What Is The Archies Movie Based On? Is It A Novel-Inspired Film? Finding The Truth!

Bollywood is a big film industry. Unlike other states’ film industries, Bollywood is known for its amazing stars, its films, and everything. what comes to them is these star kids. After their parents, the kids of this superstar feel of ruling the film industry. Although it is the history of Bollywood stars, who belong to a star background have entered the industry and gained much of fans’ love and support. This time to introduce to the fans, amazing star kids are presented in a film.

The Archies is a new film hitting the screens of fans all around the world in Hindi. It premiered on Netflix on December 7, 2023. Many of the stars and their families were seen supporting the star kids at the success part of the film. But what is the film actually about? And who are the ones involved in it? All of this will be discussed in today’s article. So be in touch with us till the end of this article.

Adding to it, there’s also a mess in social media, about the basis of the film. Fans ask if it is related to some novel or some other real event. So to clear all these things going on amongst fans, we are here again. So let’s not waste a single moment and begin with our research of knowing and letting you know everything about the film, that is a must to be known as a fan by our readers. 

What Is The Archies Movie Based On?

The Archies is a new release of Netflix starring the kids of famous stars of Bollywood. Along with the release, and its success party, people have been asking this thing for a while, is The Archies, related to some novel or based on some real-life stories of the film’s cast? Finding the truth.

The Archies is just a fictional musical movie, which shows the lives of teens associated with the investment and correct use of money. Of course, as the name suggests it has something to do with the Archies Comics telecast team, which is famous for its current running comedy show, Sonic The Hedgehog. Well, most of it will be known to us once something is clarified by either the writer or director of its film. As nothing is crystal clear even today.

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Message From The Film

The Archies as mentioned below is a film remake of the Archies comics, where its fictional characters will be played in the film, by some of our popular stars’ kids. The film is a teen drama that has a special message for the youth watching the film. It revolves around a group of friends of a spoiled brat, a daughter of a rich estate head. All of the ehr friends, do come from a rich family, but are still trying to earn something of their own by doing a job.

The story begins showing Veronica Lodge, the daughter of a rich father, Mr. Lodge. He has an entire estate of businesses. Veronica has recently landed back in Riverdale, a city full of lush greenery. And now as she has completed her international trip to different foreign countries, she decided to throw a party. At the party, all of his friends are coming along with Archie. Who is she? Daughter of a rich man but still has some humantites. When everyone joins Veronica’s party, we are introduced to different characters, Jughead, Betty, Moose, Dilton, Reggie, and all of their group. Betty on the other side of the film is shown telling that they all have got their jobs, and all are happy, but her face color changes. 

The main story begins when Veronica’s father is trying to shut down all other businesses and wants to run only his ones. Also, he is trying to capture the city’s pride, Green Centre, where everyone plants a tree after their child turns 5. Well, this is a way of letting people know about investment, and how they can save money till their children grow old.

The Archies Film’s Cast

As said this is a film of star kids from Bollywood. Agastya Nanda is starring as Archie, Khushi Kapoor staring as Betty, Suhana Khan staring as Veronica Lodge, Mihir Ahuja staring as Jughead, Vedang Raina staring as Reginald, Rudra Mahuvakar staring as Moose, Yuvraj Menda staring as Dilton. These all are the main cast and star kids of our B-town. However, there is a big list of actors and actresses in the film. 

Where Is It Streaming

The fans of Archies can stream the film on Netflix

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