Anime Releasing In January 2024. Enlisting The Names & Details Of The Same!

With a few days left of the year 2023 to end, fans are getting way more excited to welcome the new year 2024, with their favorite mnagas. And thus, they are demanding a complete list of the mangas, that will be hitting their screens in January 2024. So to meet the demands of our fans, and to make their task easy, we are back here with this amazing article and the complete list of messages coming the first month of the new year. Let’s see what the list includes in it. 

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1. Fluffy Paradise 

The anime adaptation of this light novel is going to release on January 1, 2024. This involves the story of a young girl, who is dead and didn’t even get a chance to cry on her death and be sad as she is incarnated and given a rebirth in another world, but with a condition. And the condition is that only one wish of hers can be fulfilled. What is that wish? Well, this will be known only if you watch the anime. But one thing is clear, the girl wanted to escape from her hard life in the past, and thus decided to have a cuddle and keep a friendly relationship with the animals. 

2. Dungeon Meshi 

Like the other animes of the Dungeons & Dragons group, this anime is scheduled to release on 4th January, 2024 which revolves around a team that is set on a journey to find the Golden Treasure. But on their, they come through a dragon and lose one of their intelligent teammates, who is also the sister of their leader, Laios. Getting scared of the dragon, three of them run away leaving behind, LAios, Chilchuck, and Marcille, leaving behind to do all the operations and get back the lost Falin out from the stomach of the dragon, before she is digested. 

3. Tales of Wedding Rings

Apart from the anime including the fighters and monsters, we have in the list this amazing romantic manga, which will become a fighting manga by the end. this anime is set to release on 6th January 2024. The story of this anime revolves around two best friends, from high school who have resided with each other for long years and have already fallen in love. But the girl, Hime tells her male best friend, Sato she is returning back to her hometown because she is getting married. Sato however, plans to go with her to her marriage and crash everything. They continued with a kiss and decided to marry each other. But the war breaks out when Sato And Hime come to know that Hime’s groom is possessed with many powers. 

4. A Sign of Affection 

Here, comes the other college romance anime which is set to be released on 6th January 2024. The series shows a deaf girl who has been suffering since her birth, but she never stopped herself from living her life and enjoying herself with her friends. Luckily, she had a group of friends, so helpful and true to her. One day, while traveling on a train, a man approached her asking for some directions, unable to tell if she was saved from the situation by her friend, Itsuomi. Yuki by his gesture of kindness fell in love once again and finds herself confused of expression or not. 

5. The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 

Season 1 of this anime, was a suspicious one and even left fans with so many questions in their minds. Last season introduced us to a suspicious boy Kyotaro who wants to murder another student in his class, including the topper girl Anna. But the way she once talked to him, made Kyotaro fall in love with Anna, but he is scared of expressing his feelings because of their differences in academics. And he is even shy to tell her for his classmates would judge them. Season 2 which is scheduled to come on 7th January 2024, is sure to answer all the questions that are in the minds of its fans. 

6. High Card Season 2

A sense of threatening series, this anime in season 1 pulled the heights of a suspicious story. This is the one that revolves around the deck of 52 cards which has the ability of urisuing power to the one who uses it. But it was stolen a month ago. Now a group of many companies has hired people to search for this deck of 52 cards, but still, that is a threat to their lives. However, season 2 of the anime which is set to be released on 8th January 2024 will clear all the doubts of the fans and to know if or not all the cards were found back. 

7. Villainess Level 99

Releasing on 9th January 2024 the anime shows the alone villainess of the game, who people thought would reach to only 10 levels of the game, and not more than that. But this girl accepted all the challenges and hurried to level 98 in the very first season of the anime. Now, when season 2 is released the game will start from level 99, and the villainess will be seen overcoming all other challenges and hurdles on her way to reach level 100, which none of the readers or the audience have ever believed or expected her to do. 

8. Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp 

A romantic and mysterious anime series is set to revolve around the beautiful girl Elise who is a doctor but is stuck in some politicas. But indulging in this bad world of politics, she finds herself to have forgotten all her medical skills, and her life which was smooth going, has become a rollercoaster ride. In this, she has to look after her medical career and this overpowering politics. Her patience and her love life too with the prince is at stake. On the 10th of January, 2024 the fans will now know how Elise will look after everything. 

9. Metallic Rogue

Releasing on 11th January 2024 Metallic Rogue shows the conflict between the human world and the AI world against the robots who have decided to fight against the two, and kick them out of the world. While these two robot girls, Naomi and Rouge are super ready and excited to move to Mars, at the same time, they have to fight a battle against the 10 rebellious androids who are misleading and residing in the world of humans as a group of Immortal Nine. These two girls are thus set on a journey to kill these 10 and move to Mars happily. 

10. The Witch and the Beast

This is one of the most underrated mangas till now. This has gained the anime adaptation and is set to release on January 12, 2024. Along with it, the series is a horrifying series, which shows two people Ashraf and Guideau trying to be misled by a witch in the town, who tells everyone she is the new woman in the town and also their god. When all people are believing her, these two friends are set on a journey to make this woman out of town and ensure she is not hurting people or misleading them, for she already cursed Guideau once. 

Where Are All Animes Available?

All animes will stream mainly on the CrunchyRoll website.

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