Where Is Luka Magnotta Now? More About The Canadian Cannibal

You can never expect how far someone’s dark desires can take themselves. I think Luka Magnotta is a big example of this. In this article, we will let you know – where is Luka Magnotta now?

Criminals often showcase the weirdest and most horrifying mentalities you can ever come across. Luka Magnotta is such a person who is a murderer and an internet scum who shook the world with his brutality. Besides talking about where Luka Magnotta is now, we will let you know everything you need to know about him.

Where Is Luka Magnotta Now? Is He Still Alive?

While talking to young people who are coming in touch with internet first, we understand how unsafe it is. The world wide web is not a place that is suitable for anyone out there. But still, it serves as an important part of communication. We often refer to the unregulated and unknown section of the internet as Dark Web. Those of you who have enough experience, you probably know about this infamous video. A tape where a man was seen murdering two little kittens shook the internet with absolute brutality. He is none other than Luka Magnotta, who has other sins, too.

The man in question went viral mainly after this video surfaced first. When netizens saw those tapes, they could figure out how sick Luka was. The man did not only kill two innocent kittens, he filmed a video, taping the brutal incident. As usual, the internet did not like it at all, but Luka did not stop here. He was deep into violent works and it also involved terrible brutal acts. The worst things started to come up when police came to know how Luka murdered a gay Chinese student. It clearly showed how sick and twisted he is mentally.

Now, a lot of you might want to know more about Luka Magnotta. So, where is Luka Magnotta now? Did he manage to get away from Law? If you want to know where is Luka Magnotta now, let me tell you. He’s serving life sentence in Port-Cartier’s Archambault Institution. This is a maximum security prison that is located in Quebec. After his conviction in December 2014, Luka Magnotta got a life sentence. At this point, the man is 41 year old – Toronto Sun’s reports state that he has secretly married another inmate. He will not get any chance of parole before 2039 comes.

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The Cannibal Killer: What Did Luke Magnotta Do?

Before he actually became a Newman, Luka Magnotta was born as Eric Kirk Newman. The Newman family was inhabitants of Ontario, Canada and Eric was raised there. Before Eric became Magnotta, he was deep into adult entertainment industry. Not only Eric took part as actors in pornography, he spent time for adult shoots, too. He was an active male escort and a professional stripper at some point. Even in 2005, Eric was seen in the Toronto Fab Magazine.

His photos appeared as a man called Jimmy, which was Eric’s pseudo name. According to interrogation tapes, Eric was heavily influenced by psychological thrillers that Hollywood released back then. One of the most popular films was ‘American Psycho’, where the movie revolves around Patrick Bateman. Eric took the role seriously and decided that the only way to fame is to become notorious. This lead him to take numerous lives including a human being. In 2010, Luka posted a video titled ‘1 boy and 2 kittens’ where he tortured and killed them.

In another video called ‘Python Christmas’, he showed how a Python ate a kitten. On the other hand, he murdered Lin Jun, a Chinese student. After killing him, he abused the body, dismembered Lin and mailed his limbs to primary schools. But in 2012, a video went viral about murder which made Luka go away from Toronto. A group of admins of Facebook identified the man as Luka who killed the kittens. Finally, in 2014, police arrested Luka Magnotta from an internet cafe in Berlin, Germany.

Don’t Fuck With Cats: A Dark Crime Documentary Series 

Since you know where is Luka Magnotta now, you will probably guess this one too. Yes, Don’t Fuck With Cats is based on a true story. This is a dark documentary tale, a complete journal about how Luka Magnotta got exposed. The series definitely skips his necrophilic nature, but it shows the chronicle of events. Don’t Fuck With Cats shows how a group of amateur Facebook users identified Luka Magnotta. Especially after 1Boy 2Kittens, the group of users identified his face somehow. This brutal act against innocent animals added to the life sentence of this Canadian Cannibal. If you want to watch Don’t Fuck With Cats, please head on to Netflix.

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