What happens at the end of Fellow Travellers? Hawk And Tim’s Story

Webshows that hold up something historical through them are probably the best types of shows out there. Fellow Travellers is one of those shows that tells us about a sad romance story. In this article, we will be talking about what happens at the end of Fellow Travellers.

The web series revolves around two men who fall for each other. But the then society makes it impossible for them to stay together. Apart from talking about what happens at the end of Fellow Travellers, we will also talk about the storyline of the series. The title has made it to the list of favourites of the audience after it came out.

What happens at the end of Fellow Travellers? More About The Drama

Have you ever thought about the old times? The times when society was not so much open about acceptance were the hardest of times. Today we know about LGBTQIA+ relationships and we respect them, but it was not always the same. Fellow Travellers reveals all these unfortunate facts throughout their whole season. Although it is not directly based on a true story, the web series acts as the mouthpiece. It represents the countless relationships that failed due to taboo and hatred. The series starts with two political workers who ultimately ends up liking each other.

What happens at the end of Fellow Travellers is why you should watch the series. According to the critics, makers have done an excellent job in bringing up such a topic. The basic theme is quite disturbing considering how cruel society was in the 1950s and 60s. Moreover, Fellow Travellers have intricately crafted the vibe of Lavendar Scare to absolute perfection. As far as I have seen, people are genuinely loving this series. Some of them have even vouched for another season of Fellow Travellers from the makers. But today, we will talk about something else in our article.

Since the last episode came out on 15th December 2023, fans are talking about it everywhere. If you have not seen the series yet, this is your last chance to stop scrolling further. So, what happens at the end of Fellow Travellers? Be prepared because the series ends with a sad tone. If you are wondering what happens at the end of Fellow Travellers, here it comes. Tim Laughlin dies leaving Hawk Fuller alone. With a heartbreaking expression, Hawk ends their story with a request. For one last time, he glares on his request before- “Promise you won’t write”.

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Fellow Travellers: The Romance That Became Historic

It is not easy if you face difficulties constantly in a relationship, right? Imagine what the same sex lovers have faced when the entire world was against them. Fellow Travellers revolves around the romance between Tim Laughlin and Hawkins Fuller. Both of them were working as political workers at that time and their entanglement began quite unexpectedly. We are talking about the post 1950s world where being gay was considered as a serious problem. The society used to consider these people a threat for the future and hence, was harsh to them.

Hawk used to work at the State Department of Washington. Behind the strict eyes of authorities, Hawk had a lot of fun. His frequent illicit one night stands with men were quite enjoyed by Hawk. Everything went on without any sort of commitment and promises for Hawkins Fuller until one day. Tim Laughlin was a political staffer too, and the two men were probably destined to cross paths with one another. After their meeting, Hawk and Tim started a clandestine affair which was one of the riskiest moves at that time.

Although initially Hawk decided that he will try to shake it off, but as days passed, he fell harder. In 1986, Hawk could not live anymore without Tim and decided to solidify their bond. Their romance started to grow steamier and stronger. But this was the time of Lavendar Scare – innumerable gay employees were laid off by the Nation. Tim and Hawk had to split up and stay without seeing each other. Hawk said goodbye to his partner with a request “Promise you won’t write”. This line arrives to a full circle when the last episode comes. If you want to see what happens at the end of Fellow Travellers, please watch the series.

The Team Behind Fellow Travellers And Official Streaming Platform Of This Series 

Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer does an impeccable job as Tim Laughlin and Hawkins Fuller. Other notable cast members include Keara Graves, David Schine, Linus Roache, Will Brill, Noah Ricketts, Jane Moffat, Jelani Alladin, Allison Williams, Erin Neufer, Chris Bauer, Andy Milne, and Christine Horne. If you want to rewatch this series, be sure to check out Fellow Travellers on Amazon Prime Video.

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