Is Madame Web A Villain? Or Is She A Superhero?

Recently, you must have seen the trailer of Madame Web by Sony. Looks like more addition to the spider world is coming to our way. Although this is the first time we are getting an on screen live action, the history of this character dates way back to the comics. In this article, we will try to figure out – is Madame Web a villain?

Since the marvel universe is often described as a comicbook universe full of strange characters, we will get ourselves a recap first. We will try to find out more about the character, her origin story, and of course her motive. The audience has been pretty busy searching about her since the trailer dropped.

Is Madame Web A Villain? More About The Psychic From Marvel

The first thing that might come into your mind when you hear the word time travel is probably manipulation of time. It is still impossible in real life to do so successfully. However, in stories and books, we have often got into these scenarios. In the Marvel Universe, we have got Kang, who can manipulate flow of time in the infinite multiverse. But have you ever wondered about anyone who can watch what is going to happen in future? Well, it seems like the spiderman universe has their own man for it. Or, should I say, woman?

Madame Web happens to be one of the most strange characters to exist in the Marvel Universe. I mean, this character is one of those strangelings to suddenly pop up in weird scenarios. If you have read the comics, you will be able to relate to this very well. But, since the live action trailer has come out, this has made many people curious. They want to know the exact role of Madame Web in the recent Sony venture. But before that happens, we must go back to the roots of Marvel Comics. Is Madame Web a villain? Does she manipulates time according to her will?

Well, it’s not true that Madame Web is a villain. She is a mutant and clairvoyant in the Marvel Universe. In the comics Madame Web exists initially in a pretty grey area. She is not a superhero, she is not a supervillain – Madame Web plays between the spaces. Madame Web first showed up in Spiderman’s neighborhood in 1980. The Amazing Spiderman #210 introduced us to this old character, blind, sitting in a chair. Her unique power allows her to ‘see’ events that will happen in near future. She offers to guide Peter Parker in his journey – Peter only started believing her when Web told him that she is aware of his double lives.

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Who Is Madame Web? Her Real Identity And Powers

When it is tough for us to channel through, we do need someone to guide us through the dark. Madame Web is just like a mentor, who helps you find the right direction in any fight. Many of us saw this really old white haired lady, eyes covered with a cloth in Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions. In this game, she seeks three Spiderman variants – she must unite Spiderman Noir, Peter Parker’s Spiderman and Spiderman 2099. Mysterio has gained so much power that he has become a threat for the multiverse. But who was she before she became this enigmatic personality?

Cassandra Webb was actually born in Oregon – from her birth, Cassandra suffered from Myasthenia Gravis. This rare neurological disorder made her blind but it came with its set of gifts. Cassandra Webb could power through the branches of space and time. She could visualise what will happen in future while sitting on a life support machine shaped like a spiderweb. Her psychic abilities quickly transformed her into a lighthouse who used to guide spider people. In an universe, Cassandra also united spiderwomen in order to save the day.

What Will Madame Web’s Role Be In The Recent Sonyverse Adaptation?

Trust me, all of the spiderverse fans including me were waiting for Madame Web to arrive. Without her peeking into the multiverse and helping the heroes, the spider universe would have remained incomplete. In this movie, Madame Web will be in the young phase of her life where she is a paramedic. Everything remains alright until one day when Cassandra Webb starts to have visions. In the trailer, it was evident that Cassandra has the power to know what is going to happen next. Three young superheroes are out there – Mattie Franklin, Julia Carpenter and Anya Corazon. Just like Spider-Woman #1 issue from 1999, Madame Web will unite them. But here, they are trying to take on Ezekiel Sims. Ezekiel is a brutal man who has gained spiderman-like powers through spider totem rituals. He is one of the dark villains who once wanted to kill Peter Parker in the comics.

The Team Behind Madame Web Live Action Film

Dakota Johnson is leading this Sonyverse movie as the young Cassandra Webb who later on becomes the enigmatic Madame Web. Other notable cast members in Madame Web include Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor, Isabela Marced, Tahar Rahim, Adam Scott, Emma Roberts, Brian Faherty, Chritian Ruiz, Rosemary Pacheco, Alana Monteiro, Ian Dylan Hunt, Zosia Mamet, and many others. Madame Web is all set to come out in 2024 – just in case you are still in doubt and asking, is Madame Web a villain, I would request you to check this movie out.

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