Where Is Chris Gardner Now? Why Is He Famous? 

Do you all remember the epic film of 2006, “The Pursuit of Happyness”? If we are not wrong, the very handsome and talented Will Smith was honoured to play the role of this legendary motivational speaker. It goes without saying that Smith did an excellent job in nailing the role of a homeless salesman. But have you ever tried to learn more about this legend? That film brings us down to the very renowned American businessman, Christopher Paul Gardner! It was he who originally penned down the popular book and now his name is known to most people around and outside America! 

As per the records, his story dates back to the early 80s, despite all the stringent living conditions, he never abandoned his son. He is not just a stockbroker but also a motivational speaker. Who would have thought that this homeless man would one day transform into a millionaire? But with a lot of hard work and struggle, Chris has started his very own company! Well, continue reading to learn further about this great figure. 

Where Is Chris Gardner Now? Why Is He Famous? 

Where Is Chris Gardner Now? Why Is He Famous? 

He is neither a movie star nor a renowned TV figure, but even then his story has inspired many out there. Just when he thought he had a life-changing option ahead of him, everything started to fall apart. From getting divorced from his wife to sharing a child with Jackie Medina, Gardner’s life has been filled with too many ups and downs. But then comes one day in his life, when he has nothing left to lose anymore. With no proper place to stay, no salary, no education, and no friends to help him out, Chris was all alone in this horrible rollercoaster ride of life. 

But even then, this young man refused to give up! Well, as mentioned by us before, with time flying by, Chris also managed to get himself together. The renowned motivational speaker is still very much alive and mostly travels around the world to deliver his story to other strugglers out there! Besides sharing about his life experiences, Chris Gardner has also sponsored a bunch of homeless charities and organisations! He is mostly known for standing against violence done to women. 

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Was Chris Gardner Reunited With His Son?

Surprisingly, when Chris lost it all, Jackie decided to return! This time she willfully gave away their son to Gardner. If we are not wrong, during those days Gardner was trying his best to become a top trainee at Dean Witter Reynolds. Because Chris always felt a deep connection with his son, he didn’t mind taking up his responsibility. With a small room in a flophouse and barely something in his pocket, Gardner was finally reunited with his son. But his hardship did not conclude soon, guess what, no children were allowed to be accommodated inside of the rooming house. 

Thus, he along with his son were forced to face homelessness. As per the information gathered by us, Gardner was mainly saving money to rent out a home in Berkeley. From sleeping in public transport to a locked bathroom at a BART station, his unfortunate story will surely make one cry. But ultimately this father-son duo soon found a proper shelter at the Glide Memorial United Methodist Church! Thanks to Reverend Cecil Williams, who didn’t even hesitate once to give him adequate permission. 

Was Chris Gardner Ever Married To Jackie Medina?

Where Is Chris Gardner Now? Why Is He Famous? 

Well, after finding a roof under their head, it was also revealed later that Gardner and Jackie were back on track. It was around 1985 when Jackie gave birth to their second child, Jacintha. If we are not wrong, after getting divorced from Sherry Dyson, Gardner never married again. Sources also say that Jackie initially wanted to have a prolonged relationship with Gardner, but surprisingly, Chris never accepted her offer. 

Yes, Chris and Jackie were never on the same page, but despite their differences, Chris never thought of giving up on his children. Sources do confirm that Chris has always taken the best care of his son and daughter. He personally never had proper guidance from his parents and he surely didn’t want the same for his kids. That’s all for today, to get more such interesting updates on other known celebrities and iconic figures, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Where Is Chris Gardner Now? Why Is He Famous? – FAQs

1. Is the renowned motivational speaker Chris Gardner a millionaire?

Yes, the renowned motivational speaker Chris Gardner is a millionaire. 

2. Is the renowned stockbroker Chris Gardner alive?

Yes, the renowned stockbroker Chris Gardner is still very much alive.

3. Was Chris Gardner forced to accommodate inside a toilet?

Yes, Chris Gardner along with his son was forced to stay inside a toilet. 

4. How many children does Chris share with Jackie?

Chris and Jackie share a total of two children. 

5. Is Chris Gardner a good father?

Yes, the renowned businessman Chris Gardner is known to be a good father. 

6. Is Chris Gardner married to Jackie?

No, the renowned motivational speaker Chris Gardner is not married to Jackie. 

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