Is Wingwomen Based On A True Story? Addressing The Rumours

Imagine being able to pull off top class robberies but still failing to walk away from working under a cruel heartless boss. Well, Wingwomen basically sets up a plot following these lines.

The story is about thieves who want to work independently. Everything is aligned but their employer is the one and only thing that stands in their way now. The film has managed to amaze a big part of the audience. People have watched it, commented on the plot and have shown further interest. They want to know if Wingwomen is based on a true story or not.

Is Wingwomen Based On A True Story? Let’s Take A Look

In this era of movie platforms, Netflix often brings us many shows or movies that often look very realistic. As a result, people who watch them might feel that they might be adopted from real live incidents. For example, when Netflix released Extraction, people were curious about the show being real. Some Reddit users thought that it is based on a real life mercenary who worked for the KGB. But later on, the directors and producers completely debunked this fan theory. Wingwomen is one of the most recently released movies on Netflix.

This movie centers around exciting heists, spendid action scenes and sequences that will continue to amaze you as you navigate through the plot. The way this movie has protrayed the thieves and their dangerous missions is indeed worth praising. But viewers have found some plotholes. Numerous people have commented on how the story lost it’s place at times and kept it’s exposure on unnecessary sequences. But despite of it’s shortcomings, WingWomen has come up to the forefront. A lot of people are admiring the story and they want to know more about the movie Wingwomen itself.

If you have seen the movie, you might be here wondering about the same question. Some of the netizens are curious if any real life heists inspired this movie. In this article, we have discussed if there is any proof that the movie had a solid background. So, is Wingwomen based on a true story? Is the plot connected with any reality at all? The movie is based on The Grand Ondalisque which is a graphic novel. So, Wingwomen is not based on a true story. Florent Ruppert, Bastien Vives and Jerome Mulot wrote this french graphic novel which has heavily inspired this action thriller. The action packed film has no connection to reality.

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Wingwoman: An Adrenaline Fueled Action Thriller

The film revolves initially around two best friends who are best at being thieves. Carole and Alex are two thieves who have mastered their craft to such a level that they never leave a single proof of their mission. The duo works under their employer who happens to be one of the most influential heads out there. They call their boss as ‘The Godmother’. Long before Carole and Alex were out here stealing, they were underfed kids roaming around. She was the one who recued the duo from the streets and showed them this way of earning money.

Carole and Alex are the perfect ones to put up a duo team to work. While Carole operates on all the groundwork as the perfect robber, Alex looks at the aerial view through the scope of her compressed sniper rifle. For all these years, they have looked after one another like sisters would have done. Be it problems regarding work or issues of personal life, the two friends have never left each other. While Alex always loves people who hurt her, Carole is the one rock she always trust to fall back on. As life takes them forward, Carole and Alex decides to hang up their coats.

But their Godmother does not allow them to leave their jobs this easy. They must complete one final mission, they must go to one final run before they can quit. Carole and Alex will have to steal architecture plans and convince an arms dealer for firepower. But the problem is, they are in different cities and this is not even the main mission. They will have to steal ‘The Grand Ondalisque’, which is a painting. Although they know this will not be the last mission, the duo decides to hire a getaway driver. They hires Sam, who is a master at racing cars at the racetrack.

The Team Behind Wingwoman And Official Watching Platform Of The Movie

Melanie Laurent and Adele Exarchopoulos leads the movie as the thieve-duo Carole and Alex. Other notable actors in this film include Felix Moati, Manon Bresch, Isabelle Adjani, Philippe Katerine, Emmanuel Lanzi, Estelle Piget, Ludovic Faure and Leona D’Huy.

The movie came out recently, on 1st November 2023. This french action thriller is truly amazing, as reported by a lot of viewers and movie critics. If you want to watch Wingwomen, please head on to Netflix.

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