Is Expats Based On A True Story?

Now many of you out there may have heard of this particular web series that came out in the year 2023 which gained a lot of attention from all over the world. Now all those who have watched this particular series, do know how much of a worth a watch it is and what the main Idea behind the series is. But for all those who don’t know anything about Expats, it is basically taken from the word expatriate, which actually means a person who is residing outside their country or are foreigner in the country they are living in. Now in this particular series, we get to see the lives of 3 such women who are living in Hong Kong but are actually outsiders, and while living in a close community their lives get entangled with each other due to some instance and we get to see a different aspect of life which is lead by some people who are living far away from there own Homeland. Every day we get to see the choices they make along with that we also get to see the different circumstances and the struggles they have to face while they try to adjust to the current surroundings they live in.

Along with that when it comes to the success of this particular series, it has been quite profitable from the maker’s side along with that the fans have also loved the show quite a lot. Moving forward to the main topic of the article which is regarding whether this particular TV series directed by Lulu Wang is actually based on a true story or adopted from somewhere else?

Now we have got a mixed answer for this particular question and that is because, when you will check the facts and the interviews of the maker, you will get to see that it has been adapted from a book but at the same time has got the real expertise from the experience of the maker themselves. To know more about this show, read this article till the end.

Expats True Story

Is Expats Based On A True Story?

As we have already mentioned when it comes to the question of whether this particular TV series is based on a true story, it has got quite a mixed answer and that is because Lulu has actually adopted this 6-episode series from the very famous and worldwide bestseller book, expatriate which is written by the very famous Janice Y.K. Lee. Now as we have already mentioned the story that we get to see in this particular series is basically based on 3 foreign women Margaret Hillary and Mercy who are in different phases of their lives, but everything gets connected when a tragedy befalls all of them.

Following this we need to focus on the makers of this particular series first Lulu who was also from Beijing but settled in America was an expatriate along with that Janice was also one of them however it has been clearly stated that the entire story is not based on their life. Janice who wrote the book made it clear that though the story is quite fictional she didn’t have to do much research regarding the book because she was a keen observer of her own life which gave rise to several instances in the book. Along with that she just portrayed different struggles of different people who live a similar life but quite different from their own perspective.

Along with that Lulu has also taken a lot of inspiration from her own life which she has collaborated on in the TV series that when one watches the series, they relate to it so much. Overall we can come to the conclusion, that it has nowhere been adopted from true events or is a real story but somewhere the inspiration lies among real-life characters who face such struggles.

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Expats Cast

For the cast that we get to see in this particular TV series, we have got some quite renowned faces from the industry, which include Nicole Kidman, Brian Tee, Sarayu Blue, Ji-Young Yoo, Tiana Gowen, Ruby Ruiz, Jack Huston, and many others who have played a huge role in making this series an absolute success.

Where Can We Watch Expats?

This particular TV series is currently available for streaming on the Amazon Prime videos platform only and that is because it is an Amazon Prime original series. There have been no updates regarding further seasons of this series as of now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is Expats Based on a true story?

No, the movie is not based on a true story.

2.How many season are there in Expats?

AS of now, there is only a single season.

3.Is there going to be a second season of Expats?

As of now, there has been no talks regarding any second season of the show.

4.Where can we watch Expats?

This show is available for streaming on the Amazon Prime Videos platform.

5.Is the show Expats good?

Based on the ratings and reviews, the show is pretty decent and worth a watch.

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