Where Is Rick Singer Now? Is He Still In Prison?

His story is directly linked to the Varsity Blues scandal! He is infamously known to be the main mastermind who was behind all the fraud admissions! Recently back at the beginning of this year, we heard some interesting updates about William “Rick” Singer and yet again, he has managed to come under our radar. Guess what, the fraudster has finally pleaded guilty! It is indeed quite sad to see how the ones who have money have always managed to snatch away the rights of underprivileged children. 

When this scandal was first revealed to all in 2019, a bunch of wealthy families also caught our attention! Not to forget, some known celebrities were also seen under this list. William Rick Singer who was once a purported college counsellor is now known to be a sound criminal! Well, continue reading, to learn how he called for his own downfall. 

Where Is Rick Singer Now? Is He Still In Prison?

Where Is Rick Singer Now? Is He Still In Prison?

Well, before digging further into the infamous Varsity Blues scandal, let us quickly tell you about the accurate whereabouts of Rick Singer! As you must have heard earlier in the news, the ultimate court hearing of this scandal has been made in Boston! Finally, Rick Singer has been punished for the crimes he had committed! From racketeering to money laundering, you can say that William has been charged with defrauding the respected educational system of the United Nations. 

The case was disclosed somewhere in 2019, but the ultimate rulings happened only this year. It was indeed a late justice, but the good news is justice has been delivered here! The criminal mastermind has been sentenced to prison for a period not less than three and a half years! In one sentence, William Rick Singer is currently in prison! Not only is he put behind bars, but the court has also passed an order to seize all his personal fixed assets! Official records do say that almost $25 million was involved in this scandal. 

As mentioned by us above, William Rick Singer has accepted his faults! In the courtroom, he was found saying that his main goal was to make his father proud. Moreover, he wanted to help wealthy students to get a place in their desired universities. Not to forget, he has also apologised to everyone for all his actions and wrong deeds! Some online sources have also claimed that Singer is taking therapy to change himself! 

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Has True Justice Been Delivered In Varsity Blues Scandal? 

Well, going back to January 2023, we must admit that all the prosecutors were not completely satisfied with William Rick Singer’s period in prison. They were originally vouching for at least a term of six years. Federal prosecutor Stephen E. Frank was definitely against the final wording of the court. According to him, Singer happens to be a sound criminal. Yes, others were also involved in this illegal scheme, but we must not overlook that Rick happens to be the main man controlling it all! 

Again, the news reports have also confirmed that Singer has been charged with forfeiture of more than $14 million. In addition to the sentence period given, we must remind you that Singer’s side of attorneys have also asked for probation! They request the judge to provide home detention to William, which will also include community service! Well, given the crime he has committed and all the punishments given to him, one will surely think that the court has acted quite lenient on this whole matter! But even then, we cannot ignore that out of all the accused involved, Rick happens to be the only one sentenced to more than 3 years. Moreover, keeping Singer’s age in consideration, the judge has given his wording accordingly. 

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How Did Rick Singer Manage To Cheat The Education System? 

To have a proper knowledge and better understanding of this scandal, let us explain to you how Rick Singer funded The Key Worldwide Foundation! It was exactly here where we first heard of The Edge College & Career Network! It was truly quite shocking to see how wealthy individuals invested a ton to get their children admitted into the best of the best colleges out there. This might be a huge scandal, but we are pretty sure it’s not the first time something like this has caught our attention. 

William Rick Singer was not only the sole owner of “The Key” but was also known to be the CEO of the Key Worldwide Foundation! This explains how the college counsellor had attached all his black money to the charitable institute! The whole scheme was mainly centred on children of wealthy parents who were mostly eyeing to grab the first class seat of top universities. As said by Singer himself, he created the back door which privileged these students to be an integral part of extremely renowned educational institutes. His main game plan was bifurcated into two parts! 

First obviously involved cheating on standardised tests such as the SAT and ACT! The second one mainly focused on bribing college coaches and other administrators to falsely designate the candidate to be a recruited athlete! It didn’t really matter much whether the student played the sport or not! This was just a tactic to ease their chances of getting accepted into big universities like Yale, Georgetown and USC.

Why Was A Money Laundering Conspiracy Raised Against Rick Singer? 

Where Is Rick Singer Now? Is He Still In Prison?

Next, we come down to another interesting allegation placed upon Mr. Singer. Well, as we already know, the back door created by Singer was mainly open to wealthy families who were ready to pay any amount of money to bag the college seat! Now, the main question here was how Rick Singer managed to turn the black money into operation. Again, we cannot forget about the taxation laws! 

Eventually, it became quite evident that he had been evading taxes for years. All the wealthy parents were mainly asked to donate to the Key Worldwide Foundation and that’s how no one had a slight hint of this scandal! A portion of all the revenue collected was also handed to the college coaches and administrators involved. Thus, Singer not only utilised the donations to fill his own pocket but also used some part of it to bribe others. 

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Has William Rick Singer Truly Changed Himself? 

How could we end this session without telling you all about William Rick Singer’s current thoughts? Well, now that he has been exposed to the whole world, the criminal feels extremely shameful for all the illegitimate and illegal activities he had done in his past years of life. He has taken full responsibility and accountability for all the deeds done. The criminal mastermind, as many say, has already paid $1,770,000 toward the anticipated $7.3 million money forfeiture judgment! 

Sources do confirm that to match the terms of the court’s final statement he even had to sell his residence! He has further mentioned that back when he was carrying out the agenda of making millions, he was madly chasing to win it all anyhow! But currently, William Rick Singer is trying to change for the better! Unfortunately, he cannot go back and change everything, but he intensely regrets most of his past actions. 

For the past few months, we haven’t heard any major news about William Rick Singer. As per our estimates, he is most probably trying to keep his head low and avoid any media attention! Given all his statements and also keeping in view his current situation, we do think that he has learned a good lesson from his past deeds. That’s all for now, to get further details about other intriguing scandals, stay connected with us just, right here. 

Where Is Rick Singer Now? Is He Still In Prison? – FAQs

1. Was the infamous criminal William Rick Singer truly responsible for the Varsity Blues scandal?

Various online sources do confirm that the infamous criminal, William Rick Singer was originally responsible for the Varsity Blues scandal. 

2. Is the infamous fraudster, William Rick Singer currently in prison?

Yes, the infamous fraudster, William Rick Singer is currently in prison. But sources also say that he has been granted probation and home detention! 

3. Is the infamous fraudster, William Rick Singer still alive?

Yes, the infamous fraudster, William Rick Singer is still very much alive and living. 

4. Has the court delivered the final rulings for the captivating Varsity Blues Scandal? 

Along with the sentencing of William Rick Singer, the court has finally delivered the ultimate rulings for the captivating Varsity Blues Scandal. 

5. Was William Rick Singer truly involved in money laundering?

Yes, William Rick Singer was very much involved in money laundering. His main idea was to convert his black money through charity. 

6. Were various college coaches and administrators of known universities involved in the Varsity Blues Scandal?

As per the information gathered by us, we can say for sure that various college coaches and administrators of known universities were involved in the Varsity Blues Scandal. 

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