazing for the world. Generally, people know South Korea just for the K-dramas, but these two have come up with a daring and bold project to adventure the European countries and learn more about the people dwelling there. 

They have decided to roam about in the streets of the cities, with their cameras on, go to the estates and various nude bars and their red light areas, just to know the Business and sex culture out there in the cities. This is the doubt for the show, on 20th February, 202. With their first season rolling, they have decided to go through, the Netherlands and Germany. While, before this was one of the shows, they did the same in Japan and Taiwan. 

With the first season just coming up a few days before, fans already loving the show, are excited to know about the series’ second season. On the whole, there is still much left to be known about the series and even the makers are not sure if they will get enough fan following for the show, to renew it for next season, coz its streaming on the world’s best OTT platform. But where? To know this you must come up with the next panel in the article. 

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What Will The Show Cover?

As the title suggests the host of the show, will be set on a journey to the streets of the Netherlands and Germany and will capture the sex cultures of these two places and show it to the world through their series. Now how will that be done? The hosts will roam in the nude clubs and bars of the city, and join the parties and different clubings to know what the sex culture looks like. Their work is a tough one, but still, they have decided to come out of the usual life and Kdrama and give their fans something unique. Along with the sex culture, they might also discover the business ideas and the deals of these two places. Well, this can equally excite the fans for sure for its second season to come sooner. 

Who Are The Hosts?

Well, the show will have its show host two wel-kwon comedians from Sotu Korea, Sung Si-kyung and Shin Dong-yup. They both have even worked together before while they explored Japan and Taiwan. And now have come up with this official TV series. Sung Si-Kyung is a well-known, singer, entertainer host, and comedian from the South Korean industry, famous for his shows, lisy The Voice of Korea, God’s Voice, Battle Trip, and many more. On the other side, Shin Dong-yup is a famous comedian and is known for his programs like, Guys n Girls, Happy Saturday, and many more in a row. 

Where Is The Show Streaming?

The show is streaming on Netflix from January 20, 2024.

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