Label Season 2 Release Date: Did It Get Renewed?

It becomes difficult to gain new heights in life if society starts to pose a threat to you. No matter how hard you try, unless you are making efforts to make your image more prominent, you will not succeed. Label comes with such an inspiring storyline – in this article, we will talk about Label Season 2 release date.

This crime drama series revolves around the story of a man who is trying his best to rise above the webs of the society. In order to move up in his career, and in life, he must fight his way through the darkness. A part of the audience has become curious regarding Label Season 2 release date and mostly, the fate of this series.

Label Season 2 Release Date: When Is It Coming Out?

Crime drama series’ are probably the best things to watch if you are looking to have a good time. The mysterious elements of these plots keep heightening our curiousities throughout, they also set the bar high for other television series. Label does not only pose a threat to all the Tamil crime movies and series out there, but they also set an example for every stereotypical works out there. The makers of this series has been successful in breaking the walls of stereotypes – but there are a lot of mixed reviews regarding the drama itself. 

The plot revolves around our protagonist who himself is a prey of stereotypical concepts, or more clearly, labels. He focuses on the brighter side of things even if incidents are taking a dark turn. This series remains a good treat for almost every mystery thriller fan out there. If you have watched Label Season 1, you know how exciting each of the episodes were. But here lies a small problem – almost every episode of this thriller consists of bloodshed. Of course, in crime drama, you will have to face some gore scenes, but there must be a limit. Otherwise, the essence of mystery and thrill gets lost somehow in the way.

According to a part of the audience, Label has also lost this in the later part of their first season. That has made the film a bit disappointing for crime thriller fans out there. However, people are more interested regarding the fate of this series – what is Label Season 2 release date? We have good news for all the fans out there. The Tamil crime drama will have another run. Label Season 2 release date will probably be on January 2025 as per our speculations. The first season has left behind tons of possibilities and loose threads. In order to reach a proper ending, we need another season. 

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Label: Story Of Injustice In The Form Of Justice

The history behind this title has a small reference to society. No matter how much good you do, once you are in the dark path, you have to stick to it. For example, once you go inside the prison for even a petty case, you will have to carry the weight for the rest of your life. The story of this series revolves around such an incident – but trust me, there is a lot of spice to it. Label Season 1 starts with Prabha, who happens to be a lawyer. Prabha is now fighting the case of two young people who has somehow being caught up between the rivalries. 

Kumaraguru and Veerasekhar are the two youngsters who have committed crime – but they were young and impulsive at that point. And behind the main motive behind this crime, there lies a bigger picture. They have fallen prey to the rivalry between Senguttuvan and Ayya. These two rivals are two different factions and entirely different labels. Senguttuvan Label and the Ayya Label have been there for so long, that their roots run deep. Their actions have rattled the entire North Madras for so long that Senguttuvan and Ayya failed to ignore their influence.

Prabhakaran, being a good human being and lawyer, knows how important it is to get a second chance. Although there lies a mammoth battle in front of him, Prabha must fight against all odds to save Senguttuvan and Ayya. When he was ten year old, Prabha got jailed even if he was innocent – just because he belonged to a rowdy area, police mistakenly assumed him to be a criminal. Prabha wants the court to give these two youngsters a chance. This series holds forward the significance of Article 20 of the Indian Constitution.

The Team Behind This Tamil Series And Official Streaming Platform 

Jai Sampath leads this Tamil series as the efficient lawyer, Prabhakaran. Other notable cast members include Mahendran, Tanya Hope, Harishankar Narayanan, Charan Raj, Sriman, Suresh Chakravrthy, and Ilavarasu. Director Arunraja Kamaraja has done a wonderful job with Label. Season 1 came out on 10th November 2023. Unless there is no official news about Label Season 2 release date, you can watch the first season on Disney+ Hotstar.

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