One Piece Film Red Summary: An Animated Wonder

2023 has been great for the One Piece fans especially who love looking at the straw hat pirate. But before Netflix gave us the live action film, it has another wonder in it’s basket. We are talking about One Piece Film: Red and in this article, we will talk about One Piece Film Red summary.

The story is an excellent one from the creators and revolves around a talented singer. This is set in the universe of Luffy and his friends and the film title makes it more evident. Apart from discussing One Piece Film Red summary, we will also talk about the plot of the movie today.

One Piece Film Red Summary: Everything You Want To Know

You don’t have to be a big manga fan or an otaku to know about One Piece. This is one of the most famous mangas or animes out there. One Piece first came out as a manga in Japan – then came the anime adaptation. Onee Piece Film Red is actually considered as an animated wonder from the creators. If we remember correctly, when the makers announced the concept of Red, it almost became a hit before it even came out. One Piece Film Red is actually a tribute, a special film that celebrates 1000 episodes of One Piece anime.

It even came out on 22nd July 2022, which happens to be the 25th anniversary for One Piece manga. This movie might be 115 minutes long, but this Japanese animated film has impressed the audience. Every otaku, critic and forums have nothing but praise for One Piece Film Red. We love it for the illusive action sequences, wonderful background musicals and a solid story. A story that does not let us move from the screens once we have started watching it. Not even it is the highest grossing One Piece film, it happens to be one of the most grossing films from the animation studio itself.

Since the live action has came out, many otakus might be interested about this film again. So, what is the One Piece Film Red summary? Is it related to Luffy and his friends? Well, the One Piece Film Red summary is about Uta, who is a singer. People love her for her otherworldly voice but she stays in the shadows. There are a lot of reasons for this and she must reveal herself at some point. Uta has performed a lot of times and she is one of the most famous voices. Soon, she decides to reveal her identity and face through a live concert.

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One Piece Red: A Musical Story

If you have not yet watched anything regarding One Piece or read the manga, you will have to go a long way. Almost everyone today knows about Luffy and his pirate friends. He is the straw hat pirate with weirdest abilities searching for the legendary one piece all over the world. One Piece Film Red is one of the films that happen inside the same universe. The movie starts with our favourite straw hat pirate going on a concert with his pirate friends. Since you have read the One Piece Film Red summary above, I hope you have understood the backgrounds.

This is the concert Uta was hoping about a lot. Luffy went to stage and greeted Uta after she performed New Genesis. Actually the history behind this duo goes far back – they actually met before. Since Uta happens to be the adopted daughter of the red haired Shanks, Luffy saw her before. They used to have good times together but one day, Luffy could not see her anymore. Shanks returned without Uta that day – all Luffy knew that she went to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. 

Now that they have met, some pirates came forward to take Uta away. Her song I’m Invincible drives all the enemies away from her in a spectacular sequence. Uta now wants Luffy to stop being a pirate – but he cannot abandon his friends like this. Luffy is after a bigger mission and he cannot move away from his ambitions now. But Uta claims that she wanted her concert to spread joy and tranquility. When Luffy does not comply with the ideas, she attacks the straw hat pirate’s group. The film is exceptionally enjoyable and how Uta and Shanks reunite in the end is worth watching.

The Team Behind This Animated Film And Official Watching Platform 

Kaori Nazuka Ado slays her performance as the voice actor behind Uta. Mayumi Tanaka has done a great job as the straw hat pirate, Monkey D Luffy. Other notable voice actors include Kazuya Nakai, Hiroaki Hirata, Kenjiro Tsuda, Shuichi Ikeda, Akemi Okamura, Ikue Ohtani, Kappei Yamaguchi, Kazuki Yao, Yuriko Yamaguchi and Cho. Eiichiro Oda has himself produced this film that’s directed by Goro Taniguchi. If you want to watch One Piece Film Red, please head on to Netflix.

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