Is Pursuit Of Happyness Based On A True Story? Finding The Reality!

You may have heard the names and life stories of not one but many people, who have brought themselves from being very poor to being the most successful man. Or if said precisely, the man from being homeless to a millionaire. This is the story of the same man. A Selfmade Millionaire- Chris Gardener. He has gone through all kinds of challenges right from his childhood, but his intelligence and perseverance have not made the present and future of his children fantastic.

After becoming a known businessman of the world, Chris published his book, “Pursuit Of Happyness”. This book was adapted for motion films, and was released in the year 2006, It told the entire world about this homeless successful man, and all that he did was by himself. No family support just he and his five-year-old toddler son struggling and waiting for success to kiss their feet soon, anytime.

So today we are back with another amazing article, that will tell you the plot and cast of this film, Pursuit Of Happyness, and of course, the most famous question, if this film based on a true story and real-life event? So let us not wait for a moment, and move ahead to know what is this film actually about. 

Is Pursuit Of Happyness Based On A True Story? 

Firstly, you all might have been wondering if the film title “Pursuit Of Happyness” has the word Happiness wrongly spelled throughout. The answer to this is, that it is spelled the same way by Chris Gardener in his book though. Now coming back to another major question, Is the film based on a true story? The answer to this continues.

The story of this film, that released on 15th December 2006 and we are talking about here in the article, is the true life story of the protagonist or male lead of the film Chris Gardener in real life. All the events are true and have happened with him in reality. Also, you will find the special guest appearance of the real Chris Gardener in the film.

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Plot Of The Film

The film begins showing Chris back in the year 1984, while he was busy selling his only invested portable bone-density scanner, which was more helpful and convenient to use by the doctors than the X-ray machines. Chris’s wife Linda, decided to call off their marriage and move to another town to do the job, leaving behind Chris and their son Christopher with each other. While Chris, was struggling really hard to sell the last machine he had invested in, he met Jay Twistle in a taxi and impressed him with his skill. 

As Jay leaves Chriss runs off from the taxi for having no money to pay and loses his last machine in the BART station. It was a big day for Chris, as Jay allowed him to have an interview in their stockmarket office, and have the unpaid internship, which will give him new opportunities. Having no money, Chris and Christopher were made homeless and now they have to live on footpaths, or wait for halls of BART stations and anywhere they could get a place.

Chris during the interns of months, made many friends and business partners. And so on the last day of his internship, he was finally recruited for a full-time job, due to his intellectual and attractive persona. Chris soon ran with this good news to his son Christopher, and as they walked down the aisle the real Chris Gardener as said, appeared and met them. This shows the epic journey of Chris Gong from a homeless man to a well-known businessman, entrepreneur, and many more. 

Cast Of Film

The film’s main lead Chris Gardener was played by the known actor, Will Smith, and the role of his son, Christopher Gardener Jr. was played by Jaden Smith, one of the finest child artists. The roles of other people’s lives, Jay Twistle was played by Biran Howe, Walter Ribbon was played by Kurt Fuller, Wayen was played by Mark Christopher Lawrence, Linda by Thandiwe Newton, Aln Frkaesh by Dan Castellaneta, and Mrs. Chu by Takayo Fischer.

Where Is The Film Streaming?

Fans can binge the film, “Pursuit of Happyness” on Netflix, Zee 5, and SonyLiv as well. 

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