Is Animal 2 Coming? When Will It Be Returning? Discussing The Same!

Who doesn’t love watching a crime-action thrill movie? All of us love to watch it and get entertained equally, right? So when its debut makes a huge impact on everyone’s hearts and minds, definitely fans will ask for its sequel, the director knows. And just not to make its fans go crazy asking about the film’s sequel, the director said it all by the end. Said what? What is the one film we are talking about? Wait, wait! We will let you know, soon.

The film we have been praising all day long is this Ranbir Kapoor starer and Sandeep Vanga Reddy’s direction “Animal”. Yeah, you heard that right! On one side the film by its trailer made fans go crazy, on the other side its release has made all of the Indians go crazy by not just its storyline but also by the song of the movie. And another thing that is driving the fans crazy is the truth about its sequel. What’s the truth?

With the movie becoming so hit and its song and every clip and dialogue going viral on social media, fans again have their question about the sequel. Well, the director here was intelligent as he before only answered this question. What is it? To know read the article further. 

Will Animal 2 Come?

As stated, Sandepp Vavga Reddy is an intelligent director and writer of the film, who without any suspects by the end of the film stated everything clearly to the fans. while at the end of the film, when everyone thought the film had ended completely, came a truth. The truth was about the film’s sequel.

Yes, Animal will be returning to theatres as Animal Park, with its sequel, and Ranbir Kapoor of course as its lead, with his heroine Rashmika Mandana in the lead. Lately, the release date for its sequel has not yet been revealed but can be expected to be released by the end of 2024 or mid of the year 2025. 

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What Is Expected To Happen In Animal Park?

Animal was an amazing crime drama movie released recently on 1st December 2023 in the theatres. With its trailer half of the audience were fans, and after watching the movie, 90% of the audience is die heart fan of this film. Well, the major reason goes to its plot, but also the songs, singers and cast members played their roles well. As we know, Animal is a film dedicated to father-son chemistry. A son is ready to destroy the entire world, just to protect his father, on the other side, his father never showed his son love.

Ranbir Kapoor played the role of Ranvijay Singh, the son of Balbir Singh played by Anil Kapoor. Balbir is threatened with his life, by one of his cousins’. While Ranvijay is ready to fight against anyone and everyone in the world for his father. But as the story ends, we see everyone leaving Ranvijay and only his wife and children are with him. Also, the upcoming film’s sequel was announced. showing their enemy’s brother returning to the battlefield and getting ready to kill the main hero. 

Well, not much of the plot of to film’s sequel was shown, but only that a huge rivalry is going to happen in the film again. Ad also the fans wish that the amount of thrill this film had, its sequel must be even more than this. So without disclosing much about the film, the director also said the film’s sequel, and even gave some suspects to the film’s story. 

Who Will Be Joining Animal 2?

Animal Park the sequel to Animal will definitely be loved by its fans only with the same star cast as the first one. Their favorite Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandana in lead roles as Ranvjay Singh and Geetanjanli, the couples. Anil Kapoor as Balbir Singh, father of Ranvijay, Abrar Hauqe their enemy played by Bobby Deol, and his elder brother, Asrar Haque by Babloo Prithviraj. All of them have played the main role in the film’s debut and their fans will love to see them in the same roles in the film’s sequel as well. So there might not be many changes seen in the sequel of Animal. 

Where Will It Release?

Like the debut, Animal’s sequel Animal Park will be originally released in the theatres only, and further it might be released on OTT platforms, which is yet not confirmed. 

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