Jalebi Bai Series Cast – Full Details & Updates Revealed!

The famous TV series, Jalebi Bai, introduced us to many new-age actors and actresses. Initially, when the trailer was released, not much importance was given to the cast! But the captivating storyline of the show truly impressed the audience out there. Overflowing with eye-opening scenes, melodrama and entertaining dialogues, Jalebi Bai is surely worth bingeing once. At first glance, you might think this to be an erotic drama but as you continue to binge it you will see how entertaining the series truly is.

Jalebi Bai Series Cast – Full Details & Updates Revealed!

From actors like Sanjay Vichare to Natasha Rajeshwari, we are all set and ready to tell you more about the popular TV series, Jalebi Bai! The eye-catching web drama throws light on all the difficulties faced by any female house help out there. At the same time, the series also tries to clear up their image in society. Thus, on popular demand, here is a quick overview of all the important cast and crew members of Jalebi Bai Season 1. 

10. Rakesh Dubey

Jalebi Bai Series Cast - Full Details & Updates Revealed!

First on our list is Brijmohan, better known as Rakesh Dubey in real life! His conversation with “Jalebi Bai 1” surely entertained us a lot. We have to say he somehow managed to nail the role of “Dadaji”. Apart from the popular TV series Jalebi Bai, Rakesh Dubey has also worked on another notable project named “Jaghanya”. 

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9. Ankit Patidar

Next on our list is Ankit Patidar, better known as Mukesh in the popular series, Jalebi Bai. So far, he hasn’t done much work in the industry, but one of his projects named 14th Feb: Short Film has been quite popular out there. Hopefully, in the upcoming days, we will get to see more of his acting and directing skills. 

8. Supriya Priyadarshini

Coming down to Shalini, another eye-catching character in the popular TV series, Jalebi Bai. Portrayed by the very beautiful Supriya Priyadarshini, Shalini’s overprotectiveness and possessiveness towards her husband were majorly questioned by us! Pictured to be the wife of a sound individual, she was mostly seen as extremely sweet and humble towards Jalebi. But we must say that her blind belief in her husband was absolutely wrong.

7. Nehal Vadoliya

We hope you all remember her from the famous Hindi series, Gandi Baat! The new-age actress, Nehal Vadoliya is quite renowned out there. From juicy and mysterious characters to portraying the role of Anu’s Lesbian friend, Nehal has always been loved by the audience. Her bold and fearless character in Jalebi Bai surely managed to grab our attention. 

6. Alpesh Dhakan

Jalebi Bai Series Cast - Full Details & Updates Revealed!

When talking about the compelling cast of Jalebi Bai, how can we forget about Alpesh Dhakan? This time we saw the renowned actor in the shoes of Rony and as usual, he did not disappoint us at all. From Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi to Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev, Alpesh luckily had the opportunity to star in some of the big projects of the TV industry. All in all, the 25-year-old actor has undoubtedly gained a lot of experience out there. 

5. Sanjay Vichare

Next on our list is the very popular and talented, Sanjay Vichare! Well, he doesn’t need a broad introduction, we all have previously seen him in popular Hindi movies like Kaminey and Khiladi 420. As usual, he did complete justice to the role of “Matre” in Jalebi Bai. Yes, he didn’t have a major role in the series, but we did notice how he took regular advantage of Jalebi’s helplessness.

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4. Jimmi Kumari

Another young actress who has caught our attention recently happens to be Jimmi Kumari. If we are not wrong, Jalebi Bai happens to be her very first project. Her sweet yet mean role in the TV series was enjoyed by many. In the very beginning, she too didn’t give much importance or value to Jalebi. But when she was being blackmailed by a mystery man, Jalebi was her main support system! Jimmi Kumari was seen as Shreya in the series and we have to say it wasn’t an absolute blunder for the beginning of her career. 

3. Alina Sen

Next, we come down to Shanti! As usual, Alina Sen again managed to come under our spotlight. The popular series, Jalebi Bai mainly comes with an enticing and entertaining storyline. And we have to say Alina’s own touch to the character surely worked quite well for the series. One of her recent works, namely Garam Masala has also become quite popular out there.

2. Prajakta Dusane

Jalebi Bai Series Cast - Full Details & Updates Revealed!

Another notable character in the series was Jalebi Bai 2. With her hotness and refined acting skills, Prajakta Dusane undoubtedly won a ton of hearts out there. Her career mainly geared up with the famous Hindi television series, Dr. Madhumati On Duty! She is mostly known for playing sweet and innocent characters, but we did get to see a different side of her in Jalebi Bai. 

1. Natasha Rajeshwari

Last but not least, we have Jalebi Bai 1, the very talented and adorable, Natasha Rajeshwari. Besides her stunning face cut, she is quite renowned in the entertainment industry for her bold roles. Whether it was a series like Jalebi Bai or Betaab Ishq, she has always managed to impress us a lot. 

Jalebi Bai Series Cast – Full Details & Updates Revealed!

1. Is Jalebi Bai coming back with Season 2? 

As of now, Jalebi Bai hasn’t been renewed for Season 2. 

2. How many total episodes are present in Jalebi Bai?

Jalebi Bai holds a total of 10 episodes. 

3. Can you watch “Jalebi Bai” online?

Yes, the popular TV series, “Jalebi Bai” can be viewed online, exclusively just on Ullu. 

4. How many total episodes can be there in Jalebi Bai Season 2?

Jalebi Bai Season 2 might hold a total of 10 episodes. 

5. Is the old cast coming back for Jalebi Bai Season 2?

We do think that some of the old cast members will reappear in Jalebi Bai Season 2. 

6. Do we have a concrete release date for Jalebi Bai Season 2? 

As per our estimates, Jalebi Bai Season 2 might roll out somewhere in 2024 or 2025.

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