Are The Bridge Curse Movies Based On True Stories? Addressing The Controversies

Urban legends or myths are often very creepy but interesting to see and hear. The Bridge Curse movies attempt to take us into a creepy universe. In this universe, we will see – are The Bridge Curse movies based on true stories?

This is a set of movies that fall under the horror category of movies. They mainly revolve around terrifying supernatural horror stories where people go missing or possessed. Besides telling you if The Bridge Curse movies are based on true stories, we will also talk about the storylines in detail.

Are The Bridge Curse Movies Based On True Stories? Let’s Find Out

Most of the time, horror movies leave us scratching our heads after the movie. It is usually due to the complexity of the plot and how fast things keep happening in the film. Well, as a fan of horror films for the last decade, this feels a bit less sparky. Such an experience dulls the whole horror movie experience. The Bridge Curse movies are a collection of horror movies we have with us. The Bridge Curse and The Bridge Curse: Ritual are two back-to-back Taiwanese horror films that revolve around the supernatural.

The films are two different movies, but The Bridge Curse: Ritual is a sequel to the first film. Both of them base their stories on the hauntings and terrifying dark secrets. When the first movie came out in 2020, people were delighted to enjoy the Taiwanese horror. As far as I know, the audience loved the intense and gripping plot. According to some of them, the horror environment was disrupted many times throughout the film. That’s why when they came up with Ritual, the makers improved many plot points. 

As a result, the sequel gained more success after it came out. Now, people might be curious about the reality of these horror movies. So, are The Bridge Curse movies based on true stories? Do they have any connection with reality? If you think The Bridge Curse movies are based on true stories, they aren’t. Both are based on urban legends that do not have any hardcore proof. The way makers unfold horror sequences has made these movies cause a ripple among the audience. No matter how scary they are, The Bridge Curse movies are not based on true stories.

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The Bridge Curse: A Phenomenal Taiwanese Horror

This movie tells us about an urban legend, a curse that exists as a narrative in Taiwan. The Bridge Curse talks about the myth that exists in the Tunghai University campus surrounding a bridge. In reality, there’s no solid proof, but often, senior students like to scare freshers. They would bait and invite them to cross the bridge – according to people, a lady’s spirit haunts there. She appears right when you are climbing the stairs at the end of the bridge. She asks everyone who comes near her what time is it.

In the movie, Li Le is a popular streamer and quite adventurous. When he heard that the ghost victimized the ones who turned around before reaching the top, he wanted to go. In the adventure, Li Le was live-streaming the event. Viewers warned him about the ghostly shadow hanging above the group. He did not listen at first, but as time passed, horrifying sequences started to take place. Li Le got so scared that he had to delete the video in the end. If you want to watch The Bridge Curse, please head on to Netflix.

The Bridge Curse: Ritual, The Twisted Sequel Of Horror

Rather than talking about an urban legend, this time, we get to learn about a supernatural ritual. The sequel movie features a popular but creepy ritual called The Elevator Game. Here, a group of college students from Yangminshan University are participating in this – they are going to ride the elevator in a sequence. If everything goes right, the players will feel a demonic encounter in the end. In reality, Elisa Lam died while doing this in Cecil Hotel, located in Los Angeles.

Some say that Elisa was a bipolar woman, so she killed herself. But security footage showed her erratic and scary behavior in the hotel lobby after coming out of the elevator. In the film, numerous incidents start to happen the moment they start playing. Everything went wrong since the bagua became suddenly inverted. Although they were playing an AR game, ghostly figures started to appear in real life. The students became horrified at the chilling sinister moments. If you want to watch The Bridge Curse: Ritual, please head on to Netflix.

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