Who Is Chris Gardener? Knowing More About The Living Legend!

Life finds a hundred ways to pull our destiny down, and even gives us more than a hundred turns to lose, but it must be our self-confidence, persistence, and hard work, that must continue and balance the wins and losses of our life. Chris Gardener is the perfect example of these lines, for all the youths who very easily lose and give up on their lives. This man even today at the age of 69 is working hard to achieve his dreams and give a good life to his toddler. 

Chirs has been unlucky with family and friends, from his childhood though. When at the age of 4 he saw his mother marrying another man, and that man after years of marriage, when Chris was 8 years old, beat up his mother and little sisters. Being in the custody of the police, his mother was away from them and they were in foster care. Later, when he finds his uncle, they too leave his hand in some unfortunate accident. Later his wife left him, his business suffered a downfall. 

But after all this, good times awaited him, and now he is the world’s known, businessman, entrepreneur, company’s founder, motivational speaker, and an inspiration to all of us to never lose. This is enough for you to have a gist of Chirs Gardener’s life, but for his fans it’s incomplete. Thus, to make his fans familiar with his life, career, and personal life as well, we are here with this article, which covers everything about your favorite man on the earth. So let’s not waste time anymore and know more of Chris Gardener. 

Who Is Chris Gardener?

Chris Gardener was born to the couple Betty Jean and Thomas Turner Gardener on 9th February 1954. While he was young his parents got divorced and his mother married another man, Freddie Triplett, by whom he had young sisters. While Chris was struggling in poverty, he saw his mother facing abuse from Triplett, and even his younger sisters faced the same. The three were soon sent to foster care when his mother was arrested and this ruined Chris’ entire childhood. 

Later, on moving on the steps of his uncle Henry, joined the U.S. Navy and traveled the world and earned money. Later entering into the medical field, he was taught to look after the entire laboratory in a year. This is how he went through many practices and teachings in his life without any degree, but his talent was always with him. All of this was going well when he got married.

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Early Life & Career To Businessman

Later Chris was married to Sherry Dyson, but their marriage didn’t go well, and he left her to marry a medical student Jackie MEdina, and give birth to a son to her. Soon, Chris undergoes a disaster in his life, where neither his marriage life went well, nor his professional life. Chris was homeless along with his son Christopher and starved for food. Though he managed to feed his son some food, as he worked here and there. But his continued hard work gave him success.

While he was homeless he met a stockbroker and decided to get the teaching of stockmarket and business from Dean Witter Reynolds. He worked hard day and night and now is the world’s best businessman. He started u his own company titled, Gardner Rich & Co. His deliberate success and enough money for his living and his two children are all the result of his hard work and consistency. 

Achievements & Present Life

After becoming a known businessman, all around the globe, Chris presented a book titled, “The Pursuit of Happyness” which covers all the life events of Chris, all the circumstances, challenges, and problems that stood in front of him, while he was struggling badly. Also, his perseverance and hard work turned him from a homeless man to a successful businessman. This book was finally adapted as a film which cast Will Smith as Chis Gardener.

Now, apart from being the founder of his own company, and a known businessman, Chris works as a motivational speaker, from all the individuals out there. Also, he has always been against alcohol consumption, child abuse, and domestic violence and even literates the world for getting educated, and not abusing anyone. He also serves as a great inspiration and role model to today’s youth for not giving up and going to any extent to achieve their goals. 

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