Is There A Case Filed Against Vivek Bindra? Has He Truly Tortured His Wife?

The all-time famous motivational speaker Vivek Bindra has recently appeared in many headlines! It seems like the very popular Indian influencer has been in high talk. But guess what, this time he hasn’t delivered any mind-blowing speech or broken any world record! The news has shocked everyone out there, he has done something so horrific that it will truly make you judge his character. 

To be very precise, this incident occurred a few days back, a proper FIR was lodged against him! It was even shocking to know that a strong case of violence and abuse was filed in his name. As per the information gathered by us, Vivek Bindra might have assaulted and tried to hurt his newlywed wife! From the punishment decided by law to the CCTV footage, continue reading as everything related to Vivek Bindra has been discussed here. 

Is There A Case Filed Against Vivek Bindra? Has He Truly Tortured His Wife?

Is There A Case Filed Against Vivek Bindra? Has He Truly Tortured His Wife?

The man who holds not less than 11 prominent world records is now known to be a criminal! Yes, you heard it right, after getting involved in a serious feud with Sandeep Maheshwari, Vivek Bindra has again managed to catch our attention. This time even his fans have backed off. The people he has inspired for years are now speaking against him. 

Records confirmed that Vivek Bindra had tied his wedding knot on the 6th of December 2023. But just a day after his true monstrous self was revealed to his wife, Yanika! This eventually explains why his brother-in-law Vaibhav had to go to the Noida police station to file a strong case against him. Particularly, after only 8 days, which happens to be the 14th of December, 2023, sections 323, 325, 427 and 504 were pressed on him. 

As of now, Vivek Bindra hasn’t answered any of the gossip and rumours out there. But since Yanika has been hospitalised, we are pretty sure that Vivek is in no position to question others. Again, we must not forget that the defence lawyer has collected some strong evidence against Vivek! Given the seriousness of the situation, not only his reputation but also his career might be in jeopardy. 

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Where Is Yanika Now? Is She Alive? 

As per various online sources, Vivek Bindra has been punished for voluntarily causing hurt, grievous hurt, intentional insult and damage. As per Vaibhav’s statement, Bindra has physically tortured his sister. The exact reason behind Vivek Bindra’s sudden aggressive behaviour is yet to be known to us. But some do say that it all started with a heated argument. Meanwhile, we must say that Yanika is recovering in the hospital. 

Sources have revealed that Yanika was on the edge of going deaf for a lifetime. Thankfully, just in time, she was rushed to the nearby hospital! On the 7th of December, 2023, some argument happened between Vivek and Yanika, Vaibhav confirmed that Bindra’s mother was also a part of it. One thing went to another and before anyone could see it coming, Vivek took Yanika to a room and locked it up. Those troubling scars on Yanika’s body convey how brutally she was beaten up by him. 

Is Yanika Discharged From The Hospital? 

Is There A Case Filed Against Vivek Bindra? Has He Truly Tortured His Wife?

Yes, the report was lodged 7 days after the initial incident happened, but Vaibhav is quite confident that he will win this case anyhow. The investigation has already begun and sooner or later, the actual culprit will be punished. As of now, Yanika is recovering in the hospital. Now that she is within the four walls of the Kailash Deepak Hospital in Karkardooma, Delhi, her family is a bit assured about her safety. The police are currently scanning through all the CCTVs! 

Vaibhav is pretty sure that the footage has captured every bit of Vivek’s true personality. From verbal abuse to physical assault, Yanika has surely gone through a lot, thus she must get the justice she is looking for. Not only are the police running over the scenes captured on camera, but they are also trying to collect as much as possible from the guards of the housing complex. Hopefully, soon more shocking revelations will pop in front of us. That’s all for today, to know more about other known celebrities and inspirational figures, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Is There A Case Filed Against Vivek Bindra? Has He Truly Tortured His Wife? – FAQs

1. Is Yanika declared dead in the hospital?

Despite getting so many injuries, fortunately, Yanika has somehow managed to survive. 

2. Is the all-time popular celebrity Vivek Bindra married?

Yes, the all-time popular celebrity of India, Vivek Bindra has recently tied his wedding knot. 

3. Where is Yanika Bindra? 

Yanika Bindra is currently admitted to the Kailash Deepak Hospital in Karkardooma, Delhi. 

4. Has Vivek Bindra assaulted his newlywed wife?

Yes, Vivek Bindra has assaulted his newlywed wife. 

5. How many charges have been pressed against Vivek Bindra?

As of now, a total of 4 charges have been pressed against Vivek Bindra. 

6. Has the police found adequate CCTV footage?

Yes, the police have managed to find adequate CCTV footage against Vivek Bindra. 

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