Is Rebel Moon Related To Star Wars? The Zack Snyder Masterpiece

Trust me, the last few years were not good for Snyder fans like us. The way DCEU was dropped off, it was disappointing. But our favourite director is now back with Rebel Moon. In this article, we will have a discussion – is Rebel Moon related to Star Wars?

The film revolves around a young rebel who must free her people from the military. Almost everything depends on her. Just in case you know that Rebel Moon is related to Star Wars, you can read our article below. Today will talk about the story of this film and the talented people behind the scenes.

Is Rebel Moon Related To Star Wars? Everything We Know

Zack Snyder have not always been on the forefront of the biggest grossing movies of Hollywood. But this man single handedly defined the class of movies. We mainly know Snyder for the DCEU or the Snyderverse which, for inevitable reasons is not there officially anymore. Instead, he is back with a new universe where there is an endless amount of possibilities. Considering how innovative Snyder is, Rebel Moon is destined to touch greatness. The movie starts with a planet located lighyears away in a distant galaxy. Rebel Moon is all about action and science fiction with a touch of Snyder’s finesse.

However, Zack had this idea when he was still in film school in the 1980s. Since he was quite a fan of Akira Kurosawa, Snyder wanted to play with one of his pieces. If you have watched the film Seven Samurai, just for a second try to imagine it in space. Zack has implemented this vision while crafting the universe of Rebel Moon. After it came out, we have seen that the audience has perceived it well. People are calling Rebel Moon Snyder’s science fiction masterpiece already. The film’s trailer has achieved an immense amount of views and regardless to say, the film has mostly positive criticism.

Now, a lot of people are intrigued about the film and they know everything regarding it. So, is Rebel Moon related to Star Wars? Does the film take place in the same universe? If you think Rebel Moon is related to Star Wars, it is not. The film takes place in a completely different universe. When it first came out, many people thought of this due to the nature of science fiction elements. But I must say, this is Snyder’s one of the best works till date. Rebel Moon is intense, with an epic plot and has the best action sequences. It might seem that is Rebel Moon related to Star Wars or is a prequel, but it is not.

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Rebel Moon: Quest Of A Braveheart

Snyder’s new movie lets out explore a far universe where there’s a planet. It is located at the edge of the galaxy and from the very beginning, Rebel Moon sets an intriguing tone. Motherworld rules this part of the galaxy – the movie revolves around this empire and the planet. Princess Issa is all set to be crowned as the new leader and ruler. She has superhuman abilities – Issa can heal and use the power of reincarnation. With Issa rising up as the new ruler, members of the Motherworld hoped that this is the end of all blood and conflict.

Parents of Issa hoped that their daughter will be the one to hold up unity. But sadly, just before she could go through the coronation ceremony, a mishap took place. Issa losr both of her parents through a cruel session of public assassination. The incident happened so quickly that nobody could react properly. On the other hand, some brutal and sadistic people took advantage of the whole situation in the worst possible way. When Issa was busy trying to keep herself stable, Motherworld horribly went into the wrong hands. 

Balisarius was one of the worst people to exist. Soon when Issa lost her mother and father, Balisarius, the senator declared himself as the new leader. He made himself the new Regent, the new face of Motherworld as well as, the ruler. He has Atticus, the sadist general. Soon, his forces go to Veldt and try to oppress their people. There we meet Kora, a braveheart villager who saves a girl from being raped. Kora kills off Atticus’s men and that’s when we come to know that she was once a part of Imperium. Kora and Gunner then starts a quest to recruit people and start a revolt.

The Team Behind Rebel Moon And Official Streaming Platform Of This Film

Sofia Boutella amazes us by playing Kora, the brave and bold rebel. Other notable cast members include Ray Fisher, Ed Skrein, Charlie Hunnam, Anthony Hopkins, Charlotte Maggi, Jena Malone, Michiel Huisman, Bae Doona, Staz Nair, Djimon Hounsou, and Rupert Friend. This wonderful science fiction journey is crafted by Zack Snyder. If you want to watch Rebel Moon, please head on to Netflix.

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