Yuri Is My Job! Season 2 Release Date Announced – Possibility Of Getting Renewed Soon! 

A heart-warming Lesbian comedy is quite uncommon to find nowadays, but we must admit that author Miman has made it all possible with a well-written manga series. Brimming with melodrama, romance, and comedy, another Japanese yuri manga has recently popped in front of us. The captivating anime adaptation of “Yuri Is My Job!” premiered around spring 2023 and has also got a good amount of viewership out there.

If we are not wrong, Season 1 had a run-time of roughly 3 months and fans wonder whether this anime series will soon make a comeback with Season 2 or not. Produced by Passione and Studio Lings, we do think that Hime Shiraki’s entertaining journey will soon be continued further. “Yuri Is My Job!” Season 2 is in high talk and here is all you need to know about it. 

Yuri Is My Job! Season 2 Release Date Announced – Possibility Of Getting Renewed Soon! 

Yuri Is My Job! Season 2 Release Date Announced - Possibility Of Getting Renewed Soon! 

Hime might act quite a bit pretentious in front of others, but we must say that the chemistry she had built with Mitsuki cannot be ignored at all! Yes, both are very different from one another, but somehow Mitsuki’s friendship, affection and love have changed Hime for the better. Season 1 was filled with too many entertaining twists and turns. But after such a dramatic ending to the show, now the audience is highly curious to learn more about Hime. Directed by Hijiri Sanpei and Takahiro Majima, we do think that Yuri Is My Job! will soon get a green signal for Season 2. 

The very first instalment of this anime series surprisingly did well out there. Yes, the reviews were a bit mixed, but the majority liked the plotline of the show. Since the ratings were not very low, we can expect to see another intriguing instalment of the show! The popular anime series concluded just half a year ago, thus the creators will surely take a good amount of time before declaring the concrete release date of Season 2. As per our estimates, the second instalment of “Yuri Is My Job!” can roll out in 2025 or 2026. 

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Quick Catch-Up With “Yuri Is My Job!” Season 1! 

Yuri Is My Job! Season 2 Release Date Announced - Possibility Of Getting Renewed Soon! 

Before heading into the spoilers, let us quickly rewind a bit. This story starts with a high school girl named Hime Shiraki! If you meet her for the very first time, you will surely think her to be an extremely sweet and helpful person. But little do they all know, that the thing she has always cared about the most is herself. She is someone who is very conscious about her social image and always likes to be praised by others. 

This was also one of the main reasons why she forced herself to join the café! It all starts when she accidentally injures Mai Koshiba! To make up for the disaster, she thinks of working as a part-time waitress at the Liebe Girls Academy. Unlike all the normal eateries, Mai Koshiba’s restaurant is not only a cafe but also a theatre and a fictitious all-girls boarding school! Until Koshiba recovers completely, Hime must work in the cafe. 

But given the complicated attitude of other staff members, our protagonist will surely have a hard time getting along with them! This brings us down to Mitsuki Yano, the very elegant and sophisticated student of the Academy! As Mitsuki meets Hime and starts empathising with her situation, a very special bond develops between the two. From being friends to lovers, to learn all about their heart-touching chemistry, you have to watch all the episodes of “Yuri Is My Job!” Season 1. 

Yuri Is My Job! Season 2 Plot Prediction & More! 

Yuri Is My Job! Season 1 ends with a very interesting climax centred around the intriguing Blume competition. Thankfully, with the recommendations of the staff, some new items have been added to the menu of the cafe. This surely helped the cafe to reshape its position in the market. But guess what, with Nene falling ill, a bunch of chaos and confusion was created everywhere. Sadly enough, we saw too many misunderstandings and complications within Mitsuki and Hime’s relationship. Hopefully, with the return of Season 2, our lovebirds will finally work on their internal differences! Well, that’s all for today, to get more information about intriguing anime series, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Yuri Is My Job! Season 2 Release Date Announced – Possibility Of Getting Renewed Soon! – FAQs

1. Is Hime in love with Mitsuki?

Yes, Hime is in love with Mitsuki. 

2. Is the popular anime, “Yuri Is My Job!” coming back with Season 2?

As of now, the popular anime, “Yuri Is My Job!” has not been renewed for Season 2. 

3. When will “Yuri Is My Job!” Season 2 premiere?

As per our estimates, “Yuri Is My Job!” Season 2 might premiere in 2025 or 2026. 

4. How many episodes will there be in “Yuri Is My Job!” Season 2?

“Yuri Is My Job!” Season 2 might hold around 10 to 12 episodes. 

5. Were the girls able to save Mai Koshiba’s cafe?

Yes, the girls were able to save Mai Koshiba’s cafe.

6. Can you watch “Yuri Is My Job!” Season 1 online?

All the episodes of “Yuri Is My Job!” Season 1 can be viewed online, exclusively on Crunchyroll. 

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