“This Fool” Season 3 Release Date. Are The Rumours True? Finding The Reality!

This Fool is a 2022 comedy-drama series, that has made its fans go crazy with the amazing plot, and cast play in the series. But at the same time, the acting plot and its lovely audiences bring the extra kind of load on the heads of the makers and even the cast to do it better next time, that the show gains more audiences this time. Now, this series was first premiered in August 2022 and it ran till July 2023. For the series first season being a mere hit, it was expected to be renewed for next season.

Well, this is the only truth that has to be cleared in front of the audience if this series is going to be renewed for further seasons in the future or not. To know about this you must read this article completely. As we have covered every sort of information for you to know in this article. Apart from its new season’s release date, we also have the plot and cast involved in the first other seasons of the series. So let us not waste any time and move ahead with the series. 

This Fool Season 3 Release Date 

The series was officially released on Hulu in the year 2022. The series with 10 episodes made its debut with the first season on the audience’s screens on 12th August 2022 with all episodes released on the same day. With season 1 already gaining a lot of positive critic responses and nexoect high count of fans, the series was renewed and it came up with the second season on 28th July, 2023. Well, with the fans waiting and expecting for its season 3 to release soon. Bad and heartbreaking news flashed on the screens of the audience that the series had been canceled after two seasons. Yes, in February 2024, the makers of the show, came up with a decision that they won’t be prolonging the series, and terminate it here only. 

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What Is The Plot Of The Series?

The series shows a group of people titled, Hugs Not Thugs, where the youth group up to help people released from jail, after spending years in it. It becomes difficult for them to come out and get mixed up with the ordinary world, after spending years in prison with the criminals. However, the main member of the group is Julio Lopez who is 30 years old and still resides with her mother. He has got a unique personality of helping everyone around him, except himself no matter how many problems he has to face. 

While, Julio just enters into the group of Hugs, not Thugs, he gets his first ember to help get acquainted with the ordinary life after he exits prison is his cousin’s brother, Luis. Both of the cousins have different attitudes toward their life Where, Julio is the one who loves helping others sacrificing his own happiness, on the other Luis i the one who keeps himself and his own family first then others. This is seen when Julio sacrifices his love, Maggie for his brother. And he wasn’t even ready to celebrate his bday. But Luis forces him to celebrate and be happy at the same time. 

Later in the series, you will see Julio and her girlfriend hiking outside forcefully, where Juli is least interested. On the other side, UIS babysits Aiden and Michel and tries to leave his sinfu;l life behind, but is unable to. When the team of Hugs, not Tugh faces some financial crisis, Julio comes up to help the team members and lets it a good gun. Julio followingly helps everyone in his town tries to give money and food and understands every middle-class family’s problems and the efforts they put always. However, the series ends, with all of them including Julio and Luis setting out for their vacation in Cambodia. 

Who Are Involved In The Cast?

The series does not involve a huge list of cast members, instead, a very of them are invited. However, the cast involves, Julio Lopez by Chris Estrada, the protagonist of the series, joining him is his cousin, Luis by Frankie Quinones, Maggie by Michelle Ortiz, who is Julio’s girlfriend, Minister Payne by Michael Imperioli, Maria by Julia Vera, Ana by Sandra Marcela Hernandez, Fabian by Fabian Alomar, and Esperanza by Laura Paltalano. 

Where Is The Show Streaming?

Fans can watch both seasons of the series “This Fool” on Hulu, anytime.

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