All Upcoming Blockbusters From Our very Favorite R Madhavan!

For every Bollywood fan out there R Madhavan is a name we will never forget considering the great influence he had on the Indian cinemas. The man who is very commonly known by the name Maddy has achieved a lot over the last few years in the film industry and none of his works can go unappreciated, firstly because of his absolutely terrific acting skills, along with that the great directors and the scripts he has been choosing for his projects. His recent work The Railwaymen has been critically recognized and appreciated all over India and why the critics of Indian cinemas for the portrayal of the truth regarding the Bhopal tragedy incident that we have seen in the past and for bringing out the true eminence of the Indian Railways in assisting and helping out Bhopal and its people during times of such terrors. Along with that recently he has also been given the opportunity to act as the President of the Film and Television Institute of India which has mainly occurred because of his unexpected success with the movie Rocketry, which is also one of his first works as a director.

Now following all of this, we have received a lot of queries regarding the upcoming movies that we are going to see R Madhavan feature in. Though there have been very less updates regarding the list of movies or projects that include R Madhavan in its cast or as a director of the movie, he himself has announced in a recent interview about 4 to 5 projects that he will be working on and bringing it to us during the year 2024. They may not be very clear information about what we are going to receive but it is surely very busy here for our dear Maddy while he teams up with some of the biggest names in the industry. We have listed all those projects below:

1. Hisaab Barabar

All Upcoming Blockbusters From Our very Favorite R Madhavan!

Hisaab Barabar is one of those movies that has actually been quite mysterious about what we are going to see in the contents and along with that this movie is also the first association between our favorite actor Maddy and the Jio Cinemas. When it comes to the storyline, no official website has given us any information till now but based on our sources we have found out that it is a complete thriller movie, which basically follows the concept of an adventurous chase between a police officer of the police forces and a mastermind criminal who is always one step ahead of the jurisdiction.

Following that when it comes to the makers of the movies we see that it is being written and directed by Ashwani Dhir, along with that though it was quite expected that the movie would be making it to us in the year 2023 it was delayed over time and though there has not been any official announcements, there is a huge chance that the movie will be making it to us in the March months of 2024.

When it comes to the cast line that we are going to see in the movie, we get to see many renowned names such as R Madhavan, Kirti Kulhadi, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Rashmi Desai, Faisal Rashid, Rajesh Jais, and many others from the Indian industry.

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2. Test

Now all of you may have heard of the very famous Indian movie Vikram Vedha which was a collaboration between our very favorite Maddy and Vijay Sethupathi under the direction of S Shashikant, which was an absolute blockbuster in the market, and then this particular movie, “Test” has been very much anticipated by fans from all over India because it will be the second time that R Madhavan will be working with S Shashikant. Again, when it comes to the storyline that we are going to receive in this particular movie we haven’t been updated a lot yet but based on the IMDB platform it has been stated that it is going to be a sports thriller movie which will be available to as at first in Tamil and then it may also be available in the Hindi language. Following that it is basically when three unknown people get connected to each other at the time when an international historic test match is taking place in the city of Chennai and while that they have to make certain life-changing decisions that are going to shake everything they stand for.

For the cast, we are going to see some very renowned names, which include R Madhavan, Nayanthara, Siddharth, Mira Jasmine, and many other artists from the South Indian industry. Along with that the release date of this particular movie is expected to be in the January or February months of 2024.

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3. Adhirshtasaali

Now many of you may have heard of this movie already, and if you haven’t then you must look into what this movie is going to offer to us the citizens of India. Almost every kid out there has heard of Edison, but something which many of us may not have heard of yet is who was the Edison of India. The name GD Naidu or Gopalaswami Doraiswami Naidu is the person on whom this movie is based and he is one of the most eminent figures when it comes to the world of Technology in India. He was the first person to build the first electric motor in India he may have had a very industrial contribution but it can’t be acknowledged in the times when he did it. Following that another interesting fact about this movie is that it is being directed by the very famous Mithran Jawahar and also includes Jaya Mohan as one of the writers.

Following that, we got updates in the December months of 2023 that the shooting of this film has already begun in Scotland, and along with that when it comes to the cast we see an amazing cast, which has got some very eminent names including R Madhavan, Sharmila Mandre, and the veteran actress Radikaa Sarath Kumar who is also playing a very eminent lead role in the movie. It is expected that the movie will be making it to us by the September or October months of 2024.

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4. R Madhavan And Akshay Kumar

When it comes to the movie industry we all know that Maddy and Akshay are two of the actors who have always been very inclined towards doing nationalistic movies and have always been inspired, and inspiring the lives of many on the basis of the notable figures who have had a lot of contribution towards the Independence as well as the development of India as the nation it has always dreamt to be. Now finally these two famous personalities have decided to join hands and work together on a project that will present to us the life of C Sankaran Nair. For all those who don’t know who this person was, he is just not any other ordinary advocate but he was knighted back then in the years when the British ruled India, he was also the acting president of the Indian National Congress along with that he was the advocate general of Madras Presidency.

This particular movie has not yet been announced very openly, by the actors as of now but it is surely going to be one of the blockbusters of 2024. It is expected to make it to us by the 4th quarter of 2024, and when it comes to the cast that we are going to see we haven’t been updated anyhow as of now.

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5. R Madhavan And Ajay Devgan

Though the title of this particular movie has not been announced as of now it is already anticipated by fans all over India because of the fact that two of the most famous actors in the industry are joining hands for the first time to bring something Incredible to ask which also belongs to the Supernatural thriller genre. This movie was announced back in the September months of 2023 and we have also been notified that it will mark the debut of Janki Bodiwala into the Hindi movie industry. Following that when it comes to the directors and the makers of this particular movie we see one of the biggest names which is Jyotika teaming up with Ajay himself as the producers.

Following that the announcement of the movie was officially made by Ajay Devgan himself. However, there have been no particular updates from any sources regarding the storyline that we are going to receive in this particular movie. It has been announced already that the movie will be making it to us on the 8 of March 2024, but based on how things have been going recently there is a huge chance that the movie may be delayed a few months from the decided date. For any particular updates regarding the cast or storyline of this particular movie, we will have to wait a bit longer.

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