Shark Tank Judges Profit And Loss. How Much Do The Sharks Earn? Uncovering Their Incomes, Profits & Losses!

Shark Tank is a known business show for young and unknown entrepreneurs to visit the show, showcase their products and their businesses, and ask for investments from the judges in the judgment panel. Well, probably these judges are not just judges but the investors for their company, and are the businessmen by their profession, termed as “Sharks”. The Shark Tank first debuted globally in America in the year 2009. Following its adaptation in different countries, India adapted Shark Tank and released it on Sony TV and Sony Liv in 2022, 2023, and 2024. 

Shark Tank India from its first season release is launching the unknown faces behind the very known business groups. Series came up with the founders of BOAT, Sugar Cosmetics, Lenskart, Bharat Pe, and many more companies and their founders in every season. Though we used the products and apps but were unaware of the founders. All of them come from good educational backgrounds, completing their graduation from IITs or IIMs and so on their post-graduation as well. But you might think that these sharks who raise crores and lakhs of funds for these upcoming businesses, how much do they earn? Are there companies facing profits all these years?

Shark Tank Judges Profit And Loss

Well, their journey of being from the ground to the seventh sky has been a tough one. But still, as the audience feels these sharks somewhere aren’t at good stake. Some of them are facing losses. But who are these sharks, which company do they have, how much do they earn, and their profits and losses? Everything is right here in this article, below. 

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1 Ashneer Grover (Season 1)

Ashneer Grover is the founder of one of the most important and most used UPI apps today. He founded India’s own, Bharat Pe app, to make safe and easy financial conditions for the Indians. However, both Ashneer and his friend Shahsvat Nakrani founded the app, but as his friend left the company, in 2015 theft some data, due to which he had to leave the company. However, the company last year in 2023 gave a revenue of Rs 904 crore, but a loss of Rs 866 crore at the same time. After season 1 Ashneer left Shark Tank and is now indulging in creating his business models and investing in good companies. His net worth is however approx Rs 1.69 crores. 

2 Aman Gupta (Season 1-present)

A Delhi boy, fond of music and entertainment became the co-founder of the Electronics headphones, watches, and smartphones, which is now ruling the world. The company Aman Gupta founded in 2016 was boAT. The most known company for smartwatches and headphones. His company gives him a revenue of Rs 3,777 crores with a loss of Rs 129.4 crore. Aman Gupta is the investor in Shark Tank India and has seen in all the seasons released till now, whose net worth is approx, Rs 700 crore. 

3 Namita Thapar (Season 1-present)

Namita Thapar since she has entered the world of sharks, is known by almost every figure out there. But, she was even known to the people before she came to Shark Tank, who was from the pharmaceutical field. She owns a company titled “Incredible Ventures Limited” that has a revenue of Rs 3107 crore with a profit of Rs 160 crore. she has her own net worth of approx Rs 600 crore and thus invests in many business ideas on Shark Tank. 

4 Peyush Bansal (Season 1-present)

The owner, founder, and CEO of India’s most known spectacle brand, Lenskart. Many hero heroines are seen advertising their brands on TV and the web. Before Shar Tank, people might know his name, but from season 1 of the show, he was recognized by every young entrepreneur. He has good taste in investing in new business ideas. His company brings him a revenue of Rs 3780 crore with a profit of Rs 260 crore. Also, his net worth income is approx Rs 600 crore. 

5 Anupam Mittal (Season 1-present)

A boy from Mumbai didn’t ever think of becoming the founder and CEO of the company founded his own, business. All of us must have one or the other time have heard of matrimonial sites. Isnt’t? Then this is the man behind the matrimonial site in India. He founded in the year 1997 initially with the name but later in 1999, he changed its name to Apart from his own business, he is even an investor in the rising OLA company. This man has built up a company with revenue of more than Rs 100 crore but is facing a loss of Rs 27 crore. However, his own net worth income is Rs 185 crore.

6 Vineeta Singh (Season 1-present)

A Gujarati woman started up her cosmetic brand in the year 2015. Gujjus are always said to have a business mind, and why this lady would be back from the men in a race of startups. Vineeta being an IITian, decided to take up this business of Sugar Cosmetics, which sells cosmetics and health care products. The company gives her a revenue of Rs 420 crore with a loss of Rs 76 crore. However, she herself is the owner of a net worth of Rs 300 crore.

7 Amit Jain (Season 2-present)

Buying and selling cars are the worst traumas if you are not a car lover, but still need to buy or sell it. To overcome these common problems in India, an entrepreneur, Amit Jain, co-founded the CarDekho app and website, which enables users to get cars according to their own needs, However, this company gives Amit Jain a revenue of Rs 2331 crore with a loss of Rs 562 crore. But he being a smart investor has a net worth of approximately, Rs 2900 crore. 

8 Ronnie Screwvala (Season 3)

Ronnie Screwvala is a known entrepreneur as well as a film producer in B-Twon. He has produced well-known films of superstars in the industry. Not only this but also he is the founder of the best educational app for higher studies and various competitive exams, UpGrad. Along with this, Ronnie has a sharp investing point of view, which makes him the investor of many known companies, and the new young entrepreneurs. His company brings him a revenue of Rs 1194 crore with a loss of Rs 1142 crore. However, he has a net worth of approx, Rs 12,800 crore.

9 Deepinder Goyal (Season 3)

Today all of us are well-known for the online food delivery app. Now, the most important and well-known app that comes to your mind if needed to order food online is Zomato. And Deepinder Goyal is the founder of the Zomato app, which delivers food to your house via online order The app was founded by him in 2008 with his friend Pankaj Chaddah. Zomato is a known food online company but now it is facing losses of Rs 971 crore, with a revenue of Rs 7079 crore. However, this founder has a net worth of Rs 2,000 crore. 

10 Ritesh Agrawal (Season 3)

Ritesh Agrawal came up with an amazing business idea of OYO rooms, which allows travelers to get rooms for their stay at a low rate. However OYO rooms are these days, being defamed for wrong use, but still, its owner says, that people are using it in the right terms and are defamed for no reason. The business gave him a revenue of Rs 5464 crore with a loss of Rs 1287 crore. ritesh Agrawal is a known businessman and the richest person with a net worth of Rs 16,00 crore. 

11 Radhika Gupta (Season 3)

A known entrepreneur and also the founder of Edelweiss Mutual Fund was recently introduced to the public in Shark Tank season 3. She had done various jobs at Microsoft and many other known companies. Not only this, but she is even an investor in many young entrepreneurs’ companies. Her company gives her a revenue of Rs 216 crore with a profit of Rs 17.7 crore. Her net worth is Rs 41 crore. Radhika has made a lot of profit herself at such a young age of just 35 years, and she continues to help people of young age start their businesses.

12 Azhar Iqubal (Season 3)

Sometimes it’s very difficult to catch up with the daily news due to travelling or work and study pressure. However, Azhar Iqubal founded an app or website for users to read the latest news about Bollywood, sports, politics, and business. His company gave him a revenue of around Rs 180.90 crore with a loss of Rs 309.75 crore. However, his net worth is approx Rs 500 crore. Azhar Iqubal has been investing in many other known as well as the new upcoming business, before coming to Shark Tank India. 

Where Is The Show Streaming?

Shark Tank is streaming with all its seasons on Sony Liv

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