Is Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife Based On A True Story?

As we step onto the digital world of entertainment, there are a lot of spine chilling content out there. Things that are shocking and often make us wonder about the source. Bad Surgeon is such a show that has shocked the viewers in some way or the other. Many of them have wanted to know, is Bad Surgeon: Love Under The Knife based on a true story?

Well, in this article we will mainly talk about the series, we will discuss about the plot of it and of course, address the main question. Apart from some viewers, most of the audience are curious about Bad Surgeon. People have genuinely shown their concern after this series has featured scaring content in it’s episodes. If you are one of them, please take some time to read through this article here. 

Is Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife Based On A True Story? Who Is The Real Doctor?

Very often, the entertainment industry forces us to go through some disturbing content. Usually, these are all fictional and well knit by the screenwriters and writers to treat the audience with an intriguing piece of drama. And trust me with this – no matter how bad it looks, people dig them. No matter how scary some shows become, the audience always finds a way to watch and talk about them. Bad Surgeon: Love Under The Knife tells us a shocking story of a surgeon. As the title suggests, he is very bad at his work and his fatal mistake causes people to lose their lives in his hand.

Bad Surgeon: Love Under The Knife is one of the newest web shows out there. Just after coming out, this series has managed to capture the attention of a lot of media outlets apart from the general audience. When people watch these type of series’, you can only expect two types of reactions. Either you will recieve unnecessary hate amidst all the work you have done as a creator. Or, no matter how much negative the story gets, people will help you to grow your work. Bad Surgeon: Love Under The Knife has garnered a lot of attention and a lot of praise from critics around.

The way the director has held up the story is indeed worth watching. But here comes the million dollar question from all the viewers, mainly the netizens. Is Bad Surgeon: Love Under The Knife based on a true story? This is a documentary about Paolo Macchiarini. Bad Surgeon: Love Under The Knife is based on a true story. Paolo Macchiarini was responsible behind the deaths of atleast three of his patients. Everyone trusted him with his works but he lied to everyone including the authorities. All his tracheal surgeries were extreme cases of failure which led the Swedish court to imprison this surgeon.

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Bad Surgeon: Story Of The Worst Trachea Surgeon 

Imagine you are a patient who is suffering from an incurable case of health hazard. Something that has taken away your ability to speak out, something that has taken your voice away from you. In that situation, if you come across a doctor who promises that he will fix you up, won’t you trust that person? This exact same thing has happened with a lot of people who out their trust in Doctor and Surgeon Paolo Macchiarini. Paolo appears to be a serious surgeon in his field who specialises in his operation works on trachea.

Bad Surgeon: Love Under The Knife revolves around the infamous surgeon who faced jail time for his mistreatment. Initially, it starts off with the good times of Paolo Macchiarini. Everything is going fine, Paolo was gaining fame due to his research works related to the human trachea. After years of work, Doctor Paolo Macchiarini is putting all his efforts together to make a breakthrough in the field of medical science. It appears that this surgeon has advanced a lot in his works and finally developed a successful method to gift back people their voices. 

Paolo Macchiarini developed a new way – he introduced us with windpipe transplant that will remain infused with stem cells. But the truth is, Dr. Paolo was just experimenting on his patients in Karolinska Institute. Out of his all of his patients, only two have survived till now. The series shows us interviews with families of the victims who tell us how bad they suffered after the surgery. They could not survive the synthetic wind pipe operation. The sad fate of his medical malpractice took innocent lives which ultimately landed Paolo Macchiarini in jail. 

The Team Of People Behind Bad Surgeon And Official Streaming Platform

This documentary series features all true personalities including Doctor Paolo Macchiarini. Ben Steele has directed this spine chilling series which is coming out on 29th November 2023 in the United Kingdom. It is an unfortunate fact that Bad Surgeon: Love Under The Knife is based on a true story. The first season will feature probably everyone involved with the doctor, including his wife and the alleged affair with the TV producer. If you want to watch Bad Surgeon: Love Under The Knife, please check it out on Netflix.

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