Rachana Ranade Net Worth. How Much Does A CA Earn? Finding The Truth! 

Females these days are ruling the world we must say. Not in one field but everywhere, they are the shining heroines but not heroes. Society has always tried pulling the legs of women and pushing them down but never to great heights. But the woman who knows how to cook and give a child birth can eventually do anything if she relies on her and has support from her family. Is it right? We may count the number of females who have served our freedom and ruled the nation. 

From politics to school teachers and now as finance influencers they are ruling everywhere. From these great and intelligent ladies, we have another name joining us in the team of finance Influencer, and that is Rachna Rande. But who is she? Where is she residing? What’s her qualification? What is her work? And everything is to be needed by the people who don’t know her, but follow her on the web.

So to let you know about this hardworking and well-known female influencer these days. We are back again with this article. The article today is dedicated completely to this lady, and her achievements and struggles. This blog today is going to teach you many things, and will give you a message to fly high and never get scared of dreaming, working hard for your dreams, and enjoying your success. So let us move ahead and know what’s the truth behind it. 

Rachana Ranade’s Net Worth

Before entering the world of influencers she was a professor. Rachna Randae before becoming a YouTube sensation and love of people due to her work, was teaching in a college. Later she opened her own institute and is now running one that provides he paid courses for people to understand finance and marketing. , her YouTube channel has free videos and lectures completing every dot point in the field of finance and, marketing. You can learn here from scratch about business and finance. However, her institution running with great success and with great followers on social media. People feel about her income. So approximately it is recorded that Rachna Rande has an annual income of approximately, $2.5 million. 

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Who Is Rachna Ranade?

A 30-year-old girl from Pune, India is shining brightly in social media for her influential videos on Finance and business management. She has been always a marketing student, qualifying for the CA that is Chartered Accountant exam on her first attempt. She has done her graduation from Abhinava Vidyalaya English Medium in the year 2002. Later in the year 2008 she became a CA graduate from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. 

After completing her graduation and becoming a CA, Rachna started her job as a professor at Sinhgad Business School, from the year 2010. It was the year since she had been shaping the lives of various youngsters and youth. She didn’t stop there and decided to start her own institute to teach and graduate more and more people in business and finance. She then made her entry on YouTube and started making reels on empowering people on how to invest money in different companies. One thing well, that makes her videos go viral is her teaching people to invest in her native Maratji language, instead of that English or Hindi language. 

Rachna Ranade’s Early Life

She was born on 26th June 1986 in the small town of Pune, Maharashtra. She completed her schooling in the same town and cracked the exam of CA in her very first attempt. After clearing CA she completed her graduation from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Later, in 2012 she completed her Master’s in Business Studies and as well the PG diploma in Business Management. She has always been a high scorer in her school and college days. 

With this, she decided to educate people afterward. Exactly she decided to pursue her career as a teacher or professor in a business school. There she taught and educated for many years. ALter, while continuing her job, decided to try her luck and become an entrepreneur and became the founder of “Rachana Ranade and Associates”, which has been helping youths shape their career and giving them paths and the right knowledge for business careers from 2018. Along with this, she started making videos for her YouTube channel in Marathi and soon, became an Indian favorite influencer of finance, crossing millions of followers on YouTube and as well as in Instagram. 

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