Is Annapoorani Based On A True Story? Nayanthara’s New Movie

Since the very inception of religion and culture, convention is an important issue in India. But there are some people who aims to break all limits to pursue their passion. Annapoorani tells us one such story. In this article, we will discuss – is Annapoorani based on a true story?

The film tells us about a girl who aims to become an aspiring chef in the culinary industry. But she belongs from a family of Brahmins so her cooking skills are really limited. That’s why apart from telling you whether Annapoorani is based on a true story, we will let you know about her journey too.

Is Annapoorani Based On A True Story? Addressing The Rumours

We do live in modern times but a lot of times, we get doninated by convention. The rich culture and religious history enriches India, but in some cases, they stand like a barrier. As we start to think about society’s impression on our actions, that automatically imposes a limitation on our work. The biggest threat to any passion or creativity is when our family stands on the way of our success. They start to impose their beliefs on us no matter how backdated they might be. Annapoorani brings us a best example of everything you read just now.

The movie revolves around an aspiring chef who belong from a traditional brahmin family. Since they are worshippers, her parents does not allow her to cook certain dishes. To be a proper chef, one must be tactical when it comes to cooking and handling any dish in the kitchen. How she handles her household beliefs and rides the ladder of success, is indeed a brave story. When the movie came out, it managed to create controversy. The main character told that even being a brahmin, she read Namaz for making Biriyani tastier.

This one line from the film managed to cause quite a stir on the social media platforms. Netizens started to pour in their questions and we got the most popular one – is Annapoorani based on a true story? Was there a brahmin girl who became a famous chef? If you think Annapoorani is based on a true story, it is not. The film is entirely a work of fiction by the writers and directors. Trust me, the story is really inspiring – if you are looking to break your social barriers, this one’s best. But sadly, if you think Annapoorani is based on a true story, you are wrong.

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Annapoorani: The Girl Who Rose Above Limits

According to the Hindu mythology, we know Devi Annapurna or Annapoorani as the goddess who takes care of food. She helps people to fulfill their hunger by providing food for them. The movie is not a mythological production, instead, it is a motivational story. Annapoorani revolves around the life of a young aspiring chef. Annapoorani is a girl who belongs to a traditional brahmin family. They are known for their contribution towards the society around them. Annapoorani’s father cooks food in Srirangam Temple and that gets served to everyone in form of ‘Prasadam’.

In fact, Annapoorani’s whole lineage is dedicated towards serving for Srirangam Temple. So while Annapoorani grew up, she has always faced a barrier in her activities. The social norms for taking birth in a brahmin family often seemed reckless to her. Annapoorani always wanted to get a degree in hotel management. When she was a baby, she watched her father cooking meticulously for the temple. When she got matured, Annapoorani made Chef Anand Sundarajan her idol. That’s when she had a dream to become a chef in future.

But the main problem in her journey was her family – Annapoorani’s parents did not ever consume non vegetarian food. While she grew up, she bad to follow the same social norms followed by everyone of her lineage. But to be a successful chef like Anand Sundarajan, Annapoorani must train herself to cook almost everything. That’s why her parents will never allow Annapoorani to be in a room full of meat or fish or any non vegetarian food. She is meant to stay away from anywhere such food is cooked. But Annapoorani must break free from her barriers to succeed.

The Team Behind Annapoorani And Official Streaming Platform Of The Movie 

Nayanthara has stunned the audience by being the aspiring chef, Annapoorani. Other notable cast members of this movie include Sathyaraj, Jai, Poornima Ravi, Sachu, Karthik Kumar, Redin Kingsley, Achyuth Kumar, Suresh Chakravrthy, Renuka and K.S. Ravikumar. Now that you know if Annapoorani is based on a true story or not, be sure to check it out. If you want to watch the movie Annapoorani: The Goddess Of Food, please head on to Netflix.

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