Is Netflix’s The Tourist Based On A True Story Or A Book? Unveiling The Truth!

Netflix has always come up with something really exciting and heart-throbbing series, or film that takes away the breath of its fans every time they watch it. And as soon as one season terminates they will have to demand a new one and that too should released super soon. Now coming up to today’s topic of discussion is the 2022 release, The Troust. The series is an amazing crime drama series with a blend of comedy in it. Fans by its trailer were happy to know that it was coming their way.

But as soon as the series was released, they got really excited watching it. The series plot, made them go crazy, as it revolves around a man who tries to find his lost identity and memory due to an accident. And when he finds the truth about him, he doesn’t want to live. Who is the man? Why is he so reluctant to die? What did he do? what is the series all about? And who all have joined to make this series look amazing and real?

All of this is covered in this article today. So let us move ahead and know everything about this series, its plot, cast, release dates, and of course the basis of the series. Yes, this has been the most asked question about the series, is the series a real one or is taken from some books or novels? So let us not just waste even a moment and move to the next panel of the article to know everything about the series that still remains a secret to some of you. 

Is Netflix’s The Tourist Based On A True Story Or A Book?

The series, The Toruist is co-written by Jack Williams and Harry Williams while it is directed by Chris Sweeney. After the series’s trailer was released and was shockingly getting praised all around, suddenly came up questions by its audiences, if the series was based on some true event or the book. The writers and director then came up and publicly announced that the story of the series is completely fictional and not taken from any book, though there is the same name book. And also the series is not based on any true event, but completely a fictional plot. 

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What Is The Series About?

The Tourist is a series full of unexpected twists and turns that none can even expect to arise in such situations. Yes, the series begins with a man traveling on the road in Australia and moving down to take a pee. As he got into his car, he was chased by a trunk car which pushed him off the road. Due to this the man faces an accident and wakes up in the hospital. On the second moment while he is alive, but unfortunately forgets everything about himself. He was suffering from amnesia. 

Now that he is in the hospital, he meets a constable Helen Chamber played by Danielle Macdonald, the fiance of Ethan Krum played by Greg Larsen. He didn’t want Helen to be in this case, rather spend time with him. Both of them, are set on the journey to find who the man was and what was his past life. But in every case, the man found that he was tried to be killed for some reason. After a few searches and connecting dots, the man found his name was Elliot Stanley played by Jamie Dornan. He found out about his name, with the help of Luci his ex-girlfriend played by Shalom Brune-Franklin. Luci told, Elliot that they had a relationship together, and that her fiance Kostas who was a criminal and drug lord was behind him to take revenge. But then, Kostas was shot dead by Lachlan and was arrested. 

How Did It All End?

The first season of the series ended with a cliffhanger, of Elliot again waking up through the deathbed. How? As he knew a bit about his past, he was in jail and was waiting for someone to get bail for him, and this was the time, he learned another and deadliest truth about him. Elliot was visited by a woman Lena Pascal, who told him that he was involved in his past for trafficking drugs. And that too by coercing these bags into the stomach of the girls.

The drug bags were then cut off from their stomach. Also, she said, that because of him, two of the girls died due to the burst of drug bags on their stomachs. this was the time when he tried to knock down his car and die. But he was again saved and woke up at a hospital. Later, he was seen drinking vodka and taking some pills to die, but couldn’t die, for some reason. What’s that? To know watch the second season already streaming from January 1, 2024.

Where’s It Streaming?

The series is streaming on Hulu for its fans to binge on.

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