Where Is Lance Mueller Now? Knowing The Location Of The Killer

The name of Lance Mueller went viral after the Investigation Discovery episode “Does Murder Sleep? No Checking Out” was released. In this episode, the entire murder mystery of Gregory Fleniken is narrated chronologically. The murder mystery of Greg Fleniken is quite interesting because the police had to investigate for months before they could arrest the murderer. If you are willing to know about the murder of Gregory Fleniken, you have come to the right place in search of your answers. Here, we have mentioned all the information that we have collated so far regarding the murder mystery of Greg Fleniken.

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Where Is Lance Mueller Now?

Before knowing about the location of the murder Lance Mueller, let us get to know about Gregory Fleniken who was killed. Gregory Fleniken was living a happy life with his wife. There is no account of his children so far, but it can be said that he was happy with his wife, Susie Fleniken. Susie Fleniken and Gregory remarried after reconciling with each other. The 55-year-old man was living a good life with his wife after their differences were resolved. People might have thought that Susie was the killer of Gregory, but that was not the case at all. Susie was an empathetic wife to Gregory, and both of them found a second chance at life together.

Nevertheless, life did not last long with Gregory. The 55-year-old man was having a business with his brother Michael Fleniken. It was due to his business purpose that he was staying at MCM Eleganté Hotel on 15th September 2010. On the night of 15th September 2010, Gregory Fleniken lost his life. In the morning when Susie Fleniken did not receive her usual phone call from her husband, she got tensed. Consequently, when the co-workers of Fleniken noticed that he had not arrived at work, they went to the hotel to check up on him.

On reaching the hotel they discovered the lifeless body of Gregory Fleniken in Room 348. The police were immediately informed and an investigation began right away. It was finally discovered that Lance Mueller was the killer. The murder was not intentional, but it was accidental. He was arrested in 2012 and sentenced to 10 years of incarceration. After completion of his punishment in 2022, he was released.

How Did The Police Find Lance Mueller?

Gregory Fleniken did not have any enemies. According to Micheal Fleniken, his brother, and Susie Fleniken, his wife, he was a good man, and he had a good nature as well. Gregory was not into clubbing as well. In short, he was a simple man with a simple work ethic. Nevertheless, he had to lose his life untimely and unfortunately. The death of Gregory Fleniken was completely accidental. Lance Mueller did not have any intentions of killing Gregory Fleniken in the first place.

On the night of 15th September 2010, Gregory Fleniken and Lance Mueller were staying in adjacent rooms. Fleniken was in Room 348, and Mueller was in Room 349. Mueller was not alone in the room. He was along with his co-workers (a group of electricians). All of them were drunk including Mueller. While being drunk, Mueller was pointing his 9-mm Ruger at his colleagues Trent and Tim. All this was not at all done seriously, but Mueller fired his gun accidentally. The bullet pierced through the wall of the room and hit Gregory Fleniken killing him.

At first, the group of electricians were not interrogated. It was only after the intervention of Ken Brennan that the case could reach its solution. When detectives Scott Apple and Ken Brennan re-searched Room 348, six months after the incident had occurred, they found a dent in one of the room’s walls that was connected to Room 349. Consequently, they started to interrogate the group of electricians who were residing in Room 349 on the night of 15th September 2010. After the interrogation, two of the electricians, Tim and Trent, revealed the name of the perpetrator. This is how the detectives and the police finally got to know about Lance Mueller and arrested him.

Lance Mueller’s Current Location

Since Mueller wanted to hide his deeds, he was apprehended in 2012 on account of having criminal intentions behind killing Gregory Fleniken. As has been stated above, Lance Mueller has already served his years in prison. He was released in 2022 after his punishment was over. Currently, the exact location of Lance Mueller is not known. In my opinion, appropriate justice was served in this case.

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