Is Hi Nanna Based On A True Story? Let’s Take A Look

We all love a heartwarming story between a parent and their child right? That’s why director Shoryuv has brought us Hi Nanna. In this article, we will try to find out – is Hi Nanna based on a true story?

The film shows us the ups and downs between a single father and his daughter. It aims to unify the parents and sets a beautiful example for a father-daughter relationship. Apart from talking about whether Hi Nanna is based on a true story, we will also give you a brief idea on the movie too.

Is Hi Nanna Based On A True Story? Everything We Know

When we are children, all we can figure out is black and white. As we start to grow older, we get to understand thw greys in any relationship. Be it between our parents, or between others, we start to understand that everything is not that simple as they might look. You might not be a big fan of south indian movies, especially if you hate to see action. But trust me when I say this – some south indian movies are really heart touching. Hi Nanna is a recent addition to the Tollywood audience’s list of favourites.

The movie shows us a beautiful father and daughter relationship story. Hi Nanna starta it’s journey by telling us about the life of Viraj. He currently has a daughter but her mother is seen nowhere. She has grown six years old and now the daughter wants to know about her mother. Whether Nani becomes able to tell her about her mother is indeed worth watching. Since they were seperated long ago, Nani will obviously face difficulties to tell his daughter everything.The audience has loved Hi Nanna for being so outspoken on sensitive topics like this. 

Moreover, the way the movie conveys this message is definitely worth a praise. That’s why many fans have grown curious – is Hi Nanna based on a true story? Does the movie have any connection with reality? If you think Hi Nanna is based on a true story, it’s not based on one. It is partly observed in different cases – it is not entirely created on one incident. Director Shoryuv has talked about this in an interview. According to him, Hi Nanna acts as a mouthpiece for a lot of stories like this. It aims to show how beautiful the bond between a father and a daughter is.

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Hi Nanna: A Heartwarming Story Of Father And Daughter

If you are someone who is trying to decide if you will watch Hi Nanna or not, let me tell you this. Hi Nanna brings back an age old narrative – a character is sick. It’s a hospital scene where the characters is panicking due to loneliness. But the way director Shoryuv sews the pieces of story together, that the end product is amazing. Hi Nanna revolves initially around Viraj, who happens to be a photographer. He lives alone with his six year old daughter Mahi – she suffers from fibrosis. Nani always does everything in his power to keep her happy.

Mahi has almost everything she could ever ask for. Viraj being a caring father, always takes care of Mahi no matter how busy he is. He helps her to fall asleep by telling Mahi good bedtime stories. For years, Nani has managed to keep any thought about Mahi’s mother away from her brain. But one day, Mahi got anxious – where is her mom? Why can’t Mahi be near her mother just like other kids can? Viraj tried his best to keep Mahi away from these kind of thoughts but now, he must tell her everything she wanted to know.

Viraj placed a bet that if Mahi tops her class, he will tell her everything. Since he delayed this, Mahi went missing and she almost came face to face with an accident. Luckily, Yashna, a kimd woman was there to save Mahi. From that point of time, Mahi started to visualise Yashna as her probable mother. The duo sat down with Viraj and kind of forced him to tell everything about Mahi’s mother. Then, Viraj started to take us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. We came to know that Mahi’s real mother is Varsha – she and Viraj got seperated some years ago.

The Team Behind Hi Nanna And Official Watching Platform Of The Movie 

Nani and Mrunal Thakur nails the story with their impeccable performances as Viraj and Yashna. As a child actor, Kiara Khanna has stole the heart of audience being the little girl Mahi. Other notable cast members include Angad Bedi, Shruti Haasan, Hemayat Rehman, Priyadarshi Pulikonda and Jayaram. Now that you know whether is Hi Nanna based on a true story, you have all the answers. If you want to watch Hi Nanna, please head on to Netflix.

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