Where Is Liliane Bettencourt Now And Is She Still Alive? The Unsolved Mystery!

To be precise it was 1957, when Eugène Schueller died, leaving a major part of L’Oréal with her one and only beloved daughter, Liliane Henriette Charlotte Bettencourt. The popular three-part docuseries, The Billionaire, The Butler And The Boyfriend definitely informed us a lot about this renowned figure! You will be highly shocked to know how the abundance of money and royalty has destroyed many out there. The popular Netflix series surely holds a proper example of this above-mentioned statement. 

From being the richest woman in the world to getting involved in a messy political scandal, Bettencourt surely comes with an eye-catching history. If we are not wrong, the supreme heiress of L’Oréal was once in love with a writer named François-Marie Banier, but their secret love affair caught our attention only in 2007! All credit for this goes to her daughter Françoise Bettencourt Meyers. Given all the inside details of her life, here is all you need to know about it. 

Where Is Liliane Bettencourt Now And Is She Still Alive? The Unsolved Mystery!

Where Is Liliane Bettencourt Now And Is She Still Alive? The Unsolved Mystery!

Multiple online sources have confirmed that Bettencourt was always seen to be a private person. Most of the time she used to avoid media attention and high profile interviews! But before telling you more about Liliane Bettencourt, let us quickly answer the most asked question out there. Sadly enough, five years ago, Bettencourt left us all. It was 21st September 2017, when we heard that the richest woman in the world had passed away. Back when she died, she was preferably known to be the 14th richest person in the world! As per our knowledge, at that time, her net worth stood to be around US$44.3 billion. 

Well speaking of her death, you must know that even today no one exactly knows how she passed away! Yes, you heard it right, we were made aware of the fact that the most prominent shareholder of L’Oréal is no longer alive, but the reason behind her death was never really disclosed to any. Her sudden demise was very much questionable, but unfortunately, it is still seen to be a mystery. According to various news reports, her family didn’t want to share the exact reason behind her death! But even then, a few years back, probably around 2011, we did hear that Liliane Bettencourt was fighting with dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

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Here Are Some Shocking Revelations About L’affaire Bettencourt! 

Reports claimed that Liliane Bettencourt has gifted over €1.3 billion to François-Marie Banier. Call it a close friendship or an inappropriate affair, there was definitely something cooking between the French artist and the principal owner of L’Oréal. They met around the late 80s and over the years, their friendship turned into something special. After all, there must be a solid reason why Liliane was ready to make this man the “sole heir” of her property. 

Not to forget, that this didn’t include any of her stakes at L’Oréal. Many sources have also claimed that François-Marie Banier was mainly using Bettencourt’s mental condition to gain various monetary benefits from her. This same allegation was placed by Françoise Bettencourt Meyers as well. Initially, the case filed by her never really got an immense amount of media attention, but then Pascal Bonnefoy entered this story. 

He happened to be Liliane’s butler and without him, this truth would have never really caught our attention. The butler particularly recorded everything that Bettencourt had been discussing with her financial adviser, Patrice de Maistre. All the recordings were then submitted to the police! Hereby, we also learned that Liliane Bettencourt had been evading taxes and thus, the political scandal ultimately comes into the picture. 

Who Inherited Liliane Bettencourt’s Property? 

Where Is Liliane Bettencourt Now And Is She Still Alive? The Unsolved Mystery!

After the tragic demise of Liliane Bettencourt, because of the earlier court filings and the ultimate statement of the judge, automatically Françoise Bettencourt Meyers became the major shareholder of L’Oréal. Not to forget, that Bettencourt’s two grandsons also gained a good part of her wealth and property! Just like her mother, Françoise Bettencourt Meyers was also included in the list of rich men and women of the world. As of now, just a month ago, we also heard that she happens to be the first-ever woman who has a net worth of around US$100 billion. 

Where Is Liliane Bettencourt Now And Is She Still Alive? The Unsolved Mystery! – FAQs

1. Is Liliane Henriette Charlotte Bettencourt still alive?

Liliane Henriette Charlotte Bettencourt died back in 2017. 

2. How did Liliane Henriette Charlotte Bettencourt die?

The actual reason behind the death of Liliane Henriette Charlotte Bettencourt remains to be a mystery. 

3. Was Françoise Bettencourt Meyers able to win the court case? 

Yes, Françoise Bettencourt Meyers was able to win the court case. 

4. How many grandsons did Liliane Henriette Charlotte Bettencourt have? 

Liliane Henriette Charlotte Bettencourt has 2 grandsons. 

5. How many total episodes are present in The Billionaire, The Butler And The Boyfriend?

The Billionaire, The Butler And The Boyfriend holds a total of 3 episodes. 

6. Can you watch all episodes of The Billionaire, The Butler And The Boyfriend online?

All the episodes of The Billionaire, The Butler And The Boyfriend can be viewed online, exclusively on Netflix. 

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