Wilderness Season 2 Release Date: Recap, Watching Platform & More

We can never imagine our loved ones betraying us, right? And if they ever betray us by being with someone else, it shatters our worlds. Wilderness tells us a similar story that just rattles our core if we think about it. In this article, we will talk about Wilderness Season 2 release date and the drama itself.

The plot revolves around a happy couple who decides to settle in their new life, in a new house. Everything feels so perfect, just like you are in a dream until one day the woman starts to know about the man’s lies. This starts to create a gap between them and gradually, the woman secretly plans for her revenge. These type of dramas spice up lives and that is the reason why Wilderness has gained so many fans. The viewers have loved all the twists in the drama and they are curious about the release date of Wilderness Season 2.

Wilderness Season 2 Release Date: Will It Ever Get Renewed?

According to me, the best part of Wilderness is the story itself. The best kind of dramas or web shows are the ones that keep us glued to our seats, right? Well, Wilderness Season 1 has proved it’s excellence to the audience after it was released. Although the plot sounds cliche enough to be considered as a revolutionary show, it does the job pretty well. From the very beginning, people were excited about Wilderness and when the studio decided to drop the trailer, it got a huge amount of views. 

The story initially starts off with a very old theme – a breach of trust in a romantic relationship. If you have already watched the first season of Wilderness, you know how well the writers fabricated this story keeping a simple age old theme. We have seen numerous negative emotional elements like betrayal, despair, and frustration. Wilderness shows us how revengeful someone can get if they find their lover betraying them. The screenwriters have kept a good balance between romantic drama and a psychological thriller. This is the reason why Wilderness have got so much attention through all this time.

Till now, the studio have given us one season of Wilderness. All the episodes are regardlessly disturbing, troublesome and kind of shocking as the drama continues to move forward. Although it is based on a novel of the same name written by B.E. Jones, there are a few changes in the drama itself. People have loved Wilderness and now, they want another season. So, what is Wilderness Season 2 release date? Is the sequel in the works? As of now, the studio have not posted anything officially. We don’t know anything about Wilderness Season 2 release date.

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Story Of Wilderness: An Affair That Destroyed Lives

Imagine having a perfect life – the perfect amount of money in your bank, the perfect partner, and the perfect dream house. Everything seems to be going absolutely fine until one day, one text message breaks the sphere of perfection apart. This is what happens in Wilderness Season 1. The story starts with the life of Liv and Will – they are a British couple who planned their life together. As they move from Britain to the streets of New York, Liv and Will find a good abode for setting up their life together. The duo have a good amount of money in their accounts too.

Liv and Will’s lives are completely fine and their love life is also going in the perfect direction. Even after relocation to a new place, their lives start to flourish exclusively. They live in a luxurious apartment, have more than enough financial resources but one day changed it all. One day, Liv spotted a text message on her partner’s phone straight out of the blue. It appears that Will is cheating on Liv with another woman. This extramarital affair does not only breaks Liv’s heart, it also crashes every dream of living a warm life together.

When Liv confronted Will about his affair, Will somehow tried to calm her down by giving an excuse. He said that this was his first and the last time of cheating on her. Will told that he regrets even to this day for what he did in the past. To make situations light, he took Liv out on a tour. Unfortunately, on that journey, Will comes face to face with Cara, with whom he is also having a relationship. Things start to go haywire the moment something bad happens to Cara. Actually Liv is frustrated with Will constantly lying on her face about his affairs. She is planning to take revenge, but her path becomes twisted as Liv moves forward.

The Crew Behind Wilderness And Official Streaming Platform Of The Drama

Jenna Coleman and Oliver Jackson-Cohen leads the series as Liv and Will. Other notable cast members of this drama include Talia Balsam, Ashley Benson, Jonathan Keltz, Claire Rushbrook, Eric Balfour, Marsha Stephanie, Vanessa Walsh, Morgana Van Peebles, Natalie Sharp and Marnie Dickens. So Yong Kim directed this intriguing drama of six episodes that came out in 15th September 2023. Since there are no official announcement regarding Wilderness Season 2 release date, you will have to wait for sometime. In the meantime, if you want to watch Wilderness Season 1, please head on to Amazon Prime Video.

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