Is Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey’s Fellow Travelers Based on a Book?

Treading a fine line between a historical lesson and an unusual romance. Fellow Travelers is Ron Nyswaner’s latest masterpiece. The Freeheld creator has helmed a series that trudges along neo-noir tropes, with the primary one being queer identity. It is the heartfelt, burning desire between the protagonists portrayed by Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey, that keeps the series surging. At its heart, the eight-part drama by Showtime is a domino of emotions that spans “the Vietnam War protests of the 1960s and the drug-fueled disco hedonism of the 1970s.” The series goes as far as featuring McCarthyism in the 50s.

The blend of history, romance, queer identity, and politics has worked in the favour of Nyswaner’s series. It is already a nominee for the Critics’ Choice Awards, along with two other accolades. Naturally, fanatics are wondering whether Fellow Travelers is based on a book. If you, too, are caught in the same dilemma, here is your answer!

Is Fellow Travelers Based on a Book?

Is Fellow Travelers Based on a Book?

Yes, Fellow Travelers is based on Thomas Mallon’s best-selling novel. Ron Nyswaner went on to adapt his 2007 historical romance for Showtime. “I first became acquainted with his book Henry and Clara, which I was obsessed with years ago, and that led me to read Fellow Travelers, which I fell in love with,” Ron admitted in a pre-screening interview. However, he didn’t adapt Mallon’s entire plot as it is. Rather, the political drama is influenced by Ron’s personal experience, too.

“I thought also about my own life and how I came of age in the 1960s and ’70s—and wanted to do them larger. I wanted what I experienced in that time to be part of the show,” Nyswaner enunciated. He further went on to highlight the concepts he altered in the show, namely the relationship dynamics of the protagonists with other secondary characters. Though the Painted Veil director didn’t alter the plot as much, he introduced a string of characters and tied them with a common thread–the main characters, Hawk and Tim.

“There was so much that I took from the book and spread throughout the show, even throughout different decades in some cases. I loved the way Thomas Mallon had them speak to one another. Hawk and Tim are, I think, very much the characters that they are in the novel. I think they are true to that,” he elaborated. His words are an accurate explanation of the Showtime series, that has slayed millions of hearts.

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Fellow Travelers Overview

In all its historical glory, Fellow Travelers never shies away from addressing the movements that brought us–specifically America–where we are today. It is a fascinating walk down the peculiarities of politics that govern the State Department and those attached to it. Hawkins Fuller (Bomer), a closeted queer member, who happens to be affixed to the department and his “respectability” in the society. He is a bit flamboyant, caring only about his desires, position, and power. Hawk’s dominant nature becomes clear when he sets his eyes on Tim Laughlin (Bailey) at a party. The true contrast to Fuller, Tim is a Catholic who has devoted his life to suppressing his true desires.

As Hawk ignites those camouflaged desires, Tim slowly becomes less restrained and eventually, accepts his identity. But then, Fuller marries the daughter of Senator Smith, Lucy Smith (Alisson Williams), “the right woman for his career”. The eight-part series delves into the intricacies of these entangled relationships, which happen to be drenched in politics and formidability. It also features Jelani Alladin as Marcus Hooks, a queer African-American reporter, who is devoted to serving his community against a backdrop of extreme opposition.

Is Fellow Travelers Based on a Book?–FAQs

1. What is Fellow Travelers Series About?

It is a historical drama centered around two queer men, Hawk and Tim, and their struggle of being accepted.

2. Who is the Creator of the Fellow Travelers Series?

The series is created by Ron Nyswaner, who is renowned for his previous works like Philadelphia and Homeland.

3. Are Fellow Travelers Based on a Book?

Yes, Fellow Travelers is based on a book.

4. Who is the Author of Fellow Travelers Book?

It is helmed by Thomas Mallon, the author of Defeats Truman and Two Moons.

5. Is a Trailer Available for the Fellow Travelers Series?

Yes, there is a trailer available for Fellow Travelers.

6. Where to Watch Fellow Travelers Online?

You can stream this political thriller on Showtime.

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