The Exorcist Believer: Is It A True Story? More About The Horror Sequel

Ever wondered what will happen if your family members get possessed? That sounds downright scary, doesn’t it? It does, and The Exorcist Believer makes it even more horrifying. In this article, we will try to find out more about The Exorcist Believer – is it a true story?

The movie takes us through a very dark journey that is filled with demons, untold truth and horrifying secrets of the past. You might no believe in things like these, but trust me, the movie will give you chills if you watch it alone. Makers have been successful in scaring the audience with their venture. Most of the people are willing to watch the movie again but right now, they are curious. They want to know if The Exorcist Believer is a true story or not.

The Exorcist Believer: Is It A True Story? Addressing The Truth

Apart from crimes or murder mysteries, there are some incidents that science cannot explain. No matter how logical you are, some instances will leave you in the dark, completely stunned. If you think that I am talking about hauntings only, I would request you to think again. You must have heard about Edward Warren and Lorraine Warren? The Conjuring series have showed them on screen, but they were real life characters. They used to venture on strange and horrifying adventures in their lives. Sometimes, people stop behaving the way they do – they become possessed.

Either it’s a ghost, or a demonic creature who is far more powerful than a ghost is. The Exorcist Believer shows us a story where two girls are possessed by something dangerous. How the father tries to help them and works forward to exorcise, is indeed worth watching. Usually, these exorcisms used to be very secret and often, the Vatican had to interfere in the process. Well, along with The Conjuring franchise, the most popular movie that featured such incidents are The Exorcist. That film came out in 1973 and became an extremely favourite for all the horror fans.

The Exorcist Believer is a direct sequel to that film – and the makers have developed an unique storyline that fits perfectly. Now that the movie sequel is finally here, it has managed to keep the audience terrified. People want to know more about The Exorcist Believer – is it a true story? Well, the movie ia based in real life possessions. So yeah, The Exorcist Believer, it is a true story. Christopher Chachon, a paranormal expert has confirmed this after watching this movie. Everything that the makers have decided to show on screen is actually what happens in real life. Things float, temperatures drop and exorcism goes bad.

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The Exorcist Believer: Fear Returns In A Scarier Way 

It’s easy to look at someone and blame their bad behaviour on something else that’s happening. We often see people behaving weirdly after a traumatic incident or something bad that happens in their life. But very often, even if we think it is normal, the thing indicates something else. The Exorcist Believer is said to be based on real events that used to take place before or after exorcisms. If you have watched The Exorcist, then only I would request you to watch The Exorcist Believer. This film takes us into the life of Victor Fielding, who is in Haiti with her pregnant fiancee Sorenne.

As they are enjoying their honeymoon, a massive Earthquake hits Haiti. Victor and Sorenne try their best but this calamity gives a fatal blow to Sorenne. Doctors and paramedics put forward a hard choice for Victor – either he will have to save Sorenne, or he will have to choose their daughter. Fast forward to the present day, Fielding is a hard working man. He works as a professional photographer and life is kinda going good. Victor has Angela, who happens to be his daughter and lives with him.

Everything was going good for them until one day, things started to go creepy. Angela along with her best friend Katherine usually roams around the woods. They often take their routes around shadowy dark parts which are secluded – but this does not scare Angela or Katherine. One day, they decide to perform a ritual in order to connect to Angela’s dead mother. They go missing and after a few days, return with burns. Angela attacks her father while Katherine starts to behave badly in church. To save Angela, Victor seeks help from Chris MacNeil. Chris had a similar haunting in 1973 that happened to his daughter Regan.

The Team Behind This Horror Sequel And Official Watching Platform 

Ellen Burstyn and Linda Blair reprises to their roles as Chris MacNeil and Regan MacNeil in this sequel of The Exorcist (1973). Leslie Odom Jr. leads this movie as Victor Fielding. Other notable cast members include Olivia O’Neil, Lidya Jewett, Norbert Leo Butz, E.J. Bonilla, Jennifer Nettles, Ann Dowd, Lize Johnston, Raphael Sbarge, and Danny McCarthy. This movie has already hit the theatres in 6th October 2023. If you want to watch The Exorcist Believer, please head on to Amazon Prime Video.

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