Where Is Jessica Wongso And Is She Still Alive? Truth Behind It!

Netflix has always given the audience the best series and documentaries to watch. One such is the newly launched crime documentary. It is about the trial of Jessica Wongso against the charges of murder. This was the murder of her own best friend and she was the prime suspect of the case. So now you must be having questions like: where is Jessica Wongso now and is she still alive? To know answers to such questions you have to read this article till the end.

Where Is Jessica Wongso And Is She Still Alive?

After she was found guilty and sentenced to two decades in jail, she was shifted to an Indonesian jail. She is still in this jail where she has currently served seven years of imprisonment out of her two decades of sentence. There were very few emotions on her face and inside her when she was presented for the trial. It was also shot in the camera when she laughed and smiled at denying poisoning her friend. Wongso also had some lengthy appeals to the Jakarta High Court and Supreme Court but they were rejected by the courts.

Her trial went on for four long months and in the end, she was found guilty. This made the court give their decision and she was sentenced to two decades of imprisonment. The court was convinced by the allegations that Wongso went to the Olivier Cafe much earlier than she and her friend decided to meet. After she reached there, she ordered the drinks and then managed to poison the drink with cyanide.

She used her three shopping bags to cover this thing from the CCTV so that no one could see what was going on. This was the time when she laced the iced coffee. No direct evidence was present in the case, but there were expert witnesses. This case was one of Indonesia’s most controversial cases. Initially, the forensic personnel couldn’t find any trace of cyanide in the victim’s body but after several days there were traces of cyanide found in her body. This cyanide was found in the victim’s stomach fluid.

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What Is The New Documentary Series About?

This documentary was released on 28 September 2023 on Netflix. It is titled Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee, and Jessica Wongso. This is a true crime documentary series which is related to a murder trial. It is a case in 2016 where a girl named Mirna Salihin passed away. This happened after she drank a cyanide-containing Vietnamese Ice coffee. She was just 27 years old during this incident and it happened when she was in an Indonesian Shopping Centre.

After drinking the iced coffee, she felt sick and the condition worsened. They took her to a hospital in Jakarta where she was pronounced dead. This incident made the police think that Jessica was the prime suspect in the case. These types of cases don’t happen every day so it became a very famous case. It was broadcast everywhere in Indonesia and soon came to be known by everyone. Also, the ruling was done with cameras providing live footage of the scene. Millions of Indonesian people watched the case on their screens.

Who Is Jessica Wongso And Why She Killed Her Friend?

Jessica was born in Indonesia but is a permanent resident of Australia. She became famous when she was found guilty of the murder charges of her best friend Mirna Salihin. They both have studied together for many years in Billy Blue and they were very close according to Mirna’s father. After they finished their studies, Wongso worked as a graphic designer at Ambulance NSW. But Mirna returned to Indonesia and they both were in touch with each other digitally.

Jessica had a complex mental health history according to the police investigating the case. During the prosecution, it was found out that they both disagreed with a man whom Jessica was dating in Australia. So Mirna objected to Jessica and told her to break up with her new partner. This made Wongso very enraged with Mirna and now this gave the flame to the murder plan. Also, she was found to be jealous of Mirna’s happy married life. And there was also some anger in Jessica as she was not invited to Mirna’s marriage.

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