Gandi Baat Season 7 Cast: All Cast Members Listed!

You cannot deny that you wanted to know about ‘adult’ stuff when you were in your teens. Can you? Then you used to watch stuff secretly, but now you may not do that anymore because you have reached a certain age. If you are ready to explore the various aspects of a sexual relationship, you can watch the series Gandi Baat. The name of the show itself means ‘dirty talk’. This show is hilarious as well as alluring in a seductive way. Quite a taboo, right? But, let us keep all those orthodox thoughts behind and watch this show with an open mind.

Gandi Baat Season 7 Cast

Gandi Baat season 7 was recently released in 2023. The seventh season excited people as did the other seasons. The cast of the show has done an impeccable job. Let us remind you that acting in an adult piece of entertainment is not an easy task. Perhaps, it is the most difficult thing to do. The viewers may enjoy the scene, but it is only the actors who know how tough certain scenes are there to carry out. Hence, instead of degrading the cast, we should praise them for not letting us understand the hardships they go through while performing a certain activity for a scene.

The cast of the seventh season of Gandi Baat includes Sreoshi Chatterjee, Basant Kumar, Garima Maurya, Priyanka Upadhyay, Jinal Jain, Pooja Poddar, Shivangi Roy, Bhanu Shuryam Thakur, Bhavana Rokade, Manvi Chugh and Yash Gera.

Gandi Baat’s cast has done an amazing job at their work. They entertained us pretty well throughout the show. Since the seventh season, this is a recent release, the show is taking some time to reach its audience. Once it does, the cast will receive its deserved recognition.

Gandi Baat Story: What Is The Series About?

If you search for the story of Gandi Baat on the internet, you will find various obscene scenes. Yes, those scenes constitute the story of the show. This is strictly an adult show that is only revolving around adult content. Various sexual relationships, that are still not talked about in India, or are kept under the covers, have been talked about in the show. Starting from sexual pleasure to sexual disorders, almost everything has been shown in the show without any curtain hiding it.

It is the major reason why people still do not want to talk openly about the show. The story of the show changes every season along with its cast members. Each time it circles new members of the cast giving rise to a different story with the same foundation: sexual relationships. Are extramarital affairs and cheating kept out of the series? Absolutely not, from toxic couples to couples with a bit of extra libido, it has not excluded a single thing.

If you are searching for a show that is going to be your guilty pleasure, you can go ahead with watching Gandi Baat.

Why Has Gandi Baat Been Removed From MX Player?

Gandi Baat was released on MX Player and ZEE5, but the show has been taken down from those platforms. They did so because Gaandi Baat is having a completely adult storyline. Also, the recent restrictions placed by the government of the country on the OTT platforms have resulted in these platforms removing the show. Now the series is only available on the ALTBalaji platform because it is where the show has been produced.

ALTBalaji is known for having unconventional shows streamed on its platform. Hence, it is not a problem for the streaming platform to present Gandi Baat on it, but it is a problem when it comes to other platforms. If you have not searched anything about the show, you probably do not know how much adult content the web series has showcased. Therefore, it is for the betterment of the public that Gandi Baat has been kept away from the other streaming platforms but ALTBalaji. If you are willing to watch Gandi Baat, you have to watch it only and only on ALTBalaji and not anywhere else. The streaming platform has all the seasons and all the episodes of the show.

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Gandi Baat Seasons

Gandi Baat’s season 1 was released on 3rd May 2018. Following the release of the first season in 2018, the other seasons were released in 2019, 2020 and 2021. After almost a hiatus of one year, the seventh season of the show got released on 25th February 2023.

Gandi Baat Season 7 Trailer

The trailer for the 7th season of Gandi Baat has been released. If you have not watched it, you can click on the link given above to watch it.

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