Never Say Never Season 2: Is Jeff Jenkins Back?

Being fat might be an issue, but it should not stop you from being happy, right? It should not stop you from exploring this beautiful world. That’s why Jeff Jenkins has brough Never Say Never – in this article, we will mainly talk about Never Say Never Season 2 and it’s release date.

The journey of Jeff gets documented in this series. Jeff himself is a plus size travel journalist who inspires everyone to break free from limits. That’s why apart from telling you about Never Say Never Season 2, we will also let you know about the man and his works in detail.

Never Say Never Season 2: Are We Getting Another Run?

In this modern world, there is a problem with obesity in almost all major parts of the world. Be it due to lifestyle issues like workplace or food, obesity has started to become a part of our lives in these times. It is okay to be a little out of shape if you can accept yourself well. But if you are super obese, then you should definitely look after yourself. Let’s set these health monitoring terms aside and take a breath for a second. Even if you are super obese, it does not mean that you are entitled to suffer. You can still move and travel the world if you want to.

Jeff Jenkins has come forward with his travel show Never Say Never. He himself is a plus size man who loves to live every day of his life to the fullest. That’s why Jeff is here to motivate us all – he wants all of us to break the limits we set to ourselves. Through Never Say Never, we see our man Jeff Jenkins travelling in various locations of the world. This travel journal has reached so high that people are always talking on social medias about this. Jeff has managed to knock on the door of a large group of audience. Since he is plus size, poeple get motivation from his blog.

As a result, many of them want to know about the future of Jeff’s show. Since it has amassed to much views in just want season, netizens are curious. When are we getting Never Say Never Season 2? Are the release dates getting closer? Right now, we haven’t got any official news. There’s no update on Never Say Never Season 2 from NatGeo. But please do not get disappointed – the show has created a huge impact. There is a hundred percent possibility for National Geographic Channel to give us Never Say Never Season 2. Till then, let us keep our hopes high for Jeff.

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Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins: Breaking The Boundaries

If you have not watched any one of the episodes of Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins, don’t worry at all. After reading our article, you will definitely want to check the series out. Never Say Never takes us on a wild ride with our show host and the man, Jeff Jenkins. Jeff is originally a travel journalist whose main job is to help us see the world. You can be anyone, you can belong from anywhere, you can be anything – Jeff doesn’t care. He is here to show us how far willpower can take any of us if we put our mind to. The greatest thing about Never Say Never With Jeff Jenkins is the way he connects. Jeff will take us anywhere, to any corner of the world and he will instantly connect with the locals.

On the first episode of Never Say Never Season 1, we saw our man travelling to New Zealand in order to show us what’s around. We got to know how the Maoris are protecting their culture even after so much advancement. Then we got to see Japan – and most importantly, the neon lit streets and greeneries of Mount Fuji. Jeff is a plus sized man, so he already was interested into sumo wrestling. But considering how fit you have to be, it was a bit of a challenging task. The two big challenges in this season was the trip to Mexico, Vietnam and the Amazon-Iceland one. Jeff had to swim with sharks, jump from icy peaks, live in extreme weather and do his best to not die. We got to see the ancient nature of Adirondack Mountains as well as the exotic beauty of Patagonia.

The Team Behind Never Say Never Season 1 And Official Streaming Platform Of This Series 

The show starts off with Jeff Jenkins who is the host of his own show. He might be a little larger on the plus sizes, but Jeff can do anything you can imagine. In his travel journal, Jeff takes us through hikes, swimming sessions and extreme conditions. In fact, in his Instagram account named ChubbyDiaries, Jeff shows us what it feels to be a plus size man on a vacation. Apart from the 37 year old host, in this show we have Chuck Johnson, Ikumi Yoshimatsu, Shohozan, and Jessica Minh Anh. Since we are yet to get any announcement on Never Say Never Season 2, I think we should wait. In the meantime, if you want to watch Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins, please head on to Disney Plus.

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