Where Is Indrani Mukerjea Now? Is She In Jail Or Out? Knowing The Reality Behind Her Deed!

Indrani Mukerjea, is a name in everyone’s news channel, and newspapers, covering up the talks of every group in the corner. Well, who is she? And why is she being recognized so much now by almost every person in India? To your knowledge, Indrani Mukerjea is a criminal a murderer, and a former media person. Yes, she was accused of killing her daughter, and the reason will blow your mind. Indrani born to an Assamese family in 1972, had many affairs and confuing personal relations. She was a mother of three children, two daughters, and a son, and out of them, one was killed.

Well, everything of this started back in the year 2015, when Indrani was arrested from her US house for murdering her daughter. till then she was just a businesswoman to people of the world. But soon, after her arrest things started coming up and she became the talk of tea for people. Then her story captured a movement, when she published her book, saying to the world her part of the story, “Unbroken: The Untold Story”. And now with the death case of her daughter, the Indian director is releasing a film. But what is the story? Who is Indrani and her daughter? What’s the film? Everything is covered right here in the article. 

Where Is Indrani Mukerjea Now?

On August 25, 2015, while Indrani was busy celebrating a bday in her US home, she was arrested by the police on charges of kidnapping, murdering, and siposing her daughter’s body Sheena Bora. She was convicted of the murder by strong evidence from their cars and their Worli residences. More from the confessions of Indrani’s driver, Rai who was the eyewitness of Sheena Bora’s murder case, and Indrani’s ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna, accepted that Indrani and the two were behind Sheena’s case.

Now, after her arrest, she is proven to be the murderer. Indrani was kept in prison for over 7 years. There she regained her sense of humour and wrote an autobiography, which she decided to publish while she was out on bail. Not only this, but Inrani even translated more than 100 verses of the Bhagavad Gita from Sanskrit to English, and was published while she was in imprisonment. Following years, she was finally out of jail on bail recently in the year 2023. And is now residing in one of Worli’s apartments, practicing yoga, kickboxing, ballroom dancing, and many other activities.

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Why Was Indrani Arrested?

After 2012 when Sheena Bora, daughter of Indrani Mukerjea and her ex-husband Siddhartha Das, and her boyfriend Rahul Mukerjea, received a breakup message that made a hustle in their families. Rahul complained to the police and fled a missing report requesting an investigation. However, her mother said, Sheena is out in the US for higher studies, as she hated Rahul and Sheena’s relationship. But on 21st August 2015 when Shyamvar Pinturam Rai, Indrajit’s driver was arrested, the truth came out and everything was transparent to the police’s eyes. 

Rai said, it was on April 24, 2012, when Indrani’s ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna flew to Mumbai and resided in a hotel in Worli. On the other side, Indrani planned to meet up with her daughter Sheena, in the airport and settle her with them in their car. As they drove down lanes in Bandra, Khanna strangled Sheena’s neck and put her to death, while Indrani was sitting beside him in the co-pilot seat. While Sheena’s body was in the car trunk, Rai slept in the same car, and Khanna and Indrani were in their homes and hotel, respectively. But on the next morning, they three went to an unknown place and burnt Sheena’s body into fire, and all three parted ways. All of this gave the truth about Indrani’s deceitful personality and was arrested on 25th August 2015 while her ex-husband on 26th August 2015 and her present husband Petr Mukerjea on November 19, 2015. 

Aftermath Of Indrani’s Life

After her bail in the year 2022, she published her autobiography on 30th July 2023 titled “Unbroken: The Untold Story”. Not only this but her story and Sheena Bora’s murder case were decided to be adapted by the Indian film director, Agnidev Chatterjee, and shown to the world, especially the Indian audiences. The film titled Dark Chocolate, is scheduled to be released on Netflix this month on 23rd February 2024. However, Indrani is now enjoying her life in Worli, practicing various activities and her life chores. 

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